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Apart from ayai what one brand do you find yourself still wearing time and time again? 6. February 2018

Boring answer but Levi’s. Oh Agent Provocateur. For accessories Chanel and Vuitton. Then the truly random vintage pieces are super exciting.

Do I see Empire Records Liv Tyler reference??? *heart eyes emoji* 6. February 2018

Ugh favorite reference

Outfit details on coconut sea salt cold brew please. You’re the prettiest/cutest person : ) 6. February 2018

You’re pretty and cute! Ok – vintage sweater, Topshop skirt, socks from Wego in Tokyo haha, Nikes I got in Tokyo too actually and have never seen anywhere else (!?), vintage Chanel backpack

Sheer bodysuit you wore in your fresh daisy picture? So beautiful! 6. February 2018

It’s by Le Petit Trou ✨

Atalanta ever coming in other colors?? 28. January 2018

No it won’t be – just the fawn

You looked like an actual princess in your ig story today! Is the red dress upcoming AYAI? It looks so so you 24. January 2018

🌹 you’re way too sweet and yes it’s AYAI 😍 the Lykla dress! Will be launching very soon emphasis on very

Just wanted to send ample virtual hugs and kisses for restocking tati clasp! Was so scared it would never come back. Love you 22. January 2018

Yay I’m so happy to have it back on the site! Love it always.

Who makes the high slouchy boots from your last insta story? 15. January 2018


I’m SO ready for shorter Nyissa. SO READY. 15. January 2018


me too apparently

Was just about to buy the Kimba tank and saw it’s already sold out in my size! Please please make more – I’ve been wearing the Kimba bra at least once a week and was so excited to see it in another glorious form. 13. January 2018

The Kimba tank is so popular! It’ll be restocked for sure.

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