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Hi Rumi. What did you wear to the wine society event? 31. October 2017

A wool crepe corset (ayai, potentially upcoming), Zara super dark skinny jeans, brocade platform sandals from ASOS but last year, Prada box bag

Hair care routine puhleeeease 31. October 2017

I never dye it. I wash it every day. Brush it when it’s wet. Won’t brush it dry. I switch shampoos all the time (current favorite Klorane magnolia). I never switch conditioner (Arvazallia). I love Shu Uemura Essence Absolue. I swear by the Dyson hair dryer. I wave it with a straightening iron. Chris is the only person that cuts it and that’s about once a year and a smidge of an inch. I use styling products sporadically but hate how they smell and feel.

rumiiii saw your snaps at harvard/cambridge, what were you doing in boston! 27. October 2017

Chris and I were visiting a friend who’s getting a PhD there and also just observing fall etc. So fun seeing Cape Cod for the first time!

Your instastory yesterday I am so so so happy your bringing back Atalanta! And I think it’s going to look even more stunning in silk, especially white. you should name more pieces based on greek mythology x 27. October 2017

I love Atalanta so much and yes the silk version is heaven ☺️

Are you ever going to release that bei bei brocade choker top you wore on ig? Cause I need it something fierce 27. October 2017

Yes it’s coming very soon! It’ll be the next piece launched in our floral brocade ✨

In your recent instastory video, with the crop see through top and Chanel boy, are you wearing the Yeezy sock boots? 19. October 2017

Yes! I love them.

im obsessed with Luka top!! so unique and cute! may i ask can u zip and upzip it? 14. October 2017

Yes it’s totally functional and super satisfying to play with. I love Luka.

Jewelry tips on wedding day? xx 14. October 2017

Really really depends on the dress. I had such a high neck on mine that I went for no necklaces and for earrings I just wore six diamond Circe hoops and my usual daith Lule stud. It was perfect.

rumiiiiii i want your advice. is The Tudors worth starting/bingeing? 14. October 2017

Absolutely worth it and I would say the same about almost no other shows

Your go to lounge about the House outfit?? 14. October 2017

Heli tank and Tiiu hotpant with an accidental side pony

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