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In your recent instastory video, with the crop see through top and Chanel boy, are you wearing the Yeezy sock boots? 19. October 2017

Yes! I love them.

im obsessed with Luka top!! so unique and cute! may i ask can u zip and upzip it? 14. October 2017

Yes it’s totally functional and super satisfying to play with. I love Luka.

Jewelry tips on wedding day? xx 14. October 2017

Really really depends on the dress. I had such a high neck on mine that I went for no necklaces and for earrings I just wore six diamond Circe hoops and my usual daith Lule stud. It was perfect.

rumiiiiii i want your advice. is The Tudors worth starting/bingeing? 14. October 2017

Absolutely worth it and I would say the same about almost no other shows

Your go to lounge about the House outfit?? 14. October 2017

Heli tank and Tiiu hotpant with an accidental side pony

Your thoughts on Good American jeans? Are they worth the splurge? 14. October 2017

I haven’t tried them but they look cute!

do you still swear by homeoplasmine? 14. October 2017

No I don’t even know if I have it anymore actually! For lips I love La Mer balm the most right now.

Are the Bei Bei Shorts coming in that nude color you wore on IG?? 14. October 2017

For now I’m they’re only being produced in red and black. I just love them so much that I needed them in many many colors.

Please restock Kaif and Black Lilia I am dyinggg! 14. October 2017

Lilia won’t be restocked sorry! Kaif will be back though.

RUMI!! Whats your favorite brand for mid calf sock boots? 14. October 2017

Yeezy is the best for absolute sockness but Topshop and Zara have perfect ones too.

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