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You’re one of the most inspiring bloggers to me. Seriously, just your overall brand that you and your blog and AYAI encompasses is everything. #GOALS 4. February 2016


Rylie tee is perfect, sylph bra is perfect. AYAI is breaking my bank but I’m not even mad bout it xxoo 28. January 2016

So happy you’re happy πŸ’–

That bra is special. I’m just relieved it exists.

Hi Rumi, where did you get your gold framed mirror in your dressing room? 28. January 2016

It’s vintage, originally from a thrift store in San Diego. One of my best finds ever.

is that the lux dress chiara is wearing for her Pantene commercial? 28. January 2016

YES 😍 such an absolute babe in it ✨

hi! what are you wearing (white dress?) underneath your cream Croft hoodie on insta ? thanksss 22. January 2016

Our racerback rib dress – coming soon

I’m thinking about naming my babygirl Olivia Lilou and then I found out your chocker has that name too, haha! 22. January 2016

Such a cute name 🌸🌸🌸

Rumi! I’m in need of some extremely serious advice of high life importance. Should I get the grey, gold or pink iPhone? from Sofia 22. January 2016

Pink get pink

omfg that maxi dress in your snap is life. 20. January 2016

It is life. It matters to me so much. I’m obsessed.

Love you love your line. Is it only available online? I live in LA and would love to buy it in stores. 18. January 2016

Hi the only place you’ll find the full collection is on our site – we’re also at Satine in LA and at Revolve.

Is your black balenciaga bag suede? And classic or mini size? So in love with it but can’t find it online 18. January 2016

Hi! Yeah it’s suede, city size. They don’t do the suede every season!

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