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Rumi please make more Alma xxx 1. August 2017

More Alma corsets coming ✨


Ling will be back!

Do you have plans to release your red brocade AYAI skirt (with the gold frog closure and side slit) ? You were wearing it with your AYAI white mock neck crop top. It was so cute. 30. July 2017

Yes that will be coming I promise

Are your white jeans Mother denim looker ankle fray? 28. July 2017

I have the Mother ones but the ones I’ve been wearing this week are Topshop! I was suddenly in an extreme white jeans kinda mood.

Do you go to nail salons or you paint your nails yourself? 20. July 2017

Never myself haha I have people I trust for these things

Please tell me the tuille swim is going to be permanent and released in more colors🙏 20. July 2017

Tuille will also be released in nude rib in the next couple weeks! SO CUTE.

Do you have any plans of making the perfect lace panty/thong? Lately I can’t wear something that isn’t AYAI 😩 20. July 2017

Yes this is definitely on my need to create list! I can picture three perfect ones I want to do in my head right now.

black or white Elfie? 6. July 2017

White I love love white Elfie

Rumi, which color of the high top Converse would you purchase? 1. July 2017

White if only one pair but I have both white and black in real actual life

I love the Alair dress sooo much already but was wondering if you would ever consider making an Alair top like some of the other dresses have? 1. July 2017

ALAIR 💖 I love Alair so so much. No plans for a top version of it exactly but maybe a similar concept!

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