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I constantly revist the AYAI site just to look at the clothes, they’re just gorg xxx 19. July 2016


Scrolling through the pieces makes me so happy

OMG Rumi where did you get your recent bikini from? I love it!…. Thank you 17. July 2016


been a long time follower of you gf (liiiike 5 years i feel like?) and just wanted to say your success is so so so exciting for your fans too! so true to you :) 17. July 2016

Thank you 🌸

if i am in the shower, should i take off TSUKI BRACELET ? 15. July 2016

No you can leave it on

You should name something kumo 15. July 2016

I already did!

So I def want that button down pink dress! OMFG dying 15. July 2016

Also dying over here

What size dis u get it the white majorelle sweater? 15. July 2016


did i see a black minka top on your snapchat? is that coming soon? :) 15. July 2016

You did you did 💫 soon!

Hi Rumi- purple knit beanie again. finally got to wear the zillah and it couldn’t have been better. met a beautiful boy at a wedding, and two days later we had our first date… in VEGAS (i don’t live there, just to clarify). sounds insane, right? good, we’re on the same page. unfortunately the boy wasn’t the dream, but blush zillah more than made up for it with countless double takes and a v rare inner/outer self-confidence equilibrium. i even wondered for the first time, ‘am i a hot chick!?’. then immediately, ‘do hot chicks wonder this? or self-classify as hot chick??’. should also note: paired it with the lilou, which automatically sweetened the deal. thanks again. xo PKB 15. July 2016

Sweetest PKB, hi and this story might be the exact spirit embodiment of the Zillah. I love that it was like its own character. This brought a massive smile to my face this morning. Let the adventuring continue! xx

Hi Rumi!! Really excited to try my first AYAI piece, and I was thinking of trying a basic like the Dia t! Was wondering if it shrinks, and if so, should I order one size up? Thanks for your help 💕 14. July 2016

Hi! That is super exciting. The Dia tee doesn’t shrink at all, just take your regular size!

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