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That red flower dress tho… who’s it by?! 11. May 2017


Need Rumi Neely advise!! Just bought a new apartment and I want to fix the kitchen. Should I do gold/rosegold or silver sink and tap? 😱 11. May 2017

Congratulations that’s such a happy thing! I love a white or marble sink with gold faucets.

Will the Nuri triangle swim top in white going to be restocked soon!?? I NEED it for Europe 😍😍 hehe xx 11. May 2017

YES it’s close to being restocked finally!

Hey Rumi, What bronzer/contour/highlight have you been using? You look amazing 11. May 2017

Hi! I just started wearing bronzer again about a month ago, I was just not in a bronzy mood for the past like year. Not at ALL. But then I started to be again. I’ve been using Nars Irrésistiblement mostly. I got the MJ Omega recently but haven’t really used it yet. Highlighter I like Nars Banc de Sable and Anastasia’s Glow Kit.

What do you think of the Golden Age LA zebra heels Lily-rose wore recently? Rumi approved? 5. May 2017

I loved that look on her. She makes everything so cute!

Can I swim with the kemp brief and bra??? ❤️❤️😩😩 5. May 2017

Nooooo ahaha please don’t. Air only. Just hang and be cute in them.

Croc Kivi is seriously the best thing ever created. I never knew I needed it this much in my life. 5. May 2017

Yayy it’s endlessly wearable 💫 so happy you love it

Hi Rumi! How do you come up with the names for all the AYAI pieces? They’re so unique, and because it’s you, I feel like there must be a rhyme and reason. 26. April 2017

I just try to fit the mood of the piece with a name I like!

Will the rylie ever come in black? Is the impy’s fit similar to rylie or super tight? 26. April 2017

I don’t have plans for Rylie in true black. Impy is actually more its own thing – it’s really thick and stretchy with an oversized neckband and snug fit.

Will minka top come back? 22. April 2017

Yes it’ll be back ✨

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