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Is your Cahier bag all leather or is part of it suede or velvet? I couldn’t tell in the picture. Thanks! 26. October 2016

The body’s mostly velvet, trim is leather

i love are you am i. in fact, i absolutely live for getting emails about new products. I was just wondering if there are future plans for more color options?? keep up the good work loveeee 26. October 2016

Thank you! We do have some more fun color options coming out in various styles, and more generally there are entirely new categories of insane things in development!

Favorite Black over the knee boots. I am looking for ones that don’t scrunch at the ankle. Do they exist? Thank you Rumi! 25. October 2016

I don’t actually believe those exist 🙁 sadly. The best ones I’ve found are by Stuart Weitzman.

Hi Rumi! I was wondering what style is your Prada handbag that you show on your personal IG? As well as is the blush pink sweater with the tie in the front a future AYAI piece???!! I love it!!!!<4 25. October 2016

Hi! It’s the Prada Cahier and yes the blush wrap top is upcoming AYAI ✨

Essential Oil Diffuser recommendation please? Having trouble finding a chic one. What would Rumi choose? 24. October 2016

I’ve never tried those! Sorry to be useless!

is the frilly underwear thing in the Kiele post future AYAI? (plz) 24. October 2016

YES and I’m beyond beyond obsessed with them 💕

Gold photoframe with Kate Moss, where did u get it? 24. October 2016


when is that adorable overall/shorts combo coming out? 23. October 2016

Soon so soon!

Hey Rumi, what brand are the ankle strap animal (print/ skin?) heels that you are wearing on your latest insta? You are wearing blush minka and denim shorts… I love them! 23. October 2016

They’re floral brocade actually! From Free People.

Rumi, can you please model the Mila dress? ( The one with the ballerina back) For the record you are the best model so I love to see your clothes on you and the shoes and accessories you wear with it. Can you put it on your website or IG or both. 13. October 2016

Yes! Promise to shoot it soon.

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