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Do I spot a new LV backpack in your recent ig pic? 2. January 2018

Omg how can you tell it’s barely showing hahah. It’s the medium sized one – I got it in Leeds last December and love it for travel and work.

red Jia or Black Jia? Love them both but sadly cannot afford both:( 2. January 2018

I’d get black – a bit more versatile. Unless you have a really specific look planned that would be better with the red one.

What brand/where did you buy your christmas tree topper? God.. even your christmas tree looked good! xx 2. January 2018

Thank you – I really don’t remember I think we got it two years ago at the Grove somewhere. Sorry!

Rumi, I need some advice about a boy from a hot girl. Can I email you? 2. January 2018

Hi of course – rumi@areyouami.com

Will Kemi come back?! I’m dying for it 14. December 2017

Kemi IS back and now it’s also available in a burnt red color that’s just crazily beautiful

Im always like can AYAI get any better then you release a new thing and I’m basically needing it immediately. Like I’m obsessed with the new Emina skirt. Its so next level hoping for more items like this in the future. 14. December 2017

What I love love love to hear. Some really exciting launches today that I’m so happy with and excited to live in!

What style of Dr Martens is the model wearing with Kemi? 14. December 2017


Latest skincare routine? 14. December 2017

In the morning I try to do a quick gel or hydrating mask before showering so that I can feel accomplished right after gaining consciousness. Happens like half the time. A few I’m liking currently are the Aromatherapy Associates Deep Cleanse Mask, Peter Thomas Roth 24K or Pumpkin or Cucumber (can you tell I got the Mask Vault from Sephora), and Lancome Energie de Vie. Sometimes I’ll use an oil instead, depending on what I see first on the counter. I hang out for a bit then wash it off in the shower with the Foreo Luna. I’ll use a Vitamin C serum or Sunday Riley Good Genes right afterwards, let that sink in for a minute, then moisturize. Current favorites are Chanel Sublimage, Too Faced’s Hangover Primer, and Tatcha’s Water Cream. Then makeup stuff happens. At night I’ll use Sunday Riley’s C+E Cleansing Oil, then wash my face with something kind of clinical – I like La Roche Posay cause it’s just simple and efficient. Then I’ll apply some C serum again and moisturize with a rich cream or oil or just do Good Genes on its own. I like the oils by Creme de la Mer and By Terry at the moment but in general I like to try new products and mix things up a lot! Oh and also important I LOVE the Ole Henriksen Power Peel, good to use about once a month. It’s a three step 15 minuteish treatment and every part of it just smells and feels so fresh and nice.

Hi Rumi! Did you discontinue the Persephone dress, or just sell out? Hoping to buy one! xx 13. December 2017

Hi! Email emily@areyouami.com and say I sent you, there might be a couple left ✨

Does the newest dress come with the gold chain in the back? 2. December 2017

Yes ✨ it’s removable but its purpose is to look cool and weigh the back of the dress down so it sits perfectly. You can tuck it in or wear it on the outside!

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