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Rumi where are your beautiful blue sandals from? I want them : ) 16. March 2018

Zara! From a few months ago though.

Where is your gorgeous bra/panty set from when you are listening to the bees? You’re so beautiful by the way! 16. March 2018

Hi! Thank you! The set’s by Wolf & Whistle 🌟 star print everything

Do you still have that Rykiel coat from a few years ago and would you ever part with it? 14. March 2018

YES and I would never ever part with it. I was wearing it when I met Chris in Paris ✨

Where are people seeing these other outfits on you? On Instagram stories or Snapchat? 5. March 2018


omg wheres your black fanny pack with the polka dot dress from? so cutee 2. March 2018

Vintage Gucci ✨

The new kikka top is amazing but I cant decide between the white and the black. Which one would you pick? 2. March 2018

I love almost everything more in white. I love wearing white. SO MUCH. If for some terrible reason I could only have one – white. But the top is amazing in both and I painstakingly chose every single thread color so please examine carefully upon receipt.

Rumi can we have all the details of your ski look bc it’s amazing 2. March 2018


Thank you!

Jacket Bogner, pants Topshop Sno (shiny legs in the snow was heaven), goggles and helmet I forget, boots rented lol

I’m loving the new sporty touch to your looks with the Gucci pouch. Also, the adidas leggings look girllllll let me live 😍 24. February 2018

Cause it’s been coldddd ahha thank you πŸ’•

Rumi pls help. Where are the platform black sneakers from? 24. February 2018

Eytys ☺️

Rumi I honestly have been saving up for Eskly Romper but it’s now run out of size S can you please bring it back I’m really devastated:(please Rumi 6. February 2018

Sorry Eskly is a winter piece that won’t be coming back. It’s way more exciting to focus AYAI production on new styles!

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