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You should call one of your pieces Nereide or Aylin 🙂 24. May 2017

love both thank you haha i just might

Been waiting forever for the white Delphine in white XS to come back. Will it? I hope so! It’s one of your first designs that I still love as much. 24. May 2017

It won’t be reordered, I’m sorry! It’s one of my absolute favorite things too.

thoughts on the new thinner cartier love bracelet vs. the thick? can’t decide between the two! 24. May 2017

I like the classic but am intrigued by the thinner one

hi rumi! do you think the chloe faye will be a classic? trying to decide on what to get for a first designer bag! 24. May 2017

No – I like it but I really wouldn’t call it a classic. I’d go Chanel instead.

Help!! Gold or black misa top? (can only choose one for now). 24. May 2017

Black! If I could only have one I’d want black over gold (but white over black lol). But also take into account what else is in your closet and what you’d get more wear out of.

Any plans for restocking the daphna??! 21. May 2017

No Daphna is sold out and gone gone. I’m placing more priority on production of new styles so a lot of pieces won’t be produced again once they’re sold out.

Will the Bella top ever come back😭😭 21. May 2017

No Bella has been discontinued. Sorry!

Hey Rumi! Is the minka long sleeve top coming back soon in the smaller sizes? 21. May 2017

Yes Minka short and long sleeved will be restocked – short sleeve first and it’s available on preorder now.

That red flower dress tho… who’s it by?! 11. May 2017


Need Rumi Neely advise!! Just bought a new apartment and I want to fix the kitchen. Should I do gold/rosegold or silver sink and tap? 😱 11. May 2017

Congratulations that’s such a happy thing! I love a white or marble sink with gold faucets.

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