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I feel so pretty everytime I wear your clothes my confidence legit goes up to infinity I hope you never get tired of hearing that! 14. January 2017

Never could ever tire of hearing that 💖

What are your two favorite AYAI gold chains to layer? 10. January 2017

Changes all the time but right now Binx and Baby Tati together I find to be so cute

I’m so excited that you got engaged!! Going to be the most beautiful wedding in the history of ever 💕💕💕 31. December 2016

Thank you I’m in heaven this feeling is a million times better than I could have ever imagined 😭

Hey rumi, where did you get the black lace up jeans that you wore to the met? 31. December 2016

Hi! They’re AYAI (unreleased) – and leather ✨

How tall is Chris? 31. December 2016


RUMI! which cat food does Kumo eat? ❤️😻 28. December 2016

Hahah very important yes. Royal Canin for Persians.

so in love with your aesthetic, rumi! it is on fucking point 28. December 2016


Are You Am I is like this generation’s Alexander Wang. 15. December 2016


where was your company holiday dinner? looked awesome 15. December 2016

Terroni downtown. It was perfect.

I moved to NYC to live with my boyfriend and he dumped me one month after moving in. I need a virtual hug, all my friends are in LA. 15. December 2016

hugs 💕 come back to LA

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