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Croc Kivi is seriously the best thing ever created. I never knew I needed it this much in my life. 5. May 2017

Yayy it’s endlessly wearable 💫 so happy you love it

Hi Rumi! How do you come up with the names for all the AYAI pieces? They’re so unique, and because it’s you, I feel like there must be a rhyme and reason. 26. April 2017

I just try to fit the mood of the piece with a name I like!

Will the rylie ever come in black? Is the impy’s fit similar to rylie or super tight? 26. April 2017

I don’t have plans for Rylie in true black. Impy is actually more its own thing – it’s really thick and stretchy with an oversized neckband and snug fit.

Will minka top come back? 22. April 2017

Yes it’ll be back ✨

Rumi! What shadows do you put on your eyes? I noticed this gorgeous pink ish sparkly color on your ig. Pls let me know!! 19. April 2017

I’m addicted to buying eyeshadow so I’ve ended up with a crazy sized collection and it’s almost exclusively in sunset colors. Latest favorites are Colourpop’s Come and Get It and Natasha Denona Palette 5.

Will you restock Croft in black? And Liv in Blush? 19. April 2017

Yes both will be restocked! Keep checking Insta for when.

Can I ask where did you get your black square toed ankle boots from? X (from your latest insta post) 19. April 2017

YES such good boots they’re by LOQ

The black boots you wore in Colombia? I love them! 19. April 2017

Thank you – they’re from Topshop but a few seasons back

You said you like iphone 7 plus, but looks like you use the iphone 7 on your igaccount? 🙈 19. April 2017

Always plus! Wonder which pic you’re referring to.

RUMI! Is the NYX with two straps coming back? 19. April 2017

No – it’s been discontinued

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