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Opinion on the rimowa suitcase? 14. March 2017

Pro! Kinda want one actually

what r ur favorite bags 10. March 2017

Rn Prada Cahier and Gucci padlock

Any pants coming?? 8. March 2017


Hi from Australia Rumi ! I’m about to buy the Ciel Wrap Top and can’t wait to be the snuggest gal this winter. Absolutely love the way you advocate being ultra feminine x 28. February 2017

Fun I love that top so so much 💖

Chloe Faye Backpack! Opinions? & What colour would you get? 26. February 2017

Not into at all at all

did i miss it? i thought anouck was coming back :( 20. February 2017

You didn’t miss it! Will post on IG when it’s back.

If you had to choose one Fenty Puma creeper (the velvet ones) which colour would you choose? 20. February 2017


do u ever forget the name of your ayai pieces? hehe 18. February 2017

Lol literally never

Ok, help! Iphone 7 plus or iphone 7? 18. February 2017

I love the plus!

The black lace up shorts with the flowers! You posted them on Insta a few days ago are they up and coming AYAI? 18. February 2017

Yes they’re AYAI 🌸

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