Love the LV bag. Where did you get the black furry pom pom keychain? 23. July 2015

Also LV!

why doesn’t knightcat (cat) ever show her face? no disrespect just wondering :) 23. July 2015

To maintain her privacy.

Hi Rumi. Love you too much. Anyways, what is your day-to-day? Besides getting Lattes at Urth. 21. July 2015

WELL every day is so different. I go into the office downtown 3-4 times a week to source fabrics and trims, see which pieces are at what stage of production, have fittings, hatch new evil plans, always some meetings with this or that person/organization, take photos to make everything worth doing, yes drink lattes once or twice or thrice. This week I’m in New York showing the collection to editors and doing a few shoots and stopping by Next and also having Chris hold me hand to walk around this nice swampy city. And now I’m winding down and wrapping the hotel sheets around my legs 10 times or so to form a nice twisty mess as I eat gummy vitamins that are impossible to stop eating.

Necklaces from Hollywood High, s’il vous plait? 21. July 2015

YES. Necklaces. They are plentiful. Ok so from top to bottom: Lili Claspe Riri choker, Jacquie Aiche gold disc necklace, Meira T charm necklace.

Hello, Rumi. I love your name, style and face btw lol but I was wondering where did you get that grey jumpsuit with the slight open back?! so perfect for L.A. thank you beauty 20. July 2015

It’s by Jen’s Pirate Booty – even more comfortable than it looks. I love it.

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