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that white corset on your insta? amazing. is it up and coming AYAI? 8. February 2017

Yes it’s AYAI! Upcoming.

More Kumo, please! 8. February 2017

I’m so spoiled by the Kumo amount I get. Must share more.

was that zara larsson wearing tiiu on ellen?? 8. February 2017

Yeah! It was.

Just imagine an AYAI story featuring Kumo and chokers… 8. February 2017

Kumo is no stranger to a choker. He finds a black Cybele suits him best.

“But yeah being obsessed with what you’re doing and where you’re going and having special special people in your life – it’s kind of all you can ask for.” You just get it. Always have! Fan since you started Fashion Toast and were living in SD! 21. January 2017

Thank you for staying with me all this time 💖

Is CL wearing the nyissa dress in the candle scene? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wEkLHC7l25w 21. January 2017

YES ✨ ✨ ✨

Hi! What fake tan brand + shade do you use? Thats if you use fake tan xo 16. January 2017

No fake tan for me

RUMI OMG! The way more notched plus ribbed version of the Kiko I saw on your insta stories – when were you going to tell us about this?!? My wardrobe is already pining for it. Also, will you be doing a long sleeve version as well like the Lilia? from Kajsa 16. January 2017

The Xiao – it just launched! And it’s insane. No plans for long sleeve Kiko at the moment because there are new new new things I want to prioritize instead.

Favorite eye makeup products pls? Your makeup is always on point! xx 16. January 2017

Really into the Anastasia Modern Renaissance palette right now. Mascara my favorites are Maybelline Volum’ Express and Diorshow, and just this past week I’ve been using Urban Decay’s shadow primer to see if that’s something I’m into.

I still wear your three ring ear cuff from your first jewelry collab. Love AYAI fine!! 16. January 2017

Made me smile – I love that little ear cuff so much!

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