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How tall is Chris? 31. December 2016


RUMI! which cat food does Kumo eat? ❤️😻 28. December 2016

Hahah very important yes. Royal Canin for Persians.

so in love with your aesthetic, rumi! it is on fucking point 28. December 2016


Are You Am I is like this generation’s Alexander Wang. 15. December 2016


where was your company holiday dinner? looked awesome 15. December 2016

Terroni downtown. It was perfect.

I moved to NYC to live with my boyfriend and he dumped me one month after moving in. I need a virtual hug, all my friends are in LA. 15. December 2016

hugs 💕 come back to LA

Hi Rumi! Hope you can respond this as fast as possible… Would you wear the Elara dress, not the silk version but the linen one, to a dinner party or do you think definitely just a day wear dress?? Appreciate your help so much!! Xx 💓 15. December 2016

I think it depends on the environment – I would completely wear it out on a summer night or for drinks on vacation or to climb a tree at 2am, but for more formal events and holiday type things I would choose something more vampirey or slick.

hi Rumi! I’m wondering what breed is kumo? <3 thank you lovely soul 14. December 2016

He’s a Persian 💖

Will the knife tops be restocked? :) 14. December 2016

Yes they’ll be back, aiming for next week!

Hi Rumi! The sheer nude bodysuit in your latest IG story, where from? Love you! <3 7. December 2016


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