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Hi Rumi, I am in Germany for a few days and 90% of my wardrobe is ayai. ~love~ 2. May 2016


Rumi, I just have to tell you that today I wore my Lilou choker for the first time today and as soon as I put it on and looked in the mirror I felt instantly more feminine and girly, something that is really important to me. So the gist of my huge run-on sentence is that AYAI is magical and I love it! :-) 2. May 2016

It somehow changes EVERYTHING. My love for it only increases.

omg i need to know what lipstick colour you’re wearing at that restaurant in Barcelona? x 2. May 2016

MAC Velvet Teddy ✨

Saving up for some AYAI, but worried about whether or not certain pieces are limited. Are there pieces that will be gone once they’re gone? 2. May 2016

Hi! Some of the styles are limited due to the availability of the materials we are using.

hey rumi, just wanted to say i love the natasha oakley feature! i haven’t bought anything from AYAI yet coz i wasn’t sure i’d quite suit the silhouettes (i’m not quite long and lean!) but natasha looks absolutely gorgeous in those photos, and i think i’m finally going to spring for a few pieces! i’ve esp had my eye on the kaede blouse.. :) 29. April 2016

So happy you liked it! How crazily beautiful is she. The Kaede blouse is easily our most classic elegant piece, would be a fine first choice.

Opinion on digital photoframes? 29. April 2016

Kinda make me anxious

Where do I find the lace tank you wore to Coachella with your Levi’s? 29. April 2016

Stone Cold Fox! It’s so cute.

i saw you at chella but did not have enough courage to say hi! i was wearing cuyler and knife tank too. 22. April 2016

Ah! Wish you had! Would have loved to have met you and seen this outfit of cuteness.

RUMIIII!!!!!! Thank you for bringing back the 90s. I’ve been seeing chokers every where as of late and I feel the Lilou started it all. Btw thank you for making that little simple thing of perfection, it goes with every thing and I can’t figure out why, but there’s something so magical about how it ties an outfit together. 14. April 2016

💖 💖 💖

Had a dream last night that I saw you sitting down at Japanese restaurant, eating with 3 other girls. I went over to introduce myself and you looked so sweet with kind eyes and down to earth demeanor. IRL, if I see you near me, I think I’d be too shy to approach you. Love everything about your AYAI line. 14. April 2016

That was so specific and so sweet, thank you and I hope that if we’re ever in the same place that you do actually say hi!

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