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Hi Rumi, could you tell me where you bought your cropped white corset that you were wearing with the Agent Provocateur Lorna knickers in your instagram picture? Thanks xxx from Nina 13. November 2017

Hi! It’s AYAI, upcoming ☺️

Hi Rumi! Will the eskly romper be available in black? I love it so much! 13. November 2017

I love this thermal fabric so much – definitely want to release Eskly and Sri in black. Glad you are loving it 💕

Hi Rumi❤️Please tell me what’s choker did you wear on today’s insta story?? (Especially thick one!)LEADING 9. November 2017

Hi! I was wearing the Ceil choker, Selene necklace, and Istel cross yesterday 💖

Hello.. I loved your dress up of Mathilda from Leon and I’d like to ask something thats been playing with my mind recently; that georgous cardigan that you wore and mathilda wore in the film.. what the material called? I always saw it as a cream coloured lace sort-of cardigan but nothing like it comes up on my Google searches. Regards, Betty Orleans, 26, amateur photogr (: 9. November 2017

Hi 💕 look up “crochet” and you’ll definitely find one!

I hope you release more styles with the minimal strappy back (misa, natla) 9. November 2017

Yes minimal strappy back is always on my mind – and more specifically a knee length Misa dress is launching so soon and it’s 💘

I saw you wear a long sleeve version of keke once. Is that coming up? 9. November 2017

No it’s not going to be produced, just a sample I was working on

This may sound totally weird, but do you have an almond milk latte recipe? I dont live in LA so I can’t try your fave one, and I feel the need to know what it tastes like ! 9. November 2017

Hahaha I just five seconds ago purchased milk grade almonds this is the most non-weird question to me. So the milk grade almonds are new to me and potentially a scam – usually I just use regular organic raw almonds, soak them overnight (use hot water!), blanch them, blend with a few dates and spring water, filter that through a mesh bag (find on Amazon), then blend again with a little sea salt (I use Maldon) and vanilla bean paste. I never measure so I can’t get specific on amounts sorry! But it’s so easy and 100 times better than store bought stuff!

Oh my gosh! The brocade is even more Beautiful in person! X thank u rumi 7. November 2017

YAY I love the print so much!

Rumi! What dress is this?! https://instagram.com/p/BWlRtISj3xi/ 7. November 2017

Atalanta dress in silk ☺️

Hi, I was wondering if the Eskly romper can work as a bodysuit too (to wear with jeans and such)? 5. November 2017

Yeah it definitely does and it’s super cute that way 🌼

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