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Just wanted to send ample virtual hugs and kisses for restocking tati clasp! Was so scared it would never come back. Love you 22. January 2018

Yay I’m so happy to have it back on the site! Love it always.

Who makes the high slouchy boots from your last insta story? 15. January 2018


I’m SO ready for shorter Nyissa. SO READY. 15. January 2018


me too apparently

Was just about to buy the Kimba tank and saw it’s already sold out in my size! Please please make more – I’ve been wearing the Kimba bra at least once a week and was so excited to see it in another glorious form. 13. January 2018

The Kimba tank is so popular! It’ll be restocked for sure.

I love the historical modern style. 90’s Angelina Jolie. Anne Bolyn corsets and Geisha crop tops. Thank you for this brand Rumi! 13. January 2018

Thank you ✨ the creative process of bringing AYAI pieces to life is an absolute joy for me. I love to find the little bits of inspiration across cultures and time periods and turn them into things I am just dying to wear!

Rumi! Do you have the new iPhone X? If yes, would you recommend to others? 10. January 2018

No it didn’t appeal to me but I love my iPhone 8!

Rumi I love the way you make dresses! Nothing like them anywhere else! I can’t wait to see more styles!!! 8. January 2018

Thank you ✨ working on some extremely next level dresses right now that I’m so so excited to bring into existence

Rumi…. I lost my tati clasp necklace and I am devastated. it was my favourite and I wore it every day. Please please please restock it! from Coco 8. January 2018

Just emailed you 💖

Current fave lippies? Xx 8. January 2018

Loving Dior Addict Lacquer Stick in Rolling and YSL’s Rouge Volupte Shine Oil-in-stick in Beige Blouse. Trying to get into Fenty Mattemoiselle in Single but it’s the slightest bit too orange.

Do I spot a new LV backpack in your recent ig pic? 2. January 2018

Omg how can you tell it’s barely showing hahah. It’s the medium sized one – I got it in Leeds last December and love it for travel and work.

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