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Is anouck going to be back in stock? 😭 19. November 2016

YES with new options too. ANOUCK FOREVER.

How do you stay positive and SO INSPIRED, Rumi!! ?? :D :D Can you tell me some of your secrets? Thank you! 19. November 2016

It’s easy because I’m obsessed with what I’m doing. I’m so lucky to answer to no one creatively and be able to design exactly what I think should exist and then share it with you guys. But yeah being obsessed with what you’re doing and where you’re going and having special special people in your life – it’s kind of all you can ask for.

Are you going to be added more pieces to the AYAI Fine Jewlery? So beautiful, I can’t get enough!! 15. November 2016

It’s the answer to life I’m sorry I’m so excited for this launch it’s dreams of dreams. And yes more pieces will be added in the next few months and forever I hope.

How come some of the answers are just question marks haha 14. November 2016

I think that’s when I use emojis that aren’t enabled on people’s keyboards. Horror.

Double strap Mary Janes that you wore with Efie? 14. November 2016

Kurt Geiger

SOCK OVER THE KNEES 14. November 2016


Should i get neosporin OINTMENT or the cream Rumi? 14. November 2016

I like the cream for lack of greasiness

Hi, Rumi <3 I was wondering if you dye your hair (in your natural color)? P.S.: ARE YOU AM I is so special! 14. November 2016

All natural. And thank you!

On Are You Am I it says you are 5’9, but in old asks you said you are 5’7? What is the truth 6. November 2016

I’m 5’7″. The model in the site product shots is 5’9″.

Who are those dark cherry red velvet heels in your latest IG by? So good. 2. November 2016

Chloé! Current season. Style name Kingsley.

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