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Last IG pic pants? want them so bad 25. September 2016

Fenty Puma

In your snapchat, was that the croft hoodie or a new release?! Looks perf!! 8. September 2016

NEW ONE coming soon

Enchanted by watching your success with AYAI, so cool as a long time reader! Also, are you going to do a capsule collection for Chiara’s new online store? I feel like it almost makes too much sense! 8. September 2016

We have three collaboration pieces for her new site, the baby girl Rylie tee, the blush lace up top which will be available in black and white soon on our site, and Zillah in a mermaid color that you guys haven’t seen yet ?

will you restock zippora soon? 8. September 2016

Yes actually, we’re finally doing that

soo in love with every ayai piece! seriously considering getting the zillah to wear for an anniversary but not sure what color yet ? can’t decide between the red or a blush/champagne! 8. September 2016

Thank you! Such a hard choice, it’s almost a whole different dress in the red, it’s really striking. Blush is more sweet and easy and pretty.

any plans involving coming to antwerp (belgium), ever? 8. September 2016

No plans but I would love to visit, I’ve never been!

Loooove Meili. Exactly the skirt of my dreams. Need the black sock boots you wore w/ them in the AYAI insta post… help! <3 7. September 2016

They’re Tony Bianco – Diddy boot

Tiiu black or white? – can only have one (for now). 6. September 2016

White if you can only have one

Which ayai choker is the best to wear everyday? 6. September 2016

Rn for me – Binx/Cruxe combination or wrap Lilou

silk elara top anytime soon? so in love!!! 6. September 2016

Yes just fit that today, it’s going to be so pretty

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