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Do you go to nail salons or you paint your nails yourself? 20. July 2017

Never myself haha I have people I trust for these things

Please tell me the tuille swim is going to be permanent and released in more colors🙏 20. July 2017

Tuille will also be released in nude rib in the next couple weeks! SO CUTE.

Do you have any plans of making the perfect lace panty/thong? Lately I can’t wear something that isn’t AYAI 😩 20. July 2017

Yes this is definitely on my need to create list! I can picture three perfect ones I want to do in my head right now.

black or white Elfie? 6. July 2017

White I love love white Elfie

Rumi, which color of the high top Converse would you purchase? 1. July 2017

White if only one pair but I have both white and black in real actual life

I love the Alair dress sooo much already but was wondering if you would ever consider making an Alair top like some of the other dresses have? 1. July 2017

ALAIR 💖 I love Alair so so much. No plans for a top version of it exactly but maybe a similar concept!

White lipstick? Tell us! 28. June 2017

That’s Cat’s! By Tom Ford.

Which Anastasia Glow Kit do you have or use? 27. June 2017

The Nicole Guerriero collab one ☺️

When did you first launch are you ami I? 27. June 2017

December 2014

Where is your black tube top from with buttons on the front that you paired with denim shorts on your Insta? It’s so cute! 27. June 2017

AYAI Zephyr

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