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OBSESSED with Kemi. Dying for it to be released in white 20. September 2017

Agree it MUST come in white. Kemi is an experience of a dress. Obsessed.

where did you get your nude with white ribbon espadrilles you’ve been wearing in Italy and NYC? 20. September 2017

They’re by Castañer

please could you tell me where you got your bikini from in the lake como instagram pic? x hugs 17. September 2017

Yes it’s Stella McCartney!

RUMII you legit toook us there with MINAMI u keep sending us angels i LOVE u!!!!!!!! 17. September 2017

Minami was a lot to get perfect but I’m so proud of and obsessed with it. Worn with just the chains it’s insane. Well worn any way it is.

The combination of white Heli and Sri shrug with jeans. it first date worthy 14. September 2017

For a pretty casual first date this outfit is extremely perfect. Easy but stands out.

CONGRATS ON THE WEDDING your dress was prettier than that derek lam one hehe luv u 14. September 2017

Omg you remember!! Thank you 💖

Rumi! Congrats. Big hugs. Loved you since 2009. 21. August 2017

Thank you!

What jeans are you wearing in your London ig story? From the chiltern house snap💗🙏🏼 21. August 2017

Levi’s ✨

RUMI OMG DALA!!! That top is soo much life and i’ve never seen anything like it. Is the cut versatile enough where you think I could wear it backwards? 1. August 2017

No it’s not backwards-able because there are micro darts and the neckline is too high in the back to look right. Dala I could wear every day in life and be so happy.

Are your white shorts you are wearing in SoHo Levi’s? 1. August 2017

Yes they’re vintage Levi’s I chopped up. White Levi’s are so holy grail to me!

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