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What’s a good place to buy fashionable, but still everyday earrings? I’m an earring virgin but seeing your ear wear has inspired me to start! from Clarissa 18. February 2017

I created all my perfect ones! AYAI Fine hi

bring back Ayu. PLEASE. 18. February 2017

Sorry no plans to bring Ayu back at the moment!

Rumi approved?https://m.cb2.com/3-piece-roundabout-taper-candle-holder-set/s486452 18. February 2017

Cute! How fun is it to buy candlesticks though.

Which iphone color should I go for and how many gb should I get ? xx 8. February 2017

I like gold with the most possible memory but you should choose one that’s perfect for you!

that white corset on your insta? amazing. is it up and coming AYAI? 8. February 2017

Yes it’s AYAI! Upcoming.

More Kumo, please! 8. February 2017

I’m so spoiled by the Kumo amount I get. Must share more.

was that zara larsson wearing tiiu on ellen?? 8. February 2017

Yeah! It was.

Just imagine an AYAI story featuring Kumo and chokers… 8. February 2017

Kumo is no stranger to a choker. He finds a black Cybele suits him best.

“But yeah being obsessed with what you’re doing and where you’re going and having special special people in your life – it’s kind of all you can ask for.” You just get it. Always have! Fan since you started Fashion Toast and were living in SD! 21. January 2017

Thank you for staying with me all this time 💖

Is CL wearing the nyissa dress in the candle scene? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wEkLHC7l25w 21. January 2017

YES ✨ ✨ ✨

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