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Hi Rumi! What’s your favorite savory snack? And what’s your biggest indulgence when it comes to food? xx 8. January 2019

My always mood is salad and fries. I could eat that every day for the rest of life. And ideally they’re sweet potato fries. Also would most of the time say yes to olives and almonds and a Campari Spritz, that’s a good type of moment. Biggest indulgence hmmmm well if I want something I’ll have it so I’m not really in an indulgence/deprivation mindset but my favorite dinner that can happen in LA is Crossroads I always just want to (and do) order like everything on the menu there.

I’ve followed you for a VERY long time, like when you first collated with F21 years ago and I’ve loved you ever since! Ive always wanted to ask you where this specific place was but I can no longer find it in your posts (probs because its so old) but it was by the ocean – you are standing on this long white strip and it almost looks like it just drops off into the edge of the ocean because you may be on a side of a cliff?. I am probably describing this terribly, but i hope you understand <3 8. January 2019

Hi and wow I have so much love for you for following me for that long! So much nostalgia for those days 💕

And I know of only one white strip that falls into the ocean so yes you described it perfectly – that was the Gliderport in La Jolla. Did so much blog shooting and life pondering there. A magic place and a windy place.

Do you have the petite yves durif brush? x 27. November 2018

Yes I have both! Petite for travel and the regular one stays on my vanity I love them.

And SO HAPPY to be back on Ask! Sorry it was broken for almost all of 2018 😓 please keep them coming 💕

Rumi! When you started AYAI did you hire/partner with someone who know all about manufacturing/sizing/shipping etc.. or did you just learn as you went along? 27. November 2018

I knew zero. Totally learned as I went along the steps a piece takes to go from idea to existing and the billion types of issues that can arise along the way. That learning continues every single day. I’m absolutely deficient in multiple areas and my entire reason for creating AYAI is to design and create a tiny universe so delegating those weaker areas to my amazing team is what allows me to focus on the vision. Being in a position now to where I can do that is something I can never forget to appreciate when I think about those early days! What is always for sure is that I’ve conceptualized something I think is missing from the world, painstakingly considered every way that a design can be its best, tried it on in multiple fittings, tried it on on other body types in multiple fittings, worn it during mundane activities to make sure it’s perfect, checked the first one that comes in from production to make sure nothing went wrong, given it a name that I feel captures its essence, had discussions on how to make sure it’s displayed perfectly to you, and then set it free into existence. I never ever tire of these elements of having my own brand.

what have you purchased recently / excited to wear and use apart from AYAI? 27. November 2018

Non ayai! Yes that exists. Ok most excited about a vintage LV find – denim belt bag that’s so perfectly Paris and Nicole circa times gone by I could cry. Always collecting tiny vintage sweaters so I have a fresh batch of those, a vintage shearling jacket that’s very Penny Lane but also cropped, a pair of 2000s Gucci sandals that barely exists they’re so delicate, a couple shells as in the sea, Levi’s always am accumulating, Tatcha’s silk canvas primer which I’m liking, hooded trench off ASOS, a Nudestix stick….and done.

Rumi where are your beautiful blue sandals from? I want them : ) 16. March 2018

Zara! From a few months ago though.

Where is your gorgeous bra/panty set from when you are listening to the bees? You’re so beautiful by the way! 16. March 2018

Hi! Thank you! The set’s by Wolf & Whistle 🌟 star print everything

Do you still have that Rykiel coat from a few years ago and would you ever part with it? 14. March 2018

YES and I would never ever part with it. I was wearing it when I met Chris in Paris ✨

Where are people seeing these other outfits on you? On Instagram stories or Snapchat? 5. March 2018


omg wheres your black fanny pack with the polka dot dress from? so cutee 2. March 2018

Vintage Gucci ✨

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