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Link to your black Drjeans? There are to many versions on their site 30. June 2015

They’re the Arlene –

Who makes your all white tube top and shorts with the pom poms? adorable! 26. June 2015

It’s so silly and fun haha – I love that outfit. It’s by The Jetset Diaries via Nasty Gal.

Brand of the blue or denim crop top you wore when you’re in shibuya :) 21. June 2015


Mirror iPhone case? 😍 21. June 2015

Zero Gravity

you drink an outrageous amount of lattes! 21. June 2015

One a day!

Is that super shocking? What’s normal though cry

Where did you get your blush suede Balenciaga bag? Im dying. 21. June 2015

Ebay after searching obsessively for millions of years

What nail polish are you wearing in your recent post? I need it! 21. June 2015

I’ve been doing gel manicures so all the colors are like 24003 or 948, no cute names. I usually go for black or nude these days.

Please make more clothes in blush silk :3 The Auren dress would look amazebals in blush silk. 21. June 2015

It would. White too would be omfg in the Auren. Don’t worry I’m basically always prioritizing blush world takeover – the blush Kaede will be released this week.

Don’t have a question. I love you!xxx 21. June 2015

D’awww. Thank you.

who is the lady you have as your screenphoto on your iphone? 21. June 2015


goddess being

where are your blue coasters from? 21. June 2015

The agate ones? They’re Jonathan Adler, still available. A present from Chris <3

do you know of any restaurants that make good veggie burgers in LA? 21. June 2015

Kind of don’t know of any that I absolutely love here, I only order those when I’m super confident it’s going to be amazing. Best one I’ve ever had is from Source in SF.

Hello Rumi, I was wondering where did you get your white lace bralette and peach ribbed body suit ?! so AMAZING. thank you 21. June 2015

White lace bralette..can you send a link? The nude swimsuit is by Nasty Gal.

I saw this on sale and thought u might like it :) 21. June 2015

Hahah I have that thing already! You are good very good.

Hi,I have been dreaming about the lace-up black top you lastly posted on instagram with those cut-out shorts. Would you be able to give me the designer’s name? Any chance to still find it? 21. June 2015

It’s by Reformation – the Avalon bodysuit

where is your tasseled pillow from :)? 21. June 2015

Urban Outfitters –

rumi! who makes this gold necklace? i need this in my life to to pair with my kaede camisole! 21. June 2015

Hey – the long one is vintage, the one with the red stones is Brandy Melville.

how do you come up with the cute names for the stuff in your collection? 12. June 2015

Mythical lands in my head etc

White jumpsuit from snapchat? 12. June 2015

stone cold fox

chloe drew or chloe faye? 12. June 2015

Faye Faye Faye Faye chant with me

please tell me the cuyler shorts will be restocked?! 10. June 2015

Yeah they will be, promise. Keep checking the AYAI insta for day of news.

Hi Rumi :) who makes your cut off jean shorts you have been wearing lately ? Most recent in your Tokyo vintage shopping pic. Are they shop redone ? They don’t really look like them. But SOOO cute on you! 10. June 2015

Hi! They’re Levi’s like actually from there – they did a limited edition vintage 80s 501 cutoff last summer.

Okay so my absolute favorite thing is when you wear the biggest boots with the smallest dress and it seems to defy all logic of proportions yet it is the most perfect thing ever never change 10. June 2015

Ahahhaa I’ve been doing that forever haven’t I. Why do I love the biggest boots so.

Totally serious if I owned the whole of Ayai I’d never have to shop again – you have managed to make the perfect wardrobe 9. June 2015

Ily that is exactly what I wanted to do, I just wanted to make life easier!

Rumi! I’ve been living in those Zara jeans too, but I just need to know when will I be able to wear a black Lish with them? If I see it on Cat one more time I might cry. 9. June 2015

Those will be avail really soon, possibly even next week. Haha she loves it so much in black ❤️

what size cartier love bracelet do you wear? 9. June 2015


Light blue cropish tank from your snapchat – details please! 9. June 2015

Zara! I got it yesterday :)

Hi in love with your Chloe wooden heeled wedged sandals ….i know there from last summer and i can’t find them anywhere :( do you have any suggestions ? x 8. June 2015

I saw them on Yoox a couple weeks ago! Probably still there.

Anything at the Net a porter sale you like? 7. June 2015

Oh no there’s a sale rn? I haven’t looked

Hi Rumi, please come to New Zealand! Also I’m saving up to buy a Zillah, which is actually my student loan money meant for uni (lol), but blush or mustard? 7. June 2015

That’s awesome! They’re really different, mustard is more casual and blush is more sharp intake of breath. We did the mustard with the matte side of the charmese out because I wanted it to be more mustard than gold. So it depends on what you think you’d get more use out of!

And I miss New Zealand! Would love to take another trip there

Where can i get that black bra you were wearing with your black Zillah dress? Its everything!!! i just need something like this in my life! thx. 7. June 2015

Coming up AYAI!

hi rumi!!! you’re the raddest person i’ve been following for years. just wanted to ask for camera advice – im going to tour asia this whole summer and i want to travel light so i’ve considered investing in a light digital camera with interchangeable lenses (but not a single lense reflex) any recommendations? i see you used to own one of the olympus pen cameras 7. June 2015

The Olympus is great, really fun to shoot closer up shots with but now I’m just iPhone or DSLR, no in between. I don’t know the current options for those types of camera at all – you’re better off asking someone at a camera specialty store or researching online! Thank you so much for your sweet words :)

Would love to know where that incredibly pretty palm print dress (you are wearing on your snapchat) is from! 7. June 2015

For Love and Lemons x UO :)

besides the romper and tank, what else can we expect from AYAI coming up? 6. June 2015

A lot more dresses (Lux is next), bralettes, new tshirt silhouettes, the perfect ribbed tank, and button down silk shirts.

You said your jeans are at Zara and that should be enough. It takes the fun away when you are made to link the jeans as well even after you already said where they are from. You can see in other pics that there is only one hole in the left knee then all you need to do is look at the pictures and see which jeans match the ones you’re wearing. 6. June 2015

Haha oh man

What highlight did you use on the inner corner of your eyes in your instagram post titled “while Tokyo glooms”? You look beautiful! 6. June 2015

“Real lasting tears tank” by K-Palette

Link to your Zara jeans please? 5. June 2015

Please- What are those white nikes (what style are they, only available in Tokyo?) you are wearing on snap chat?! 😍 5. June 2015

I got them at a clinical looking sneaker store in Harajuku, apparently they’re only sold there and one other place according to the guy that was helping me. They come in black too.

What eye makeup (esp that eyeshadow!) are you wearing in your latest selfie in Insta? It’s the one with the winged liner and Meira ring. 5. June 2015

Hi! I’m hoarding makeup hardcore here in Tokyo, I was playing with the Kate palette in BR-4. Love.

Where the hexagon white marble board from? 5. June 2015


Who makes your moon/star ring you are wearing in one of your latest Instagram posts? I love it! 5. June 2015

Meira T :)

Is this the first time for Chris to meet your family in Japan? 5. June 2015

Yeah he’s met my mom before of course but he’s meeting my whole extended family on Sunday! Armed with very little Japanese language ability. Should be fun.

where is the place you go in tokyo (one of your snap chat videos on 4th june tokyo timing) that you captioned “holy trinity”? in the video there are like juices + some acai bowl look-alike (not sure if it’s rly acai it just looks like it)… it looks so good i wanna go! 4. June 2015

That was at the Ron Herman Cafe in Sendagaya, I had such a good salad there too! I was crumbling and that acai bowl revived me from the dead.

Rumi who makes your jeans you’re wearing on the flight to Tokyo? So perfect! 1. June 2015

Zara! They’re so perfect even for flying. This is like a stock up on backup pairs situation.

What size dis u get in this beautiful piece? 30. May 2015

I got the XS – I wish it was dress length! So close. But it’s like angel butterfly faerie levels pretty.

Rumi! I’m in the search for gold everyday jewelry, could you please help! Rings/bracelets/necklace :) 30. May 2015

My favorites are Sarah and Sebastian (all the Aura pieces), Meira T (crescent moon necklace is perfect, Jacquie Aiche, Hortense (I have the by myself and tic tac necklaces), and Carbon and Hyde (badass rings).

What is that beautiful crinkly creation you are wearing on your latest insta post (with knight cat)?! ummmmmmazzzziinnng <3 30. May 2015

Free people Jimmy tunic! Avail now, so pretty! It makes you feel like Alessandra.

Where are your rose gold/copper coasters from? Love them. 30. May 2015

I think Anthropologie? From a while ago though.

Necklaces from friday night ?(instagram) 30. May 2015

Jacquie Aiche choker and Hortense tic tac necklaces

where did you get those burgers from that you were eating in your snapchat? 30. May 2015

Blackened fish sandwich from GTA! Heaven in a bun. It’s like all I order there.

Where did u get the nude dress?? 28. May 2015

It’s from Urban Outfitters! Literally bought it that day.

First and foremost, literally cannot get over how much I’m in love with your collection! I’ve bought like 4 pieces and I find that’s all I’m wearing now… Literally. When will more be coming?? Also what are those new heeled black buckle booties I’ve seen you in lately, I’m dying to get me a pair!!! 28. May 2015

THANK YOU!! I’m so happy you are happy with your pieces. The black boots are old season Diesel!

if I only buy one Ayai thing, what piece do I get??? 24. May 2015


Rumi please tell me where you bought the clothing rack! I’m looking one for long time:( 24. May 2015

I got it at Urban Outfitters (online) – it’s sold out now though :(

white zillah was the BEST coachella choice ever. thank you for creating heaven in a slip. 24. May 2015

RADDDD this makes me so happy I want to cry

Love how snapchat gives me another platform to stalk you on. *creepy smile* But in that snap from when you were doing pilates or something, was that at your home or in the gym? 24. May 2015

Hahhaha AHHHH. Home gym. Chris built it out. I flail around to Tracy Anderson videos in there on the reg.

Are those boots diesel charon dress boots? Help! I LOVE those boots. 24. May 2015

No, there’s literally no trace of them online. As far as I can tell. I got them September 2013 at the NYC store.

Rumi please! Black top from snapchat!!! 23. May 2015

Wait there are so many black tops from Snapchat. Everything’s tagged on my insta!

Was that Lish in black Cat was wearing? 23. May 2015

YES we’re so excited to release it. She wears it so well it like gives me chills.

What were you wearing when you met Chris? 23. May 2015

Ahaha Alexander Wang chenille cropped sweater, high waisted black mini, Sonia Rykiel grandpa robe coat thing, Balenciaga oxfords, some sort of smirk

How did you meet Cat (knightcat?) 23. May 2015

We’ve been friends online on email etc for like 7 years and finally met last spring. We’re too excited around each other it’s like feral animal status every second.

how is it you are literally designing perfect versions of everything i dont get it 23. May 2015

It’s just everything I want to wear hahaa thank you though, that’s an incredible thing to hear.

obsessed with ur snapchat! keep em coming 23. May 2015


Black bra (with zilah dress) from snapchat? 23. May 2015

AYAI development sample 😀



do you only use card holders, where do you have your coins :P? 22. May 2015

Coins give me anxiety and I try to avoid them entirely. The ones I get stuck with I put in this Goyard pouch I tote around on occasion.

Trying to find a good card holder. Any suggestions? :) 20. May 2015

THAT WAS ME. I lost my last one like a mindless monster person. Just replaced it with this one –

what highlighter do you use?? it looks perfect in your snapchat 20. May 2015

Today I’m wearing Becca shimmering skin perfector in rose gold and moonstone. Thank you!

Where did you get that gold necklace with the horse circle charm? You wore it in your snapchats when you wore your white slip dress? Its so beautiful! 20. May 2015

Vita Fede!! I love it.

IM SO HAPPY I WANNA CRY thank you for snapchat 17. May 2015

Hahha don’t cry! Crying makes it so hard to breathe.

How did you and Chris meet? 17. May 2015

We met when I was in Paris for the Isabel Marant x H&M launch. He was living there at the time and we were sitting at the same restaurant – I was traveling alone and vulnerable haha. We spent every second of my three day trip together and then he came to LA a few weeks later and then we realized we wanted to spend every second together always. It’s like nothing else, being with him. The most natural, raw, magnetic thing. Every single day I’m thankful that I get to love someone this much and be this loved.

Sunglasses from instagram photo with AYAI mustard dress? 17. May 2015

Céline aviators

Do you have a snapchat or would you consider getting one? I was a bit reluctant about it at first but it seems most bloggers have one too nowadays and it’s been fun to kinda openly stalk their day-to-day activities. xx 17. May 2015

It’s pretty dumb yeah hahah. I’ve been on there for like 2 years but just starting to use Stories. Same handle as everywhere else @rumineely!

Latest purchase? 17. May 2015

I just binged on The Container Store like an hour ago and the last thing she scanned was…an acrylic magazine rack? I’m so fun on a Sunday.

from where did you procure that round table housing your succulents? 17. May 2015

Chris got that for me! It’s from Urban Outfitters, think it’s still avail.

Do u use a fabric comb on your cashmere clothes? 17. May 2015

Fabric comb = foreign concept to me but this is probably one of those things I’m unaware of to the detriment of me and everyone around me

Whoaaaaaa super cool earrings at the Ace? 17. May 2015

Carbon and Hyde! So into them.

Hi Rumi! May i know where did you get your belt that you wore with you shopredone shorts! 17. May 2015

I’ve had it forEVER, I used it that whole summer of the Isabel Marant pink short. It’s by Marant too. I just love how thick and plain it is but belts are also one of the best things you can buy thrifted/vintage cause most secondhand stores have a huge selection so you can find the perfect beaten up one.

Where are you denim shorts from in your recent Instagram pics (16th may)… and what other denim brands whould you recommend for shorts? :) 17. May 2015

They’re by Redone! The high waisted short.

Will kaede come in mustard? I need every color. The feel and weight of the fabric is the best I have ever come across in a cami 15. May 2015

Whoa thank you!!! I love it too, heavy silk is heaven. No plans for mustard at the moment but developing a style right now that you will die for if you love the Kaede.

The MAC velvet teddy is matte? only one version right? 15. May 2015

Not super matte but more matte than not. I think there’s only one version?

OMG SUEDE SHORTS?! i have been looking for the perfect suede shorts forever!!! 15. May 2015

SAME so I made them

Jewelry id from quotidan (instagram post) 15. May 2015

L to R: Cartier, Cartier, Shashi, Bijules, Gabriela Artigas, Cartier

Where is your big black furry pillow looking like clutch from? It’s posted on your IG in black & white, you are wearing a sheer white tee & your areyouami lace up leather shorts with it. Thank you ILYSM! 15. May 2015

DvF! Actually still available at Matches.

Current go to hair product? Salt spray or have you migrated? 15. May 2015

I’ve migrated for now, just haven’t been in the mood for that crunchiness. Just putting some Shu Uemura Essence Absolue in it when it’s wet, blow drying it when it’s half done air drying, two mini buns, and then a dramatic shakeout. Kinda into the Byredo hair perfume lately, I have it in Blanche. Still looking for the perfect shampoo, how can this be.

Kaede camisole in BLUSH?! Did I already miss this?? 15. May 2015

No you didn’t! Kaede will be restocked in white and available in blush in about two weeks. I’m so excited for blush covered buttons!

Where are those black lace up booties in your latest post from?? Absolutely love them 15. May 2015

Hi they’re Saint Laurent, purchased in January

Buckled shoes wedged between your stud sandals and tie booties? 13. May 2015


where did u get the bulletin board?? supercreative! 13. May 2015

Like Target or Amazon, just got the biggest one and made Chris hold it taut while I staple gunned his fingers to it almost. That was a fun night.

What you think about chloè carlina sunglasses? 13. May 2015

Tried them on. Twice I think. Didn’t feel totally perfect on me. But the ad campaign images omfg.

SHORTS! AYAI obvs right? they look like the leather lace ups but in silk am i right? 13. May 2015

Actually SUEDE and they are on my person right now. We’re going to offer them in both suede and the hornback embossed leather.

Do you like guacamole and wine? Not together tho haha 10. May 2015

Haha gross but yes love a rosé or a Sancerre and crave guacamole regularly. Wanted to make some a little while ago but my avocado was overripe. Whimper.

Thank you!! Clare V camel basket-weave for the win. 10. May 2015


Love your lipstick and makeup in the latest post too! Please dish- what else you’re wearing!?? 10. May 2015

Armani Luminous Silk foundation, Charlotte Tilbury Filmstar Bronze and Glow (just glow though), Stila liner, Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon in Bronzed Garnet underneath the eye

Where did you get your circle necklace??? 10. May 2015

It’s by Hortense, they carry her things at Mohawk General in Silverlake.

how do you know if you’ve found The One? 10. May 2015

If you don’t even worry that he’s not.

preferred facial sunscreen? 10. May 2015

Biafine but that’s an annoying answer cause it’s only available in France. My very wise friend Lauren who just purged her beauty regime of all gross chemicals recommends Burt’s Bees Day Lotion which is SPF 30.

Hi! When will the black delphine be out? Thanks! 10. May 2015

This week. They just need to be shot for the site!

Are You Am I lingerie???? Maybe???? 10. May 2015

Coming! I have some very specific triangle bra dreams to realize.

Stone Cold Fox Derek dress. 8. May 2015

I know, super cute.

Absolutely love the lipstick you’re wearing your latest blog post! (The Louis Vuitton cruise show one.) What is it? 8. May 2015

MAC – Velvet Teddy

Going through a lipstick and highlighter phase rn, it’s fun.

Who was your favorite look at the Met Gala 2k15? 8. May 2015

Tie between Natasha Poly and Rosie

SOS!!!!! FIRST DATE OUTFIT ADVICE. I’m thinking silver zillah, Delphine, and brown aquazzura espadrilles. But what bag/purse/clutch?! All I have is black! 8. May 2015


A black bag might not be the best but there are always exceptions to what “works”. Maybe get one of those Clare Vivier or American Apparel leather pouches in a more neutral color? Although tbh your date like really won’t be checking out your clutch. Hope you have a fun time!

your latest post.. how is that actually someone’s house? like imagine waking up and getting the mail turning around and seeing THAT. every day. like c’mon where was my guidance counsellor?! 8. May 2015

Hahhah I feel like it would catch me off guard every time I turned around, forever. So stunning.

I have $2000 to spend on a bag, and I’m stuck! Chloe Drew in grey, black or baby pink? 1. May 2015

Chloé Faye!! Fyeayfayefayefyaeyfayeyyfeye

I love the small one in black or whisky or blush, the larger one in whisky or mustard.

White, denim or suede if you could only wear one forever? 1. May 2015


Shoes from latest ig? Everything you’ve been wearing lately is perfection. 29. April 2015

Ty! They’re Gianvito Rossi, the exact ones are in my Whowhatwear article!

Hi Rumi. I can’t believe I found these – – just got both green and ivory. Am i obsessed? Should I keep the ivory? THANK YOU! 29. April 2015


I love the dark green but if you feel like you’ll wear them, totally doesn’t hurt to have two color options!

Congrats haha

What are your favorite foods besides cilantro, kombucha and lemony desserts?  29. April 2015

What a food trio! Right now I love crispy branzino, any mushroom served hot, orange carrot ginger juice, coconut kefir blended into smoothies, roasted carrots, huge chopped salads, frozen berries in granola, pea shoots, Sugarfish, and matcha anything!

oh and who cuts your hair?? 29. April 2015

Me it’s awful I’m so scared of getting haircuts. You can tell sometimes from the back ahaha it’s just randomized in a couple sections.

I’m so obsessed with you that if i ever run into you I wouldn’t even know if I would talk to you *sad* 29. April 2015

Pls talk to me

hi Rumi I’ve got a really great recommendation about a beautiful place you should visit which is really close to you! Should I just tell you here or is it a better idea to mail you :)? It’ll be so fun and relaxing and your pictures would be seriously amazing. It’s perfect for visiting during summer. 29. April 2015

This sounds like YES. Email me please, can’t wait to hear more!

When can we expect the mustard Zillah?! SUMMER ESSENTIAL!!! 29. April 2015

By this weekend! Super soon. Hang tight.

Can I get your opinion on this sweater? 29. April 2015

It’s cute! I see it with denim shorts or leather trousers fireside somewhere off the grid in Colorado, maybe a deer looking through the window.

Hi Rumi. Just got the silk shorts and the white Delphine. So excited. I was going to wait for the black Delphine but figured I’ll need both colors anyway. :D do you know when the black will be released? 24. April 2015

Hi! Can’t wait for you to have them, I hope they make getting dressed both easier and more exciting. The black is about to go into production, rough estimate 2-3 weeks!

what is cat khan like?? 24. April 2015

Beautiful in a striking way, thoughtful, at once full of energy but also super chill to do nothing with anywhere. Total freaking weirdo in the same ways I am. Has insightful things to say constantly, references are all over the place. She’s actually like nobody else.

Beautiful beautiful boots from last ig? 24. April 2015

They’re by Diesel from a few seasons ago! I wore them when I first got them and forgot about them and now they’re back. V aggressive square toe. Like couldn’t get more 90s.

Shoe shoe shoes?! From last picture. 19. April 2015


almost cried when i saw the lace shorts 19. April 2015


will the Zillah in blush return? 19. April 2015

Yes it will, this month. There’s one XS available on the site right now! opinion Rumi? 19. April 2015

Have it, love it, need to dig around for it

ok i know you’re perfecting every little detail but i need those lace shorts in my life nowwww 18. April 2015

Like literally will be avail within 24 hours! Keep checking the insta for updates :) this one Rumi? 18. April 2015

Yes! I just used it tonight.

BEYOND OBSESSED WITH THE ZILAH IN SILVER. Most perfect garment ever, didn.t realise how versatile it is, looks so cool with a tshirt underneath aswell as going out. Wearing it erryday (literally – I don’t like any of my other clothes anymore…)Thank you for this heaven sent piece <3 big love 18. April 2015


Is the zillah coming in mustard too?! 16. April 2015

Yes! Mustard is next.

Like Red but not quite post… where is that pink wall? I need a pink wall in my life. BTW I’m totally astounded by the high high quality of ayai #loveayai 15. April 2015

Thank you! I really wanted to make things that you can love forever or at least a really long time. The pink wall is the infamous Paul Smith wall on Melrose.

hey Rumi! are you aware that ‘Kell’ is the Hungarian word for ‘MUST HAVE’ ??? I’m starting to think it’s a sign for me… :) 15. April 2015

Did NOT know. Such kell information.

Link to your kilim carpet pls? Need it. Like rn! 15. April 2015

They’re all one offs or vintage on their site – if you want a similar one go to the overdyed category and filter by color to ivory/tan.

which is more important in your opinion- the iS clinical active or hydra-cool serum? 14. April 2015


omg Rumi they put your zillah in a whowhatwear article! 14. April 2015

I know!! So cool :)

What’s your take on Kombucha? 14. April 2015

A bottle of Healthade like every day. I crave it. Kinda scary.

will the croc leather skirt be avail on AYAI? love it! 14. April 2015

It’s like literally crocodile so would be crazy to produce for us rn, but we’re thinking about doing custom orders for them cause there’s been a lot of interest. It’s the same cut as the Kell mini so if that style works for you then it’s something that can be discussed!

Tulips are so nice! Where did you get that side table and carpet from? 14. April 2015

Side table is from Urban Outfitters, rug from

Where is your belt from on road testing the delphine? Ayais ig :) 14. April 2015

Hi! It’s Isabel Marant, the same one I’ve had since 2011.

Do those shoes hurt your feet? 14. April 2015

Not horribly, about the regular amount that heels do. Nothing is binding or chafing.

Rumi! What have you currently purchased from other brands lately? The last few posts have been mostly areyouami, which is awesome and i love it! However, I do wish to know what else you’re into lately! 14. April 2015

I haven’t really been shopping that much, it’s kind of weird when you’re focused on making the perfect whatever. Not to sound crazy or evil but after wearing AYAI all the time, everything else feels so scratchy. Here’s a random mix of things I’ve gotten recently.

MAC Cremestick Liner in Sublime Culture
NARS Bronzing Powder in Irresistiblement
Brandy Melville Willow tank
Isabel Marant feather cuff
Andalou Naturals 1000 Roses Rosewater Mask
Citizens of Humanity cashmere thermal
Menu & Andreas Engesvik’s Chunk of Marble Candleholder
Revisit Products iPhone 6 Plus Case
Jerome Dreyfus Embellished Bobi suede shoulder bag

Zillah = the slip dreams are made of. Seriously can’t wait to rock it Coachella (W2). :D 14. April 2015

i want pics *cries*

What cut jeans from shop redone? So gorgeous with the Delphine!!! 14. April 2015

Those are the high waisted. They’re pretty low in stock right now but that’s because they are next level perfect. is this the one u have? 14. April 2015

Yes! So cute.

Rumi. I just have one question. That white dress you wore at coachella. WHEN????? 14. April 2015

Pretty soon! It’s almost approved for production. Just being a maniac with the details.

Hi from Canada! You make LA look so good!! would you say that LA is the best place to be of all the places you have traveled to? Ive always wanted to move there but wasnt sure if it meets all the hype that it gets. 14. April 2015

Hi! I haven’t been to your country in a while. But it’s so nice. And I LOVE LA, I’m so happy here. It makes me feel excited and inspired and dreamy and connected and warm and I’m so thankful to be able to live here with the love of my life. Even though it’s really windy at night sometimes and I go through sunscreen at the same rate I do almond milk.

Tell me the cutout boots made it to coa coachella!!! 14. April 2015

They didn’t! For the first time in so long.


are you mad

Hi Rumi! What is the iPhone case that you have on in the April 5th 2015 Instagram pic? Also I love your blog, been following it since you started, I’ll be forever more looking forward to your posts. :) 5. April 2015

Hey! That’s a long time, thank you for being the best kind of follower! The iPhone case is by Revisit, I got it downtown at Alchemy Works. It’s so pretty I want to cry. Also it screws in and doesn’t really provide much protection. Those are all the main features.

I have Charlotte Tilbury in amber haze. love it! can you recommend other colors? :) 5. April 2015

They’re honestly all amazing, I have every nongreen nonpurple one. Champagne diamonds is good for inner corners, if you like Amber Haze though I would try Dark Pearl or Golden Quartz.

Hi Rumi! Where is the thin ribbon choker in your “Friday golden hour vibes” instagram post from? Thank you so much :) 4. April 2015

By Boe

Oh my goodness please restock the silver. PLZ! 4. April 2015

Working on it!

What stores carry AYAI? I wanna try on stuff before purchasing. Wanna make sure zillah looks as good on me as on u..probs not but still wanna see! 4. April 2015

Right now the only brick and mortar shop that carries it is Satine, at both their 3rd Street and Venice locations. I hope you can make it to one of them!

Do you use any NUXE products? 31. March 2015

Just Rêve de Miel

Just saw your top on ring my bell Ashley 31. March 2015

I love that tank on her!

hows kumo?! 31. March 2015

He’s a little king and he’s more cuddly than ever and his coat is looking magnificent.

What are your top places to head for coffee and brunch in LA? 31. March 2015

Hmmm Goldie’s, Terroni, Go Get Em Tiger, The Polo Lounge at The Beverly Hills Hotel, Cafe Gratitude, Sqirl, Little Next Door, Soho House, Kreation, Erewhon, my kitchen. Yeah!

When will you post an Amazon list again?! I miss those days!!! 31. March 2015

What happened to Amazon Collections?? That was my true calling and now it’s just dead.

I noticed the blush and silver zillahs don’t have the raw edges that the black and white do. Why is that? 30. March 2015

? They totally do have the same raw edges.

What are your favorite Tracy Anderson videos? 30. March 2015

I have the Mat Workout DVD and the Omnicentric Metamorphosis set. I’ve also been to their Studio City location which was amazing but a little bit of a trek. I like her workout style cause it’s hard to get bored of!

is this a ayai top??? i need it in my life 29. March 2015

Yeah! Silk twill, it’s amazing.

is it possible that the studs on the Kell get pushed in (or flat) when sitting? 29. March 2015

Good question but no, the embossing is really, really embedded and strong. The texture of it in real life is crazy. And so fun to run your hands up and down.

what are you wearing on the green juice and rainbow straps ig? you tagged ayai but it ain’t the zillah huh 29. March 2015

upcoming dress :)

i’ve lost count of how many times I’ve checked your ask today. 29. March 2015

heart heart heart

I’m awake!

how often do you work out? do you still do pilates? 28. March 2015

I kinda stopped Pilatesing, it was so easy before cause I lived practically next door to my studio. But Chris and I had this beautiful gym built out above our garage and I’ve just been doing stuff in there, mostly Tracy Anderson vids. So I do that every day now instead.

is the blush zillah too pink for a natural redhead? want so bad. 28. March 2015

No I think that would be such a pretty thing for you to wear. It’s not PINK pink, it’s Sahara/cuticle/cashew strawberry vegan milkshake/some sunsets. Does that help?

is the delphine in black non existent? 28. March 2015

Currently, yeah.

please tell me where the white dress is from that you wore when u were with esther and courtney!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and also the white top from your ig “Today’s dtls @areyouami #céline” please please please 28. March 2015

Hi you are so polite?! They’re both AYAI, fit sample stage pieces. Hope to get them nailed and ready to produce soon!

do you ever care about being overdressed? cuz you wear lots of dresses and skirts etc and im kinda the same and my friends are like wearing jeans and flats lol idgaf most of the time tho but just asking hehe 28. March 2015

I don’t care about that like AT ALL. I don’t wanna factor in other people’s regular into my regular, in that particular category of life. But yeah even though I’m in dresses etc a lot I feel like I can run and jump and climb and actually feel really casual in them in my brain.

pink sand: wanna cry. btw, what were you doing on the third picture? haha 28. March 2015

lol just capering around

Drink of choice? 28. March 2015

Rn Sweet Rose iced almond milk latte/green apple lemon ginger spinach juice/Campari Spritz

Do you have any idea why the blue barts are five dollars more than the red in a lot of places? I find that so weird 28. March 2015

Wait what that’s so funny and pointless. I’m team red either way.

I’ve spent $1000 at your store, is it weird not to have any buyer’s remorse? I keep saying “these items will last forever and go with everything, and i will be able to pack so light” :P :D 28. March 2015

This makes it all worth it wow. Thank you.

gotta love diaper vibes 28. March 2015

just gotta.

Rumi do you wear the XS in the Delphine Linen/Silk Crop top? Was trying to gage what size to order. I wasn’t sure if you were wearing it in a small so it fits slightly oversized. Thanks!! 28. March 2015

I’m basically the XS fit model for every piece, if that helps as a reference. So yes I’m wearing the XS Delphine :)

What black shorts have you been wearing with the Delphine? So perfect. 28. March 2015

They’re by Kahlo! Diaper vibes but still love.

Hey Rumi,Ok, so i’m checking out soon. Skirt check (macro), Carven Tank check, now.. I love the Zillah but am tempted to get a large (though i wear small) just to have a longer cut. But then will it be toooooo big sideways? 28. March 2015

Cool cool, solid cart. I really don’t think you should size up for length, you can adjust to a good place with the straps and it’s pre-oversized. Get a small and if anything decide the next move from there but I really think it’ll be long enough! xx

When is the black Zillah dress coming back in XS? It’s critical piece in my Coachella wardrobe :[] 25. March 2015


can’t decide between micro kell or macro kell! 25. March 2015


Like really.

The macro is a little more intense of a look – based on that decide which one you’d get more use out of. Or order both and return one!

Hi. The Jonquil blouse–is it see-though? And how does the size run? I’m normally a size XS, but I like wearing my tops a bit more oversized these days. Which size would you recommend? Thanks! 25. March 2015


The Jonquil is sheer, but not to an extreme degree. The silk is kind of dense and it has a mesh look to it close up. I totally get the slightly oversized thing, I would get a small if that’s how you want to wear it!

Your nails are always so nicely manicured. In your delphine up close insta and the latest insta photos, are you wearing gel nail polish? 25. March 2015

Yeah I’m incapable of maintaining a normal manicure so I’ve been doing gels the past few months.

KELL SKIRT QUESTION! Wasn’t sure where else to ask this, but what’s the length of the miniskirt? Can’t get a good read on just how short/mini it is. Can you show a full body shot of wearing it to get a sense of proportion? Also, it’s perfect and I need it in my life. 23. March 2015

You will love the fit it is actually perfect. The length for a size small is 13″ in front and 13.5″ in back. Let me know if you need measurements for another size!

black or white zillah?? i can’t decide! 23. March 2015

Both but get black first!

When is your AYAI lace up leather shorts coming out? Do you thinking wearing the blush or silver Zillah dress is acceptable at a wedding? When are both coming out?! I need it before mid-April! 23. March 2015

Hi! The lace up leather shorts are still TBA and the Zillah in blush and silver will be available early next week. The black Zillahs will be restocked as well in XS and S. Finally!

Is it weird that I’m deathly curious as to what you wear just lounging around the house? Sweatpants, yoga leggings, tiny silk shorts? TRYING TO MODEL MY LIFE AFTER YOURS HERE AND THIS IS ONE OF THE CRUCIAL PARTS THAT’S MISSING. Feeling super creepy now… 22. March 2015

No drastic issues with sweatpants a la Mendes who is a hot topic in Ask Rumi lately but yeah not those. I have like little house uniforms that fade in and out of use. This exact moment it’s AYAI lace up leather shorts which I’m wearing to vacuum and organize, this week it’s been this distressed Iro bodysuit I’ve had forever and just “found” in a box. I answer the door a lot in the Zillah dress cause it’s the easiest thing to literally throw on. Sometimes the Ceven tank and yoga shorts so I can transition to working out easily, sometimes the Calvin Klein modern cotton set cause I have a billion of those. Yeah.

Did Chris have previous experience with photography? His photos have been amazing! Did you teach him/give him some art direction so the feelings of the photographs are more inline with what’s previously been on fashiontoast or is he just naturally gifted? xx 22. March 2015

It’s so weird, he just gets it. I mean I kinda just taught him how my camera worked about a year ago now and he started to play around with it in different ways. He can set up a flash a thousand times better than I can and it’s crazy now, he tells me what to do and where to stand and all that and I just trust him. We both throw out ideas on where to shoot – I think one of the most important things with photography is to just try wherever without too much judgment beforehand until you like what you’re doing.

Who are your middle and index finger rings by in your BFF catchup Instagram photo? 21. March 2015

Middle is EF Collection (but it just broke yday CRY) and the index is by Hortense, whose pieces I love.

wait what when did the delphine top happen it is so nice!! 21. March 2015

Thank you!! It’s been halfway between my brain and reality for the past YEAR and finally ready and avail. So amazing worn over the Zillah!

I’m about to pull the trigger on the zillah but I’m in between sizes…which should I go with? 21. March 2015

Veer smaller, it’s pre-oversized. Pull away!

Hi there, to someone who snips: Cutting the back of you r hair /yourself\ is this possible ?(i.e. the back of your head is / could actually be\ridiculous 21. March 2015

Totally ridiculous but have still tried #snippersanonymous

What sort of shoes should one wear with the silver zillah. It seems only certain shoes will work. 21. March 2015

Minimal nude sandal, black ankle boot of most types especially combat, dirty white sneakers, umm wait why do you feel like it’s so limited? These are the ones that are the most obvious to me but I think you can get however crazy you want.

is this you looking all bored behind Eva Mendes?????? 20. March 2015

Hahhaha yes she’s not boring though

veggie friendly place to eat drink lounge around at in paris? 18. March 2015

Café Pinson! Especially the lounging part. And matcha options!

rumi, please tell me what that top bracelet is in your “Structural #balenciaga” IG post yesterday! 18. March 2015

It’s by Hanka In, I got it in Paris last September at a shop in Le Marais. I don’t remember what it’s called but it’s basically in between Vanessa Bruno and Rose Bakery.

The amazing iPhone case you posted on Instagram yesterday? 14. March 2015

It’s from Kitson hahahaha I got it when I was in Santa Barbara in Dec


Hi it’s still in the sampling stage, trying to get it totally perf for you guys. Will fit another sample this week and hopefully will be able to approve it for production soon! Basically no solid date exists right now.

Every time I’m shopping/window shopping I think about you; *would rumi wear this?* *oh Rumi would love this* hehe ily 11. March 2015

Hhahahhahah heart heart heart

RUMMIIIII!!!! OVER HERE!!! (sorry if it’s a duplicate post, your site had an error when I hit submit)ok, hopefully I have your attention :P Just wanted to say you’re a breath of fresh air in the fashion blogger personality/celeb space. So many are so conscientious about being photographed wearing something twice, and I love that if you love something, you wear it, AS MUCH as you want! Thanks for being relatable. I feel like that’s what the blogging space was all about to begin with. :D Cheers and congrats again on your line. 11. March 2015

Hi! There you are. Thank you so much, glad to be different in your eyes.

Are you am I is perfect!! Need. to. get. everything. 11. March 2015

You do! Perfect modern chill girl wardrobe. Makes life so much easier.

How many piercings do u have in your ear?:) 11. March 2015

5 left 2 right

why are the balenciaga cut out boots being discontinued!? 11. March 2015

Whoa there are like 30 questions in a row about this. This is just what the Barney’s sales floor guy told me last week, that they’re a Nicolas thing not an Alex thing so…yeah.

What is your newest shoe purchase? 11. March 2015

Vanessa Bruno cutout moccasins in white

What kind of Balenciaga (the black one, silver hardware) have you got in some of your recent-ish pics? You keep yours really shiny & polished-looking, although I kind of adore the beat-up look they get once you’ve (I mean, I’ve) run around carrying one for so long; It’s not the newest kid on the block but so versatile imho. 10. March 2015

Err I have both versions gold/silver and gunmetal/silver also while on this topic kinda freaking out that they’re being discontinued.

Deric sandals—should I get black, beige, or gray? 10. March 2015

Beige like me hehehehe or black not gray though

Did you Balenciagas rub on the back when you first got them? Any help on breaking them in? Been rough 10. March 2015

What I do when they’re being painful again for whatever reason is put them on the loosest buckle setting so they don’t rub. And be patient and brave. And use those bandaids that are more like fabric than a sticker.

Hello Rumi :)Do you use still Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray? 10. March 2015

I’ve stepped away from the surf sprays of the world, I love the effect but using them all the time was damaging my hair. That thing where you have one large surf spray dreadlock to brush out before stepping in the shower was not sustainable.

Tbt to when you were on Blogspot 10. March 2015

Lol I miss blogspot

Casual shoes with a red dress? I don’t like how black ones look like 10. March 2015

I kinda hate that too. Nude!

I ADORE and am obsessed with the Chloe dress you wore to PFW. It’s one of my favorites too. I’m recently engaged and would love your suggestions on a wedding dress. I love this: (Any thoughts on something ethereal and dainty?!) Thank you xoxo 10. March 2015

That dress is completely impossibly beautiful, I touched it in Paris to make sure and yup it is. I love the idea of going Chloéish for a wedding dress, especially if you’re going to be in a forest or a field. I don’t have anything perfect to suggest to you casually but this is a good direction!

No clarisonic? 5. March 2015

Well I wish but I lost the charger so it’s been a couple weeks.

what’s your current skincare routine? 4. March 2015

AM: shower, Thayers rosewater witch hazel or Bioderma Crealine, iS Clinical Hydra-cool or Active serum, Charlotte Tilbury Magic Cream, Biafine SPF30, Biafine body cream on arms and legs

PM: witch hazel/Crealine again or actually washing my face, rn it’s Drunk Elephant’s Juju Bar (REAL NAME OF A THING), iS serum again, moisturizer or an oil which rn is Creme de la Mer/Clarins Lotus Face Treatment Oil but I switch all the time

Paris fashion week? 4. March 2015

Leaving tomorrow afternoon!


ceven tank, on a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being completely sheer/why even bother putting anything on and 10 being opaque, what would you rate it? also ily 3. March 2015

Hahha hi also it’s not completely sheer at all, it’s a pretty thick linen and the drape of it feels substantial, like it weighs itself down if that makes sense. I’m gonna say it’s a 6.8.

Are those deric sandals comfortable? 2. March 2015

Yeah and apparently being walkable and wearable is one of her design philosophies. Pretty cool.

Rumi, which citizen jeans are these? 2. March 2015

Hi! They’re the Corey in Bourbon.

opinion about Aesop? 2. March 2015

Just that their mouthwash is life – clove bud, aniseed, spearmint leaf, perfect. Tastes medieval in the good way.

I have a real struggle and i believe only you can help me. Unfortunately i can not wear anything without a bra (ok, maybe i can, but hm). And i only want to wear slip dresses and camosiles. The problem – to find a bra which looks good. Until now trying, not so good results as we speak. And i want your slip dress, ok, everything so so bandly. :(( 2. March 2015

This bra or no bra thing wow. So many feelings. But yes a lot of the AYAI pieces present you with that choice. SO what I’m in the final stages of doing is creating the perfect skimpy lace triangle bra as a direct fix and also considering adding a box of Nippies brand pasties to every Zillah shipment hahahah joking kinda not joking.

Does Chris take all your pics? Seriously amazeballs. 2. March 2015

I know he’s my hero it makes me want to cry.

!!!! The romper !!!! I could bet a million bucks it’s backless huh 2. March 2015


It’s pretty low in the back, yeah. So excited about this piece!

White T-shirt from escape to rancho valencia? 2. March 2015

That last pic from escape to rancho valencia woah. Actually all of them. U r pure perfection 2. March 2015

Thank you! It was so nice to be back in SD, it’s so wild and full of beautiful spots with no one in them.

are you #whiteandgold? 28. February 2015



Trying!! It’s rather close!!

Do you have a Vitamix?? It’s it worth the price? 26. February 2015


What is even safe

And no I have a Blendtec

Where’s the romper from toast and coffe from? 26. February 2015

Future ARE YOU AM I. Will become linen ambassador.

Do you carry your baume de rose around? Soooooooooooo heavy 26. February 2015


Do i repot it? But part of the appeal is the glass prison it resides in?

Answer yes I carry it around, comes right after iPhone keys and card case in priority list.

Your celine flatforms…should I get them in the beige like yours or burgundy? I can’t decide. 25. February 2015

It’s SUCH a good beigey mousey zombie color. I recommend.

Should totally just comment on cuura but I like anonymity too much! Navy skirt on your cuura wish list? 25. February 2015

Vanessa Bruno!

Hi pretty!! What have you been psyched on eating lately? Thanks xx 25. February 2015

I’ve been going with this bowl concept HARD. So it has like a few elements going on. I’ll do quinoa/miso/red pepper as the base, kale massaged with olive oil and avocado and sprinkled with pink salt, cherry tomatoes with balsamic vinegar olive oil and dill, roasted potatoes or yams cut up pretty thin with black pepper, spicy kimchee, and maybe some nutritional yeast on top. This is quite well received by Chris, especially the section that looks like fries.

Breakfast I’m doing green juice or strawberry smoothies rn, and I got a Breville espresso machine that kinda changed my life. Sometimes I’ll soak oats and chia seeds overnight in almond milk and then blend them (not too much, just pulses) with green apple slices to make muesli. Very topping-friendly.

Outside of the house…the branzino and Golden Girl at Goldie’s, Cafe Gratitude always, Littlefork for a cute casual but not dinner, Blue Bottle Coffee, Bar Ama downtown, Sqirl towards Silverlake, then in New York I’m obsessed with Ruby’s and Dudley’s!

Where do you typically go shopping? I want to “accidently” run into you. 25. February 2015

Lol when are you avail and Erewhon Market

fav blogger 25. February 2015

Whoa thank you

What are your favorite lip products? 25. February 2015

By Terry Baume de Rose, this is the one I try to apply right before shooting, the sheen is just ideal. That’s like, it. Sometimes at night I’ll do Charlotte Tilbury’s in Nude Kate.

nice to see U and bryanboy in a pic together; been awhile! 25. February 2015

I’m so glad we got to spend time together last week, he is a forever person for me.

Your Marant barts is white? 25. February 2015

They’re white!

blush or liquid silver?? the color struggle is real! 25. February 2015

I get it but color struggle is such an exciting problem for me to have! People think I’m anti-color and I’m not, I’m just really specific about how I want it to be done. So this feels like salvation. So now the versus. Blush is super pretty, literally the perfect not too pink not too taupe shade. With tan suede boots and a button down shirt over it, casual look is done. Silver is something else, it’s really striking and a little more crazy. It’s rendered in the same heavy charmeuse and silk lining as the white version, but we added the silver lurex layer on top of that so it’s three layers deep. It’s seriously so sexy and so simple and so, so Kate. I want to wear it with combat boots at Coachella in her honor.

Please, Rumi, Europe. I can not stand the idea not to have normal possibility to buy it here. I just give in for searching perfect slip dress, because i saw yours. Ah. 25. February 2015

We ship everywhere! We can help you! I promise.

will your ARE YOU AM I clothes look good on girls with athletic figures? I really want to get a piece or two, but I wonder if they would look anywhere as good as they do on your fairy-lie figure… 25. February 2015

Yes I’ve seen it! The pieces can work for a lot of different body types. If you have fit questions about specific pieces just email me

if i get the zillah slipdress in white would it be complete blasphemy to spray paint it with fabric paint from michael’s into something rainbow………????? :o 25. February 2015

Yes and no can you send me pics if you end up doing stuff

Currently what is your favorite pair of footwear? 24. February 2015

Laurence Dacade Deric. And just got the Marant Barts eeee

Do you ever tire of us all hounding you for where you source your stunning wardrobe?! 24. February 2015

Like not even slightly does that mean I’m crazy

Should I get the iPhone 6 or the 6 Plus? 24. February 2015

Depends on your pocket girth and how secret you want your texts to be from the world. I’m plus and all other phone sizes look insufficient to me now but, also, it is comically large and an invitation to basically everyone around you to comment on it.

What part of LA do you live in? 24. February 2015

Fled to the hills!

what items do you use for your hair? 24. February 2015

Rn using Malin & Goetz peppermint shampoo, Arvazallia hair mask (I practically drink conditioner, alway have), Shu Uemura Essence Absolue Camellia Oil (this whole line is perfect), Klorane leave-in cream with mango butter sometimes. That’s it!

So… if Charlotte Tilbury Color Chameleon and Clinique Chubby Stick for Eyes was in a cat fight, who would come out on top? 14. February 2015

Veering Tilbury really hard. So smoldery. And the colors are so jewel tone without being cheesy. Basically the impossible was achieved.

Where is your couch from? It’s so pretty and deep. I”ve been looking for one just like it. 14. February 2015

The ivory one is the Malibu sofa by Jonathan Adler

Wore my kaede camisole out. Slept in my kaede camisole. Wore my kaede camisole to brunch. Things I should not admit to. 14. February 2015

SAME. I so wanna see photos of how you barely changed clothes!

why is the green goddess at erewhon so expensive?! 11. February 2015

Think of it as a full meal, one that contains biodynamic fairy elixir and fourth dimension extract. Suddenly not totally unreasonable!

Hi Rumi! In your “only slightly kempt” post, what style and size was the Zara jacket you were wearing? Thanks! :) 11. February 2015

XS or S. It was designed to fit gigantically, I think.

could you maybe plz describe how you did your makeup in the ARE YOU AM I shoot? it almost appears like you have a turquoise eyeliner on your upper lid but it might just be the lighting.. such a gorgeous look! 11. February 2015

No turquoise but maybe I need to get that crazy for the next one??! It’s the usual Stila liquid liner and heavy handed mascara but I was going really nuts with the Charlotte Tilbury Colour Chameleon, I think in Amber Haze. Above and below the eye. Literally own every single color of these pencils because they are life and I am crazy.

Are you heading to NYFW this year? 11. February 2015

Yes on Sunday. The one where it’s 3 degrees at night. Yeah.

hi rumi, i found a post on tumblr and apparently it’s your photo so, i wanted to know where is the shirt you’re wearing from!! here’s the link i love your style btw 11. February 2015


It’s from Monki! Monki is a Swedish brand. Monki is cool.

how come you don’t travel to japan as often anymore? and i may be asking because i especially love your tokyo photography.. 9. February 2015

I’m going in June :)

Hi Rumi. I want to start blogging bit I’m a bit embaressed at taking photos in public. Any tips? 9. February 2015

Being embarrassed is such a waste of time! In general!

On in the out in the open blog photo shoot situation embarrassment – you’re never going to see those people again, you’ll probably make them smile in the sweet way if they even care enough to notice, and we’re living in a time when people from every category of life might be seen with a selfie stick.

which areuami white t shirt did you wear to the Satine event? 9. February 2015

The Lish!

What cut are your rag and bone jeans from your picture with the ryal tee? 9. February 2015

Dre. Also have/love the Dre boyfriend cut.

Ok, took the plunge and ordered the Laurence Dacade sandals but in the black. AAHHH, I’m scared. 9. February 2015

Scared = going to be able to get dressed very easily from now on

My dog turned 5 today! 9. February 2015

Omg yay

I feel slightly vulgar for asking this, but I always have trouble wearing really loose tops when braless because I’m scared I’ll flash my breasts! You tend to wear slip dresses without a bra on, do you do anything to keep the nipples undercover or do you just employ a devil-may-care attitude? 9. February 2015

Devil may care attitude. Occasionally put a couple pasties to use. “Nippies” are the nice ones.

sooo it’s 2015, and seriously.. Cutout boots STILL with everything <3, it’s my go to travel shoe. 8. February 2015


It defies logic.

How do you like your laurence decade studded sandals? I’m debating making the plunge. Do you think their worth the investment? 8. February 2015

They’re so comfortable and I wore them for 5 days straight as soon as that was a life option and they go with everything.

Have you gotten your Bals resoled? 8. February 2015

No but this question makes me feel anxious like that’s something I’m behind on. Actually the oxford pair really need it. Ahhh.

do you own a toaster? 8. February 2015



i used it yesterday even

Hi, Rumi. You got such a great fashion sense! I was just wondering what you think is the best investment; a Balenciaga first or the Celine new audrey sunglasses? I have wanted the Celine glasses for a while, but recently I saw this navy and silver Balenciaga bag in my local vintage store for only 773$! I cant afford both of them (Im only 16 y/o), so which one do you think its smartest to invest in?? 8. February 2015

Balenciaga – sunglasses are way too easy to pulverize/lose/mistake for other quality levels of sunglasses. Navy/silver sounds amazing!! Frisson.

Took opportunity of super sales on net a porter to purchase your Paris Sunday somewhere glasses. They are huge but I love them, why don’t you wear them anymore? 8. February 2015

NICE. I love them obv but still have boxes to unpack from the move and haven’t seen 75% of my eyewear collection or my Zanotti combat boots or my Céline patent mud colored flatforms or my stash of weird Japanese beauty products. Must persevere because my closet is finally done and that’s a whole thing too. I’m so glad you’re enjoying their massiveness!

Hi Rumi,Love your style! What colour is your cartier love bracelet? 4. February 2015

Hi!! It’s gold.

what do you order when you go the restaurant Crossroads? I’ve been wanting to go there for a while now! 4. February 2015

The artichoke oysters!!! They make no sense and are probably impossibly to recreate at home. Kale caesar is one of my favorite kale salads in this city, crabcakes creepily realistic. But also be brave because everything on the menu is most likely perfect. Side note helpful to love mushrooms, in life and at this restaurant.

Now I wanna go there immediately ugh.

what is your current hair situation? 4. February 2015

Tangly, always getting in my mouth. Coming up on a year since someone that isn’t me last cut it. Has a passionate thirst for Arvazallia conditioner and going through a experimental phase with Serge Normant Meta Sheer Dry Oil Finishing Spray. The color brown.

are you going to coachella this year? thoughts on what to wear? just bought tickets for my first time ever (weekend 2) and im so excited!! 4. February 2015

Def going and working on easy comfortable and perfect AYAI options..wanna hook you guys and myself up cause those threeish outfits just matter too much. More on that soon. Congratulations on your first Coachella tickets!

Totally need your advice on your Celine nude sandals (the one with the silver big buckled on the side). Do they run true to size? I’m around a size 5-5.5 in Celine. Do you think a size 5 would be ok for me in these? And how comfortable are they? Do they feel really high? Sorry for the influx of questions. I finally found a pair, so I need your advice asap. Thank you! xoxo 4. February 2015


So congratulations.

I found they ran a little big if anything, mine are a 37 and I’m usually a 37.5 or 38. So you should be totally set with the 5. And for the level of beauty they possess, they are basically a sneaker.

Hope that helps!

Please Are You Am I in stores or in pop up stores in Europe!!! :( 4. February 2015

Working on this! And not a pop up. Just might happen in New York before LA.

I love how old school Rumi your rush hour post is – feels so circa 2010 in the best way <3 <3 12. January 2015

Maybe it’s the Silverlake-ishness haha

In your H&M x alexander wang post, what size was the white dress you were wearing/what were you wearing underneath? 12. January 2015

XS and I was wearing a CK bra and Kahlo high waisted shorts under it. Totally my favorite from the collection.

In British English romping means to make love. 23. December 2014

Oh. I just picture stamping around in puddles and bouncing off stuff. I’ll make sure to use it extra starting tomorrow though cause going there!

The Ceven tank and Lish T are on my not-so-subtle christmas list with the BF – fingers crossed! Have a lovely Christmas! x 22. December 2014

I hope they make it to you! Merry Christmas xoxo

I can’t believe we’re in the same state rn, both skiing, but we’re not hanging out. I’m just so upset. 21. December 2014

Hahaha aww. Are you probably stuck because of the snowstorm too?

Which face highlight do you use most often? 20. December 2014

RMS Living Luminizer, sometimes the Dolce & Gabbana Mono Cream Eyeshadow in “Innocence”.

Congrats on everything Rumi ! I ordered from Are You Am I and I am soooooo excited to receive my Christmas gift from myself!! Lish shirt and leather skirt ! Can’t wait 20. December 2014

Thank you!! So excited for you to receive the pieces!! SO AWESOME THIS IS. xxx

O-m-g! Outfit details on your latest outfit on buttermilk mountain. Mittens, jacket, glasses errthing! xxx 20. December 2014


Mittens from the ski lift shop cause I dropped mine mid-lift ride taking a selfie (LOSER), jacket Bogner, goggles Anon M2s, pants All Sport Austria.

Where is your ringholder and terrarium from? 20. December 2014

Marble ring holder West Elm, terrarium Rolling Greens on Beverly Blvd.

Over the knee boots on your latest IG pic? 18. December 2014

Stuart Weitzman. Haven’t found anything better yet! OTK boots are such fit drama.

You said in your latest post you always contemplate on dying your Proenza Schouler sandals… how can you do that?!! 18. December 2014

Wait how could I possibly blaspheme in such a fashion or you want a cobbler rec? Trying here.

A) Thank you for LISH 18. December 2014

My eyes are big red hearts rn

damnnn people be investigating are you am i shipping shit!! don’t worry bae, i trust you ;) 18. December 2014

lol best

how come my order from Are You Am I is shipped from CADILLAC, MI? Isn’t everything produced in DTLA? 17. December 2014

Everything is produced and manufactured in downtown LA and once ready for purchase it’s sent to a fulfillment center in Michigan to be packed and shipped to you guys.

where did u get the simple candles on your latest igpic? (not the Diptyque). 17. December 2014

Target. We got like fifty of them in one go.

can we chat with you on Are You Am I? 16. December 2014

Apparently cause I’m on right now hehehehe

Deets on your beautiful coat (or is it a long cardigan?) from your Larchmont rainy day look? 16. December 2014

James Perse blanket cardigan. So safe in that thing.

I love that the whole concept of Are You Am I is such an expression of your soul. Beautiful pieces and photography :) 14. December 2014

Wow thank you! That’s such a nice thing to say.

Hi, may I know where is your sunglasses from? The one that you were wearing in post. Thanks! :) 14. December 2014

They’re Céline

You’re a badass. (been a reader since ’08) Congrats on the amazing line! Got the Ceven tank and now considering just how much I need the Kaede camisole (that Victorian-esque button line-up). But white or black! Both are so perfect – how to solve this brain pretzel… 14. December 2014

Hi! Thank you! Kaede camisole is super pretty, just try to estimate which color you would wear more often! I like it a couple buttons undone at the top and bottom.

Favorite lipstick right now? 14. December 2014

Can we do lip product? Cause it’s the Baume de Rose from By Terry.

Would you ever go back and revisit the collection you did with RVCA? I’m still in love with the cut of the triad tank after all these years. 14. December 2014

Ah love the triad reference, and yeah there’s a simple cotton tank already in the works sort of in that vein.

RUMI LENORA NEELY I’ve asked this before and I’ll keep asking… Please please please update generic dream? I still keep going back to it and every time I do, I close my eyes before the page loads and reopen them hoping to see fresh content. Yes that’s how dramatic I’m making this situation NOW PLEASE UPDATE LOVE YOU xx 14. December 2014

Whoa. Ok. Thanks for the reminder.

Where did u get the grey sweater on your latest igpic? 14. December 2014

Wang I’ve had it forEVS

I love reading all your posts here just coz you seem like a real mythical thing (oxymoronic that may sound withstanding). Super fan here from the Philippines and just want to ask if that UNICORN top is from Are You Am I? Hearts & stars for a super successful launch! 14. December 2014

Hehe thank you! Real myth. I’m going to use that. The unicorn top is from Wildfox and YES I have the matching shorts.

anxiously awaiting the white silk AYAI racerback you wore in paris!!! 13. December 2014

We’re still in the process of making it perfect but yes cool it’s a favorite. Silk twill is fun. It’s basically tie material which I find GREAT.

where can I get a nice, sleek, versatile coat? under $300. 13. December 2014

COS!! This one this one this one

Dude I was looking for that damn dress but couldn’t remember the season! Is that the one you posted on ig right? I was gonna ask if you’d marry in it :p 13. December 2014

Fall 2014! It’s actually breathtaking.

Hi Rumi! Are You Am I is soooooo dreamy. Love love love! Random question alert here, though…what would you wear if you were getting married? Thanks girl and congrats again on the rad collection xx. 13. December 2014

Thank you!

I think I would go the really clean and sleek route, one of my favorite wedding looks is Carolyn Bessette Kennedy (RIP) in Narciso Rodriguez. And this is random but the first thing I thought when I saw this dress was that it would be such a perfect wedding dress –

Hi Rumi. You’re so cool. I saw you around Abbot Intelligentsia, I think.. a while back and couldn’t say hi because I was “blogger-struck.” LOL. So, here I am saying the “hi” I couldn’t say then. 13. December 2014

Aww. Hi! You should have said it then too!

What’s your favorite perfume? 12. December 2014

I’m just now getting into Byredo Gypsy Water. I’m not really a perfume freak though. It barely occurs to me that it exists most of the time.

how tall are you!! 12. December 2014


I love love love that you answer questions. Really! The best blogger! 12. December 2014

Thanks for coming here and making this a fun interactive and utterly weird space! It’s cool for me too.

Hi Rumi <3I know I writing to you again about these shoes…( but please tell me what you think? this is very important for me :)if you do not want to answer me here email me at my email: thank you so much and sorry :D(ufff and sorry for my english <3) 12. December 2014

Went for the public answer. Those are cool! Anja Rubik has really good taste.

Rumi, as a full Asian girl feeling sort of left out of the whole beauty/fashion situation… do you have any suggestions? Super vague question but… having trouble formulating a question. Haha sorry 12. December 2014

Don’t let what seems to be normal make you feel left out. Seriously, being embarrassed, having the assumption that you’re “left out”, and not going for that job/outfit/guy/pet will just lead to your life becoming less and less what you could have and deserve. Find your own normal, create your fashion/beauty angle on instinct and not trend, and use the crap out of your strengths until good outcomes lead to more good outcomes forever.

Your new clothing line is beautiful, congratulations. But I have to say i’m a bit disappointed about the price point of it all. I understand the materials are great and that you have put a lot of time and effort into this, but I had assumed it was going to be a more affordable and accessible way to ‘steal your style’ so to speak. 12. December 2014

Thank you for the congratulations and also for saying what you think! I get the whole “style steal” angle but I went the route of “wear the exact same thing as”. I know what I like and I want to be 100% happy and proud that ARE YOU AM I is exactly what I want to and will wear myself. Because we’re selling directly from our own site, we’re able to offer high quality luxurious pieces at a really competitive price for what they are! And I’ve alway been of the mind that paying a little more for something that you treasure, actually let’s say really fucking love is more fulfilling and cheaper in the long run than buying a ton of things you’re semi-into. These aren’t pieces you’re going to wear a couple times and forget about. I promise.

im in love with the choker you wore for the Thakoon show. Where can i get one? :) 12. December 2014

That choker is by By Boe. Really special.

Of course I’m on it!! I’m in Mexico and super randomly found a picture on Instagram with the revolve store at the background, wish I could drive there!! :( ps. I need the zillah in both colors specially in white *heart eyes emoji x1000* you’re the best!! 12. December 2014

Hahhaha I love that. Thank you for the commitment levels.

Hi Rumi! Where did you get that big mirror with chunky wood frame? 12. December 2014

Design Mix furniture on La Brea. Which is also a good source for petrified wood side tables.

ARE YOU AM I is AMAZING Rumi! So proud! I’ve been a fashiontoast fan for years now and it’s so good to see how well you’ve done! Wooo 12. December 2014


I already got the leather skirt and the Lish t-shirt just because they are most fit for me as a new mom right now. however, i really do love reading your description on every single piece. it’s like reading your blog. congrats again. can’t wait for what more to come from your line and your new home posts. 12. December 2014

Congratulations on new momhood! Glad you enjoyed reading the rambly descriptions and nice AYAI choices. They look really good together!

Just got the zillah and the ceven! SO excited! 12. December 2014

Yayyyyy me toooo xx

how about the lacy leather shorts? and the slip dress with 4 straps? 12. December 2014

Hi! Solid questions. Both are in the final stages of sampling and will hit the store as soon as they’re ready!

I LOVE your items descriptions haha. How did you choose the item names? 12. December 2014

Hahha it’s fun describing things when you know exactly why they were created. The names are things that have stood out to me throughout the course of my life, from fairy tales to video games and irl stories about people I don’t know. They seemed to fit.

RUMI! What size are you in are you i am? GETTING THE ZILLAH!!!! 12. December 2014

XS!! Yayyy do ittttt xx

unfortunately your launch times mean that it is 2am here in sydney when are you am i launches, i really hope that there will be enough stock to last 5 hours! i need the Kaede Silk Cami Set in my life. 12. December 2014

Ahh sorry! I’m talking to a sleeping person right now. See you in the morning!!

if there is one item from your line that is a must buy, which would it be? im on the east coast and its launching in 25 minutes and im buying something anything just because ilysm. 12. December 2014

I feel like I might answer this question differently depending on what hour it is so don’t hate me but I think it would be the Zillah in white. It’s just the perfect version of itself.

Are you doing something on the revolve pop up? I saw are you am I ads 11. December 2014

Yeah! I’ll be there on Saturday from 1-4. Was just about to announce that fact haha. You’re on it.

Rumi, I just want to tell you that I am so proud of you on your new line! You’ve come so far and your kind of like my inspiration. I am super excited for are you am I, I know it’s gonna be amazing! :) 11. December 2014

Thank you! I’m so nervous and excited and scrambly today!!

Favorite iphone 6 case? 11. December 2014

Could you please design shoes next?? A rumi version of celine platforms would be my ULTIMATE DREAM. 11. December 2014

YES. That is completely the plan. And things to carry your stuff in and bits of jewelry and sunglasses and blankets and etc etc the end. Hopefully.

You were talking about those beautiful earrings by Melissa Manning but can’t find them by searching under her name generally. Maybe you could let us in on this little sweet secret? Let look so good, want to buy! 9. December 2014


The other little hoops I always wear are by her too.

Melissa Joy Manning ear festival!

How on Earth do you walk in those monstrously high black and white Wangs? I bought a pair a couple months back and no matter what I feel awkward walking in them. 9. December 2014

Hmmmm yeah they’re pretty hidebound. I see what you mean. They aren’t a go-to, for sure. That collection though I just needed to fuse my soul with it.

Where did you find the amazing white and grey graphic art print(? or is it a textile?) that is framed behind your dining table? 9. December 2014

It’s the coolest thing close up – the textile against the sleek frame is really special. At St. Frank by Johanna Bramble.

Where do you handle production for Are You Am I? When is it going to launch? 9. December 2014

Everything is produced in downtown LA. And Friday.

where are you backpacks from in “hong kong with i.t.” ? 9. December 2014

Christopher Raeburn


3 days! THREE DAYS. 3 3 3 33 3 3 3 3 3 33

I can’t wait to see how you and Chris decorate your new home. Have you bought any new pieces yet? I follow you on Pintrest and your inspiration has been on point 9. December 2014

We’re getting there! The main problem is that thing where furniture takes 4 months to arrive so basically ten thousand years. So our living room sofa still isn’t here and shades for basically floor to ceiling windows in our bedroom don’t exist yet #blinded #blindless and there’s a totally daunting list of things we want to get to but the Are You Am I launch is also all that matters right now. So it’s going to be a little while longer. We both have sort of strong preferences and angles but somehow agree on 98% of it so it’s been a lot of fun putting the rooms together. We had our bed custom made and are super happy with it and next up is designing my closet!

Hey Rumi! Can you please tell me brand of your shoes in this photo 9. December 2014

Yes! Proenza!

how much longer for your line :<? 9. December 2014

LAUNCHING FRIDAY!! xoxoxoxoxoox/ahhhhhhhhh

Did you have any troubles healing from your piercings at all? for some reason the cartilage always is a problem for me. 9. December 2014

No scary weird problems but yeah it’s definitely a process. I just think of it as breaking the ear’s spirit to accept that this is how it is. I think we’re almost there.

What size is your A. Wang x HM shirt/dress? 30. November 2014


Who makes those open hoop earrings? Is there a more affordable version? 30. November 2014

I haven’t seen anything comparable cause what makes them so good is how delicate and thin they are. They’re by Melissa Joy Manning.

i will never get used to seeing you in florals 30. November 2014

SAME. I think I gave Chris a heart attack that day.

Hey Rumi,I really like the couch that you have in this post: you tell me where you got it from?Thanks! 30. November 2014

It’s the Malibu sofa by Jonathan Adler and one of the top 3 most comfortable surfaces in our house. Good for snuggling.


Heck yes. Be around in early December.

I’m doing a deep plunge necklines post but am afraid it to become a Rumi Neely post if I keep looking here for pictures!!!!well I didn’t send the question until I had the finished post. it’s here and it happened pretty much because of you :)) 28. November 2014

Nice deep v roundup! No more medium vs! Outfit details please!:) 28. November 2014

Hi! Ok I got the coat at the new COS store in Beverly Hills, tshirt is Are You Am I, skirt Isabel Marant, espadrilles Céline, and bag is Cosima by Mezzi.

have you ever dreamed of pastel hair? 21. November 2014

Always dreaming of pastel hair

what tank top is that in the parker hotel picture? 21. November 2014

Are You Am I! Had to do my own oversized deep armhole tank. It’s 100% linen, sheer but thick, and has a center seam down the back that makes everything better.

Where are the shoes in your instagram about the parker hotel from? They are beautifulll 21. November 2014

Hi they’re Proenza Schouler

Are you going to Esther’s show tonight? 19. November 2014

This is so late but yes I did! She went through so much stuff!

Almond milk receipes? 19. November 2014

Water or (nongross) coconut water, organic almonds, vanilla bean powder, Himalayan sea salt, almond extract, stevia maybe. I want to try sweetening it with dates. I think that’s my future.

Hi! Where is your furry white/gray (to die for) oversized looking backpack from in your IT Hong Kong post? Is it real or faux? Thank you! 19. November 2014

It’s faux and by Christopher Braeburn. Koala size texture and color. I love it so.

Hey Rumi! Love your blog as always <3 What would you pair with a basic black trench coat? 19. November 2014

Denim shorts, loose silk button down worn semi open, leather belt, ankle boots, messy bun, and duffle bag.

Do you curl your hair or does it have a natural wave to it? 19. November 2014

Both. I do my hair slightly did differently every day. Which you can probably tell.

Hi Rumi :)Please please please please tell me! Your T by Alexander Wang men’s tshirt (from old post “is beige or ivory? 19. November 2014

I think it’s ivory but also I think I lost it. I never lose my Wang! Horrible.

Where did you get that gorgeous couch (looks like linen??)?? :) 4. November 2014

It’s by Jonathan Adler – the Malibu sofa

where did you get the bralette to the right on new chapter? 4. November 2014

For Love and Lemons

Beauty update please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3. November 2014

Hi. Ok. Will take photos. Soon.

New things I’ve been loving lately – Sunday Riley’s Good Genes, Charlotte Tilbury’s Magic Cream, Dolce & Gabbana Mono Cream Eyeshadow, By Terry Rose Balm for a hint of pink, oh and I’m back on the UD Naked palette, the basic one that isn’t the size of a windshield.

Do you use handscrub? 3. November 2014

Only when it’s like right there. However I exfoliate maniacally and regularly with a Clarisonic and Baiden mitten in the shower, to a point of rawness where people ask me if I’m ok. I usually am.

Which brand is your phone case from in the CLOSER areyouami post on Instagram ? 2. November 2014

Etsy – look up pressed flower iPhone case

Where do you get all your amazing slip dresses? 2. November 2014

My favorite ones have always been vintage but I designed THE perfect one for Are You Am I. It’s so pretty and languid in vibe and made of really heavy silk charmeuse and all the details are just weird enough. Like I honestly think you’ll love it especially cause you cared enough to ask this.

Thanks for editing your response to the Green Goddess question- I just ordered some green dream to make at home!!! 29. October 2014

Nice! Good luck :)

You dislike cinnamon? 29. October 2014

Not pointedly but it can be kind of banana sometimes as in just overpowering.

Pics of your new house, pretty please? Would love to see what you’ve done with the place. 29. October 2014

We’re not moving in for a couple weeks! Will share as it becomes more home-like!

name of the zanotti boots in the “are you am i” post pls? 29. October 2014


Did you get something from Zana Bayne? I hope so. 29. October 2014

I have the craziest Bayne item <3

wants to dress casually most of the time but also look super hot in an unexpected kind of random wayme 29. October 2014

ilthis. I’m gonna help us.

I heard that you wear iro dansty biker coat in size 36. I’m planning to buy exactly same size but Im not sure about the fitting. Can you give me a link of your pic with that coat please ? Does it naturally come with a bit oversized ? 28. October 2014

Definitely pre-oversized. jewelry ID please! 28. October 2014

Hi. Ok. Pamela Love five spike earring, rose gold hoops and studs from my piercing place on Sunset, Cartier Juste Un Clou, Hilary Beane studded bracelets, Jennifer Zeuner cuff.

New line and new house- congrats Rumi!!! 28. October 2014

Thank you! xx

Hi Rumi! I was just wondering what bag you’re wearing in the Who What Wear feature called “Class of 2014 : Meet the bloggers of the year.” Congrats on the feature, by the way. I really love you and your style. I’m a new recruit! <3 28. October 2014

Hi! Thank you for joining us. Um ok that bag/bagmuff/muff I’ve had forever, it’s by Theory and even as I type this it’s a comforting 4 feet away.

Do you ever get gel manicures? 28. October 2014

Yeah especially when I travel it’s almost the only way. Gelling right now even.

Where is the bikini from ?? so love in with this 28. October 2014

I know same, it’s by a brand called Kiini. Their shop is online. Good luck trying to choose from all the beautiful color ways :/

Hi Rumi do you know what’s in the Erewhon green goddess ice cream? 27. October 2014

The essence of life? I don’t know offhand but basically everything good.

edit: ok you asking this made me need to eat it today and I can now tell you EVERYTHING.

Spirulina, chlorella, barley grass, maca, mesquite, tocotrienols, xylitol, almond butter, pumpking seed oil, stevia, cinnamon, and bee pollen.

‘cept I got no cinnamon and added cacao nibs.

I did a good job on this question!

your obsession right now? 27. October 2014

#einsteinsofstarbucksofinstagram, watercress, this one vegan ice cream place in Venice that I’ve never been to, Zana Bayne, Dolce & Gabbana Perfect Mono eyeshadow, and moving into my dream home with my dream man next month.

love your hair color! where did you get it done? 27. October 2014

I haven’t had it colored for a while! It’s just natural. For now.

is your box bag black or burgundy? looks black in your IG post but burgundy on the blog. 27. October 2014

Burgundy, just a really dark burgundy though.

Are you ombreed out? 27. October 2014

Probably for the rest of this year at least.

Will Are U Am I ship internationally? 27. October 2014

We’re working on having it be able to ship internationally upon launch, if not then it’ll be soon after.

What color is your iphone 6? 27. October 2014


Where are your favorite places to go to in DTLA / activities to do? 27. October 2014

Bar Amá, Juice Crafters, G&B Coffee, The Ace rooftop, Terroni, Bestia….is the Acne store an activity?

What type of steamer do you own? 27. October 2014

*clears throat*

The My Little Steamer Go Mini® neeeed this jacket. Where can I find it? I’ve searched online. Can’t find it!! 27. October 2014

It’s only available at Neiman Marcus I think! Trying to double check that.

R U aM I by Rumi heh genius :D super excited to shop your collection ♡ 24. October 2014

Heheh I had that realization when I was about 8 and we were all figuring out what our names were spelled out backwards. Then I spelled it out forwards out loud. Finally, it’s useful.

Where did u get the sweater in sweaters are for swimming in? 24. October 2014

It’s by Vanessa Bruno – I bought it in Paris in January.

What blender do u use? And where did u get your mason jars? 24. October 2014

Blendtec, Amazon. I buy lids for them on there too. Life changing. is it worth the price? 19. October 2014

I mean it’s not life changing but the pieces can be worn separately which is nice. It’s so comfortable for slugging around in. That’s the main appeal.

RUMI sorry if you’ve already been asked this but what’s the paint color in your room? 19. October 2014

Half Moon Crest from Benjamin Moore

when can we expect your line?! even a rough timeline will help calm my ever-anxious soul. 19. October 2014

Early December :)

Are there any websites, magazines, or people in particular that inspire you these days? Or are you totally insulated/self-sufficient now? 19. October 2014

I just walk around absorbing things all the time so no, not self-sufficient. That would be a weird way to be. I go through phases of being obsessed with whatever randomness. Right now it’s this Tumblr – and elastic and Taylor Marie Hill’s face and chokers.

SO excited to hear you are creating your own line! A whole closet full of RNSOA’ed clothes await us. #Dying 19. October 2014

!!! isn’t it this one? 19. October 2014

Yes it is, you crazy sleuth. This website omg.

Is are you am I going to be a basics line contemporary or runway? Asking To save accordingly :) 18. October 2014

It’s basically my perfect wardrobe. That’s the concept. Basic tshirts and tanks that feel like nothingness of cloud particle on the skin, lingerie-inspired pieces for outdoor use in beautiful heavy silks, actual lingerie, the perfect leather skirt, the perfect crazy leather skirt, structured tops that go with everything, simple everyday dresses, and so on. Pricing will be contemporary-ish. The goal is to provide a complete closet of staples and statement pieces for someone that lives sort of close to the ocean, wants really special details that you have to look closer to see, and wants to dress casually most of the time but also look super hot in an unexpected kind of random way. Yep. Concept.

RUMI! Hi. I was the girl that yelled at you outside of Salt & Straw / Larchmont. So happy I got to meet you, kind of. Thanks for making my day. :) 18. October 2014

Ahahahha that gave me a heart attack and was so cute – hi!

Hi rumi, your style is gorgeous! I was wondering if you could advise me in what to pack for a three day stint in Cali next week, any suggestions with the weather? 17. October 2014

Denim shorts, your favorite shoulder bag, light dresses, jeans, couple weird fun sweaters, plain tshirts and tanks, a leather skirt, suede ankle boots, some kind of heavier black boot, biker jacket, coat you can throw on over anything (this is usually some kind of wool robe for me), and space to buy cool stuff while you’re here! The weather is so all over the place, super hot in the middle of the day and totally in need of a good external layer at night or on the westside so you have to kind of be able to configure accordingly. I THINK it’s going to be really hot when you’re here but options are good.

opinion? 17. October 2014

Not obsessed. COS has something similar and kind of cleaner. But I’m sure it could be a useful piece!

is the iphone 6 worth it? its size kind of scares me (still a poor 4s user) 17. October 2014

It’s totally too big. But I could never go back. Resisting and being scared are both very valid.

tell us about are you am i!! 17. October 2014

MY OWN BRAND. I’m so excited I don’t know what to do with myself and it’s all I want to wear and I’m being so picky with every single button and fabric weight and it all feels so good on and I can’t wait to show you everything. I’ve been working on this all year and it’s been such an crazy experience. Not too much longer now.

Hi! Where is the shark tooth necklace from in the instagram post about Into the Gloss’s Glossier that you posted recently? 17. October 2014

Pascale Monvoisin from Merci in Le Marais which has so much weird cool jewelry that it is actually evil. I only see the earring version online. Hmm. Here though –

#Comeeeebaaaaacckkkk 17. October 2014

#hi #hellothere

i neeeeed a kumo of my own but exclusively wear black- is the shedding as bad as i assume? 17. October 2014

It’s really not but I would endure inch thick layers of Kumo excess to hang out with him.

Where r u 17. October 2014

Just got home from downtown and rolling around in sweater onesie.

Your Erewhon salad sounded fun so I made my own version (homemade as I live in NY)… So good. My new favorite salad. 17. October 2014

Aww cool! I love that!

Thoughts on the Stuart Weitzman Lowland boots? I bought them but need the RNSOA (Rumi Neely Seal Of Approval.) 17. October 2014


Hey Rumi! I’m planning a trip to LA in Dec and wanted to ask you for some healthy restaurant recommendations/must-goes :) Thanks!! 17. October 2014

Absolute favorite right now is Crossroads on Melrose, it’s completely vegan done by Tal Ronnen. Artichoke oysters and kale caesar are so nice. I want them now! What else…Little Door, Little Next Door, Sycamore Kitchen, Go Get Em Tiger and Sweet Rose for almond milk lattes, Eveleigh, Acabar, and Chateau for atmosphere, Goldie’s for a more casual dinner with lots of vegetable options. That should keep you busy, I could go on for miles. MILES.

Where is the necklace that looks like a shoe lace tied around your neck from? Has gold things on the ends? I want one… 17. October 2014

I love that thing so much I have to put temporary bans of myself from wearing it. It’s from By Boe, the designer is married to video guy I worked with a while ago so that’s the random way I was introduced to it. She does good rings under her other line Inez as well. Anyway here’s the link which is all that really matters –

those ear piercings in your smokey eye by charlotte tilbury photo on insty, are they real? or are they clip ons? where are the earrings from? xo 17. October 2014

Haha insty. Um they’re all real actually! Since Saturday night.

Pants from the slouching around instagram; what how now please? Can you just tell start putting the designers in the captions? 17. October 2014

I do most of the time (maybe?) but that jumpsuit/top combo is by Black Crane –

do you use planners, calendars etc? 17. October 2014

I have Moleskine fantasies for myself but Evernote is the only one I use consistently. And Google Calendar of course.

how do your Balenciaga Ceinture boots or Balenciaga Derby fit? I have to resort to purchasing it online and I don’t want to make a mistake! 17. October 2014

If you’re a half size definitely size up! And people are always wondering how to not have their ankle flesh torn apart – it helps to keep them buckled at the loosest setting even if you can cinch them tighter.

Will u attend milan and paris FW? 16. September 2014

Just Paris this year!

is the wang trench still available online? 16. September 2014

I never really saw it anywhere except for in store in Soho in February, which is exactly when and where I got it. I find it so special.

“BOUGHTEN”!!!! 16. September 2014

NOOOOOOOO please no

Tips for dealing with jet lag? I am travelling from Seattle > Tokyo (hooray!) and since you are always jetting across oceans I feel like you must be a pro at dealing with time zone changes. 16. September 2014

Totally different for every trip but when I’m going to Tokyo I try to make it so I land at 4/5 so I get to the hotel at 7/8 then I’m so tired I just die slightly and then I’m fine the next morning.

Do you ever get sick of yourself? Not asking because I think you should, simply because I think it’s human. 16. September 2014

Totally do sometimes. In continuous shock that we only get to be one person while on this planet. Doesn’t seem comprehensive enough, or even comprehensive at all. But all the weird stuff wrong with one person is just distributed differently on another. So mainly it’s best to accept and be happy and grateful and do the best you can in every moment, I think.

what is your take on overalls? 3. September 2014

Want to wear them in the shower, at Pilates, in my sleep, etc etc

i bought the reformation Elton Dress and its pretty plain and a staple i can wear always. but im wondering if i should have boughten something more special and unique. any ideas? 3. September 2014

That dress is sweet! I’d do a cross body bag and ankle boots or sandals. I stopped by Ref today and got a couple things..


How is Chris able to follow you around the world? 3. September 2014

He changed his life for me. I’m really, really lucky.

Please visit Sydney again we’d love to have you! 3. September 2014

I’m sure I’ll be back! So much fun the last time I was there with SS.

Are u on your way to NYFW? Will u be in Milan and Paris aswell? 3. September 2014

I’ll be there Friday!

What’s your fave version of the Bal cut outs? gold & silver or gunmetal & silver? 3. September 2014


where is your clear laptop stand from in your IG post? :) 3. September 2014

CB2! Chris got it for me cause I chill with my laptop weird places. He calls it my cage cause I put my legs through it.

Bought a pair of your sunglasses from Net-A-Porter. My first Net-A-Porter purchase ever. Thank you for perfection. 3. September 2014

I LOVE THIS. I want to know which ones you chose!

I need black ankle booties that aren’t tooooo tall in heel. Suggestions?! 3. September 2014

I guess these are pretty high but I LOVE these –

Need to think some more about this.

new sofa :)? from where? 3. September 2014

Jonathan Adler

I love your two pouffs, where is the silver one from? 3. September 2014

Thanks! The ivory one is the West Elm Souk Pouf ( and the silver one is actually from the souk in Marrakech.

Do those black and white alexander wang heels run true to size, and is the width ok? 2. September 2014

Totally true to size, width seems normal too..maybe a little on the narrow side?

What bra should i buy 2. September 2014

Why is Kumo so cute? 2. September 2014


Overallstoast YES 2. September 2014

You just communicated with my soul

What’s the brand of the gold mirror-like clutch you used on the China trip (and it’s in your photo diary)? Thank you!!! PLease answer 2. September 2014

It’s by Sophie Hulme – the box clutch

what dress and shoes are you wearing in the mark jacobs shoot? 2. September 2014

Dress Acne and shoes Chloé

Where are your earrings from? Illegaly parked on ig 2. September 2014

Melissa Joy Manning

What does Rumi mean? 2. September 2014

Lapis lazuli

Is traffic in LA really as bad as everyone says? Is it the worst part about living there? 2. September 2014

I don’t think so. But I live right by where I do everything and do whatever Waze tells me to and don’t try to go crazy places at crazy times. I actually can’t think of a worst part right now.

What coat are you wearing at the ssxfashiontoast lookbook? 2. September 2014

Alexander Wang trench.

can I say thank you for introducing me to weird adults? I love to listen to it now when I edit photos 2. September 2014

Aww cool. Yay.

HI Rumi! Would you mind sharing where the ottoman/pouf in your living room is from? I’ve been looking for something similar! Thanks :) 2. September 2014

It’s from West Elm! I’m sure they still have it.

Do you think Zana Roberts Rossi named her baby girl Rumi after you?! I do. 2. September 2014

Proooooobably the Sufi poet but crazy. Did not know about this. Btw she is so lovely, I got to do an event with her in November and she’s this polite sweet intelligent bird-woman person.

Are you planning any trips to London any time soon? 2. September 2014

I’d love to go but don’t have anything planned right now.

love the latest maui post. perfect boob job, congrats! 1. September 2014

Hahahahaha. Sigh.

Yayyy finally 1. September 2014


what salad do you get from erewhon? 1. September 2014

Greens – cilantro, arugula, spring mix combo

Non-greens non-dressings – 2 or 3 potato pieces, avocado, raw mushrooms

Dressing – olive oil, balsamic, little bit of basil almond, cayenne pepper, and sea salt

I could eat this salad 40 times a month. Probably have.

Do you use self tanner at all? Recs? 1. September 2014

No. Becoming tan is never a goal of mine. I kind of never think about it.

Best foundation ever tried? need help! 1. September 2014

Giorgio Armani and Koh Gen Do. And I like RMS Un-cover UP too to even things out on the go.

Hi rumi so I may have been late but I just heard a podcast you were in and I wanted to know more specifically on the topic on the neosporin use on your face because I have some acne scars and I wanted to know your raw answer to it. 1. September 2014

Neosporin’s cool but I like Biafine, which is the same but French basically. Be generous with the coconut oil and wear sunscreen almost always.

What do bloggers mean by saying ‘Oh, we have a lot of meetings’ I mean… What are they talking about. Or do they just want to sound busy? :)) 1. September 2014


No, bloggers have a lot of meetings and fittings and general maintenance of all business relationships/projects. Each one takes a large chunk out of the day of course, and you frequently don’t really know what to expect from them. Taking this to a wider scope, bloggers obviously seem to have perfect lives but we’re probably living a lot less in some ways. You gotta feel for the blogger boyfriends too.

Ugh Chris had his first fashion blogger boyfriend nightmare a few nights ago. I’m not even going to try to recount it.

But yeah. We have a lot of meetings.

Rumi how in the world did you break into your balenciagas cutouts? I’ve had mine for 2 years and everytime I wear them I practically die. I’ve resorted to ski-like socks and still THEYRE UNBREAKABLE. 1. September 2014


I’m so sorry.

I almost feel like you bought the wrong size.

You shouldn’t have to live like this.

I’m so sorry.

Maybe buckle them looser?

I really wish I could help you.

What would you do if you moved to a town of 165,000 people for school? 1. September 2014

Keep as open of a mind as humanly possible. Try not to get frustrated with the lack of general interest in certain things and instead find that specific world online. Buy things from stalls maybe? Have some animal friends. And enjoy that beautiful, rare experience of being so free and so surrounded by like-minded individuals (as in you guys chose the same school) by making some friends for life. My time at university is something I look back on and cherish crazily. I even knew it when it was happening, that it was one going to end up being one of the best times of my life.

rumi, do you have any tips on how to fade scars? you seem like you have the answers to most things 1. September 2014

Coconut oil and Biafine.

Rumi not to be weird and I know that there’s been no actual augmentation but your breasts seems to have grown a tad recently and as a small chested (/small everything-ed) girl I would really love to know how this happened. Hope you’re not creeped out. Kudos for being fab. 1. September 2014

I don’t get it either. Which is why I blame Chris. I sound like I’m joking but I’m not.

hey rumi, what’s your take on the Celine Edge bag? been an avid fan for years, btw !! 1. September 2014

I like the look of it but I know I could never do it. Need a zipper that can be attacked while the bag is hanging on my arm.

I’m not really asking you, I’m telling you I noticed you had breast implants…. 1. September 2014

Nope. Really, really didn’t.

Goddamn you half japanese girls you do it to me every time 1. September 2014

Jello for my cello

who makes the white strapless flowy top (back zipper) in your aloha state post? love! 1. September 2014

It’s by Stone Cold Fox but I um cut the arm bits off of it. No one yell at me please thank you.

What are your long haul inflight travel essentials that you think are musts for your carry on? 1. September 2014

That flight to HK was one whole eternity long. Things I like to bring on flights lately: chia bars and prepackaged snacks from Erewhon, a couple apples, maybe an avocado, makeup remover sheets, Caudalie Beauty Elixir, iPad mini containing unlistened to podcasts within, Molami earbuds (they provide the converter so you can go dual prong if need be how cool is that), earPLUGS, some kind of facial oil (right now into Clarins Lotus and Earth Tu Face), Wisp pretend toothbrushes which are a basically a Mento presented on a handle with bristles around it, books and magazines in the number that I am willing to carry or make someone carry, goji berries, scarf/blanket, shorts to change into if I’m going somewhere hot, phone charging brick..ALL MUSTS.

Your dress for daisy capsule is stunning. Where can one find such dreamy perfection? 1. September 2014

It’s by Acne and it’s sheer enough to the point where I bought high waisted boy shorts from Urban today for next time. Search “Acne Paloma dress”.

Tibi pony hair mini. Check it. 1. September 2014


y u no update 1. September 2014

got distracted but back

Birkenstocks…. yay or nay? 20. July 2014

Yay an exuberant yay but only with simple clean lines. No layered sacks or statement dye processes.

do you need a cuddle? 20. July 2014

I just got one but usually!

Who makes your shirt in Little White shirt post on instagram? 16. July 2014

Hi it’s by Rory Beca! Shorts are SCF and bag Chloé.

Ok so I’m springing for those Balenciaga cutout boots that I’ve been lusting after for years (thanks to you,) any suggestions on how to care for them? P.S. I’m now on a shopping ban 15. July 2014

You won’t regret this. That said, I have no special care tips. Wear them with everything! EVERYTHING.

what’s your favorite smoothie blend atm? 15. July 2014

Almond milk, ice, Body Ecology Vitality Super Greens powder, mesquite powder, stevia and tocos.

If you want to follow me down this dark path –

how many white tshirts do you actually have? and which one is your favorite right now? 15. July 2014

13 billion. Why?

And my favorite right now as in today basically is Iro’s Varya, it’s all destroyed and ground up at the edges.

Do u have the together necklace in yellow or rosegold? 15. July 2014

Rose gold.

Presently listening to the podcast ughh I want to be your friends. So jealous. You have the most Valley-girl voice which I actually kind of love, especially since you’re obviously really smart. What’s your favourite music? 15. July 2014

Right now ’90s rap and melancholy anything. I need a new song to be obsessed with actually.

Hello. Who takes care of kumoneely when you’re away? 15. July 2014

My friends and their extremely sweet siblings! He’s a popular little king of everything.

are you mixed with some asian country? like japan? 15. July 2014

My mom is Japanese, dad’s from the south (Kentucky), I was born in California. My personality is an exact divide of the two as well.

The LA photo diary is so soothing. It reminds me of Made In Heights for some odd reason! :) 15. July 2014


Do you prefer yoga or pilates? 15. July 2014

Pilates by sososoososososo much. I never get tired of it. Once a flight got cancelled when I was already at LAX and I was back at the studio in under two hours. I’ve only tried one other place though in Marin and I hated it so it’s hit or miss finding instructors that inspire you, like any fitness activity.

please update this regularly! LOVE reading it. 15. July 2014

Sorry I kept on meaning to this weekend but then I don’t even know. Back.

ok that la photo diary just made my day. actually, my entire week. also, that podcast made me ridiculously happy. i had it on loop while i was at work =X the way you feel about esther – ashamedly/unashamedly fangirl/obsessing – thats how i feel about you <3 14. July 2014

Haha thank you so much!

You have a very cutesy voice 11. July 2014

You have a vaguely aloof lack of punctuation

you can use your clay for a diy face mask if you don’t ingest – i haven’t had the balls to ingest mine…if you ingest you must report on it!!! xo 11. July 2014

Clay ingesting balls are real. Might go the face mask or dinosaur paper weight route. If Chris hasn’t disposed of it while I was sleeping already.

I’ve been listening to your podcast with Esther for about 30 minutes now and it makes me sad because you two are just too cool. Will you two be doing more podcasts together? Please do (: 11. July 2014

We’re going to do more everything together. Probably going to muscle our way into the Youtube beauty business within the season. Sometimes we’ll mention our nonexistent book in an offhanded manner.

i can’t stand the valley girl voice, but for you… enjoyed your podcast with little esther! please do more speaking gigs! 11. July 2014

Thank you for excepting me. I myself consider it unforgivable as well but this is my cross to bear.

What’s the name of the French neosporin you like? Googling it phonetically was not successful… 11. July 2014

BIAFINE. God it was on Amazon a couple months ago but now nothing.

Upgrade your account on photobucket plzzz I can’t see your photos :”( 11. July 2014

Sorry fixed it. Humiliated.

If you fell in front of Joan’s on Third holding a chinese chicken salad, but no one saw, did you really fall? 11. July 2014

Only if you know what a fonut is.

Is it true that Asians have an extra chromosome that makes them better fashion bloggers? 11. July 2014

They’re also very good violin players.

Hello Rumi <3 who makes your necklaces from "across the street from golden hour"? 11. July 2014

Hi there. Shortest to longest – Carla Caruso tiny square necklace, Jennifer Meyer clasp, and Balenciaga pendant.

Aquazzura Sahara or Stuart Weitzman nudist? I have budget only for one 10. July 2014

The nudist you can do more with. Especially prioritize them if you don’t have that shoe silhouette already.

Ever since I found out you love cilantro in salads, I’ve been dying to try making one! What’s your go-to recipe? 10. July 2014

Cilantro, arugula, avocado, strawberries, and balsamic/olive oil/sea salt is the default. Also I’m going through a roasted carrot phase. Those need to be available everywhere.

what kind of Celine sunglasses are you wearing in your “these days” post? 9. July 2014

Audrey cat eyes

Listening to your podcast made me want both of you as friends damn it 9. July 2014

Ahh that’s what she did to me and then we were

What color are your Stuart Weitzman nudist sandals? And do they run true to size? I have been coveting those shoes for a while now (: 9. July 2014

True to size and so beautiful irl. They’re this textured nude that I don’t see online or on Shopbop anyway.

listening to your interview with Esther and your actual voice isn’t the same as the voice I had for you in my head and its freaking me out 9. July 2014

Wait what did you think I would sound like? I can’t tell if my voice is high or low or other so I don’t even know how to take this.

Are those Topshop boots, from rush hour post run true size? 8. July 2014

Yup totally.

one of the things i liked about is that you could “like” other peoples’ questions. it’d be dope if you could somehow incorporate that feature into this website? ps i love you youre amazing really ily 8. July 2014

I liked the liking too, we are trying to bring it to the table. Thank you for suggesting this! I like knowing what’s on your minds.

if you cut your shirt from Brandy Melville in Tokyo photo diary? 8. July 2014

No actually, it’s just like that. A very aggressive silhouette on that one.

what are some tv shows you’ve been watching lately? 8. July 2014

Some secondhand Brooklyn Nine Nine and “football”.  S’about it.

i just wanted you to know that i want a daughter exactly like you,but I’m not Japanese and my boyfriend isn’t european…I’m pissed right know 8. July 2014

Your daughter will be the best I’m sure of it. This is such a specific compliment though so thank you?!

I DON’T KNOW IF THE FRENCH NIPPLE CREAM YOU SPOKE OF WITH ESTHER IS HOMEOPLASMINE BUT IF IT IS I USE THAT SHIT ON THE DAILY AND IT IS REVELATORY AND YES, THIS DESERVES ALL CAPS. wanted to holler atcha for this symmetrical, esoteric, francophilic toiletry habit we both have. 8. July 2014

It is! Homeoplasperfect. Sheen level on point.

when will your podcast with Ester come out? 7. July 2014

What makeup are you wearing in undone for good? 7. July 2014

I think it’s the Tom Ford bronzer in Golden as eyeshadow and actual bronzer, Stila eyeliner, Maybelline mascara, and a nude La Roche Posay Novalip Duo. That last thing I LOVE. Going to stock up next time I’m in Paris.

hi rumi! who makes the link bracelet in the post from july 3? i was thinking it’s celine (because i know you have a love for all things phoebe) but wasn’t sure. thank you! 7. July 2014

It’s actually by Amber Sceats! Aussie label carried at Tuchuzy which is such a good store in Bondi.

hi rumi, i know, this is a pretty lame question and i could probably google it but i seems you are the right person to ask: have your espadrilles ever got soaked? i got the manebi calf hair and i got into a storm last week. they are still kind of soaked. please help! 7. July 2014

THAT HAPPENED TO ME IN SHANGHAI. With my Célines and they became different forever. Stiff and weirdly thickened. I was so convinced they were indestructible, I’ve been hiking through mud in Morocco with them even. But no. Not indestructible. I had to get a replacement pair.

Hey, Rumi! In your instagram post “last light in palm springs”, where is your sheer white v-neck tee from? Would love to know, thanks! 7. July 2014

Hi! It’s by Kain, the classic V-neck. I’m wearing it right now/still.

How do you remove your face makeup? Cause a lot of products say eye makeup remover so idk if I can use it for the face? Thanks 7. July 2014

I like Lancome Bifacil, works with no struggle whatsoever but lately I just rub coconut oil all over my face which gets everything off and feels cool too.

Hi Rumi! Where did you buy your black sandal slip-ons (the ones that look like birkenstocks)? or are they birkenstocks? Thanks xx 3. July 2014

I have a few pairs that are as ugly as Birkenstocks are but also several of the real thing! This might have made things confusing. I have the Marant Holdens, Chloé double buckles, black Gizehs, and two pairs of Arizonas (black leather, tan suede).

rumi, darling. we all love you but you need to be answering questions roughly 48 at a time for us word starved fans. 3. July 2014


Can you make your ASK page look better? Just some recommendations but you don’t need to implement them: Bigger ask box, right now I see like 5 words as I type; more answers per page – your current 3 pages can fit into 1 long one instead (just less clicking); and lastly, maybe tags? I dunno but maybe people keep asking the same things because they didn’t look back. “beauty q’s” “outfit q’s” “health q’s” etc. :) Let me know if you like these ideas! 3. July 2014

Working on the first two cause totally agree but third one. Hmm. Into.

England is out. Chris must be sad? 3. July 2014

It’s a delicate subject. He had gotten both of us England jerseys :(

But he’s not necessarily, like, surprised.

Your mobile site is still a bit messy! 2. July 2014

I know, sorry about the things that aren’t totally sorted out yet. Working on them. I’ve used the word alignment about a hundred times today.

Congrats on being independent again! What prompted the decision? x 2. July 2014

Thanks. It felt like time.

you must be overwhelmed with all the questions you get on all these sites, but its really your own fault for being so awesome and cool and awesome. 2. July 2014

I like it! We have a home now.

okay that was literally the weirdest thing. i was thinking about the enfield bag, then you posted a post with it. 2. July 2014

I’ve had a few seeress moments today. More than usual.

What does your day look like today? 2. July 2014

Today I woke up a little later than usual, nuzzled Chris a bunch, made some banana/almond butter rye toast type of thing while he watched the World Cup, worked on emails for future projects and technical blog stuff with my assistant for a couple hours, got my favorite coffee/juice/salad down the street, found out that there’s such a thing as hand crushing almonds when making milk from them to “preserve the essence of the nut”, went to the nail salon, drove east to tape an episode of Weird Adults with Little Esther which is my favorite ever podcast, made Esther give me a tour of her house and continued to start a best friendship with her, came home for a second, semi-confirmed Palm Springs for the 4th of July, realigned with Chris, looked at some houses online with him, shot ft stuff on Sunset, went to Ink for dinner, then came back home to do some more work/catching up. Now I’m almost done being awake.

Does ‘Rumi’ have a asian background? 2. July 2014

It’s Japanese. Like this – 瑠美.

where’s the bralet in your latest post from? 2. July 2014


Did you get a breast augmentation? Not a bad thing. You went with the appropriate size anyways 2. July 2014

Whoa. NO. I swear on all four of my Balenciaga boot variants. No.

I know you’re a user of argan oil but do you shampoo and or condition everyday? 1. July 2014

I do, something that is wrong with me is not being able to feel like the day has started and/or I am awake unless I douse my whole everything in water. I get lectured on how wrong of a way this is to live a shocking amount.

Oh and I’m going through more of an avocado and coconut oil phase right now.

Celine box bag or celine trio or saint Laurent flap bag? Please help me choose!! 30. June 2014


I hardly know what to do with myself with 3 question/answer sources from you! 30. June 2014

I know me neither which is why this is a thing now! Now it’s your collective responsiblity to re-ask the 10,000 that were lingering on Askfm jk except that would actually make things so much better. Cause I’m going to try to streamline it all to just this.

From where’s the necklace that’s not by Hortense? 30. June 2014

It’s by Carla Caruso via OK on Third Street

FREAKING OUT!! LOVE the new site. Congrats! 30. June 2014

Thank you! More c00l stuff still to come.

what are you listening to right now? 30. June 2014

Kumo breathing softly

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