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I love the historical modern style. 90’s Angelina Jolie. Anne Bolyn corsets and Geisha crop tops. Thank you for this brand Rumi! 13. January 2018

Thank you ✨ the creative process of bringing AYAI pieces to life is an absolute joy for me. I love to find the little bits of inspiration across cultures and time periods and turn them into things I am just dying to wear!

Rumi! Do you have the new iPhone X? If yes, would you recommend to others? 10. January 2018

No it didn’t appeal to me but I love my iPhone 8!

Rumi I love the way you make dresses! Nothing like them anywhere else! I can’t wait to see more styles!!! 8. January 2018

Thank you ✨ working on some extremely next level dresses right now that I’m so so excited to bring into existence

Rumi…. I lost my tati clasp necklace and I am devastated. it was my favourite and I wore it every day. Please please please restock it! from Coco 8. January 2018

Just emailed you 💖

Current fave lippies? Xx 8. January 2018

Loving Dior Addict Lacquer Stick in Rolling and YSL’s Rouge Volupte Shine Oil-in-stick in Beige Blouse. Trying to get into Fenty Mattemoiselle in Single but it’s the slightest bit too orange.

Do I spot a new LV backpack in your recent ig pic? 2. January 2018

Omg how can you tell it’s barely showing hahah. It’s the medium sized one – I got it in Leeds last December and love it for travel and work.

red Jia or Black Jia? Love them both but sadly cannot afford both:( 2. January 2018

I’d get black – a bit more versatile. Unless you have a really specific look planned that would be better with the red one.

What brand/where did you buy your christmas tree topper? God.. even your christmas tree looked good! xx 2. January 2018

Thank you – I really don’t remember I think we got it two years ago at the Grove somewhere. Sorry!

Rumi, I need some advice about a boy from a hot girl. Can I email you? 2. January 2018

Hi of course – rumi@areyouami.com

Will Kemi come back?! I’m dying for it 14. December 2017

Kemi IS back and now it’s also available in a burnt red color that’s just crazily beautiful

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