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Rumi, I’m thinking the blush zillah for birthday cocktails in the city! Can you please suggest a few ideal heel options for me? IT’ll be my first AYAI piece and I’m super excited :) much love from Australia xxx 24. November 2015

Aw you’ll be so pretty in it. I love it with black boots (Topshop Magnificent is super sleek) or suede sandals but it’s not the kind of thing that’s difficult to shoe. Happy almost birthday!

What are the names of the REDONE jeans you own or essentials from their collection? x 24. November 2015

I have the straight skinny, relaxed straight, high rise crop, and the Elsas

Where did you buy the christmas stockings on snap? 24. November 2015

Restoration Hardware Kids hehe

In desperate need of the AYAI crop!! P.S Love everything about you! 17. November 2015


It’ll be out super soon! x

I can’t decide… for new years, black, white or blood red for the zillah? PLEASE help 17. November 2015

Blood for maximum impact! White for max pretty.

Jeans on your latest Insta post, where from?? Love them! Xxxx 17. November 2015

Straight skinny from Redone

Urth cafe 11/11 where are those boots from/what are they called?! 11. November 2015

Zara, they’re linked a few asks back

What do you ask for when you get a haircut? I Have fine hair but lots of it! Any advice? 11. November 2015

I cut my own hair if I feel like it’s even stragglier than usual. I hate sitting at a salon I get so antsy and also cold. That’s why it’s always uneven 🙈

sylph in white/cream pls????????? 11. November 2015

Omg released today ✨

Juts bought the Anabela dress! Do you think any of the AYAI bras would work under it, or best to go no bra/pasties? 10. November 2015

Yay Anabela love. No bra looks so clean with it!

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