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wud the anabela with one of your chokers be too much? if not which one?? 19. May 2016

I love Anabela with Tsuki or Lilou. All the delicate things.

I’ve been following FT since its inception, and it amazes me how you maintain the perfect aesthetic. Your curation is everything to me. It’s almost super human, that I can’t believe this is innate. What’s the last questionable choice you’ve made? Not trying to bring you down to my mere mortal status (insert ironic ‘we are not worthy’ paraphase here), but I just really want to know if you have days where you think let’s say, a purple knit beanie with a short brim was a good idea. Also, I love my blush zillah. Hesistant to wear it though, because I’m afraid of how much power it will give me. 19. May 2016

Blush Zillah has secret powers. You sound so fun to talk to. And wow um thank you and questionable choices in life and clothes of course but I’m the happiest when I just connect my mood with my outfit. My mood happens to never be minibrimmed purple beanie but I don’t want to take the fun out of it all by overthinking an outfit either! And being able to create my perfect everything for sure makes life easier.

Rumi. Been watching your Palm Springs trip with Chris and Chiara. You and Chris are so cute and relaxed together and so smitten still. 😍 He seems so nice!!! Tell him Hi for me. I really like him for you. 19. May 2016

I’m so lucky to be so loved by him. He reads this so he’ll get the hi directly.

Cannot decide which romper to buy: Aki or Effy? Dilemma of the week :) 19. May 2016

Effy is more minimal and clean and the Aki so playful and sweet. Depends on which mood you’re going to be in more often!

Where are the necklaces from in your cozy days post? 19. May 2016

I’m in the AYAI Tsuki choker and two Hortense necklaces

I love ayai! And totally get why girls here save up for it cos I totally am too just that I’m not good at saving. I hope ayai keeps going so that I’d soon in the future stock ayai which would go so well with my muji silver hangers in my wardrobe. Love x 6. May 2016

Ur cute. So cute. I wish you the best of luck with your saving plan.

Can you bring out more skirts? Xx 6. May 2016

Yes. Skirts and shorts and pants even, finally. All happening.

The whote top in Barcelona!!! Who is it by? 6. May 2016

Zara! Had to stop by the best Zara in Barcelona according to a very trusted local.

What shoes are you wearing in the photo with the flowers and the white dress on insta? 6. May 2016

They’re from ASOS – I got them last summer

Please tell me the knife tank will be restoked in the s!!! It’s literally become my obsession, I have dreams about wearing that tank LOL. 6. May 2016

It’ll be back 💐

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