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Double strap Mary Janes that you wore with Efie? 14. November 2016

Kurt Geiger

SOCK OVER THE KNEES 14. November 2016


Should i get neosporin OINTMENT or the cream Rumi? 14. November 2016

I like the cream for lack of greasiness

Hi, Rumi <3 I was wondering if you dye your hair (in your natural color)? P.S.: ARE YOU AM I is so special! 14. November 2016

All natural. And thank you!

On Are You Am I it says you are 5’9, but in old asks you said you are 5’7? What is the truth 6. November 2016

I’m 5’7″. The model in the site product shots is 5’9″.

Who are those dark cherry red velvet heels in your latest IG by? So good. 2. November 2016

Chloé! Current season. Style name Kingsley.

Where did you get the black choker that you wore with the white Misa dress on Instagram? I must get both! 1. November 2016

AYAI it’s so next level 💅🏼

how long have you had your daith piercing?? it looks so good! 1. November 2016

I got it right before NYFW!

Which lipstick are you using right now? 1. November 2016

Current favorite is Kylie Exposed but I just use the liner

Think it was on your snap – grey top with a straight-across neckline & gold buckles on the straps? AYAI? 26. October 2016

Upcoming piece ✨

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