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Where is your black tube top from with buttons on the front that you paired with denim shorts on your Insta? It’s so cute! 27. June 2017

AYAI Zephyr

Will you restock the Misa dress?! 27. June 2017

Yes ✨ one of my favorite things

Rumi can you send a link to your so cute, Topshop denim skirt, I can’t find it on there. Thank you so much. 12. June 2017

I think I got it in Nov/Dec – I’m sure they have a similar one still though if not exact

What color Zillah are you wearing in your July 2016 ✨ Havana ig post? I can’t tell if it is gold or white 😭😭 12. June 2017

Actually blush!

Hii!! I love how everything you style is mostly a high waisted silhouette. Where do you get your high waisted shorts? 12. June 2017

My denim shorts are all Levi’s and the rest probably AYAI

Can you please make a simple and plain bodysuit with the Rumi stamp of approval shape and cut? Something like the Naia without the side ties?! πŸ™πŸΌπŸ™ŒπŸΌ 7. June 2017

Actually working on this already yay

Do you have any tattoos? 7. June 2017


Hi , Rumi love your style sexy and edgy , Nice outfit in Shibuya, Tokyo i alredy have my minka tops adorables !!!please i want to know from where and the model of the ankle boots are you wearing , are also the same in Harajuku with the denim skirt , would appreciate your answer , im so happy to buy from you ! 7. June 2017

Hi thank you! They’re by Topshop, I have them in every color they made down to snake print. I don’t think they’re available anymore though!

Love the neta but just wondering, for is ladies with darker nipples, just want to know if it’s see through when wet 6. June 2017

Our swim waffle is actually pretty opaque, more than most swim. I think you’ll be good!

I can’t thank you enough for the Cherry charm necklace. Cant. Thank. You. Enough. 6. June 2017


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