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Birkenstocks…. yay or nay? 20. July 2014

Yay an exuberant yay but only with simple clean lines. No layered sacks or statement dye processes.

do you need a cuddle? 20. July 2014

I just got one but usually!

Who makes your shirt in Little White shirt post on instagram? 16. July 2014

Hi it’s by Rory Beca! Shorts are SCF and bag Chloé.

Ok so I’m springing for those Balenciaga cutout boots that I’ve been lusting after for years (thanks to you,) any suggestions on how to care for them? P.S. I’m now on a shopping ban 15. July 2014

You won’t regret this. That said, I have no special care tips. Wear them with everything! EVERYTHING.

what’s your favorite smoothie blend atm? 15. July 2014

Almond milk, ice, Body Ecology Vitality Super Greens powder, mesquite powder, stevia and tocos.

If you want to follow me down this dark path –

how many white tshirts do you actually have? and which one is your favorite right now? 15. July 2014

13 billion. Why?

And my favorite right now as in today basically is Iro’s Varya, it’s all destroyed and ground up at the edges.

Do u have the together necklace in yellow or rosegold? 15. July 2014

Rose gold.

Presently listening to the podcast ughh I want to be your friends. So jealous. You have the most Valley-girl voice which I actually kind of love, especially since you’re obviously really smart. What’s your favourite music? 15. July 2014

Right now ’90s rap and melancholy anything. I need a new song to be obsessed with actually.

Hello. Who takes care of kumoneely when you’re away? 15. July 2014

My friends and their extremely sweet siblings! He’s a popular little king of everything.

are you mixed with some asian country? like japan? 15. July 2014

My mom is Japanese, dad’s from the south (Kentucky), I was born in California. My personality is an exact divide of the two as well.

The LA photo diary is so soothing. It reminds me of Made In Heights for some odd reason! :) 15. July 2014


Do you prefer yoga or pilates? 15. July 2014

Pilates by sososoososososo much. I never get tired of it. Once a flight got cancelled when I was already at LAX and I was back at the studio in under two hours. I’ve only tried one other place though in Marin and I hated it so it’s hit or miss finding instructors that inspire you, like any fitness activity.

please update this regularly! LOVE reading it. 15. July 2014

Sorry I kept on meaning to this weekend but then I don’t even know. Back.

ok that la photo diary just made my day. actually, my entire week. also, that podcast made me ridiculously happy. i had it on loop while i was at work =X the way you feel about esther – ashamedly/unashamedly fangirl/obsessing – thats how i feel about you <3 14. July 2014

Haha thank you so much!

You have a very cutesy voice 11. July 2014

You have a vaguely aloof lack of punctuation

you can use your clay for a diy face mask if you don’t ingest – i haven’t had the balls to ingest mine…if you ingest you must report on it!!! xo 11. July 2014

Clay ingesting balls are real. Might go the face mask or dinosaur paper weight route. If Chris hasn’t disposed of it while I was sleeping already.

I’ve been listening to your podcast with Esther for about 30 minutes now and it makes me sad because you two are just too cool. Will you two be doing more podcasts together? Please do (: 11. July 2014

We’re going to do more everything together. Probably going to muscle our way into the Youtube beauty business within the season. Sometimes we’ll mention our nonexistent book in an offhanded manner.

i can’t stand the valley girl voice, but for you… enjoyed your podcast with little esther! please do more speaking gigs! 11. July 2014

Thank you for excepting me. I myself consider it unforgivable as well but this is my cross to bear.

What’s the name of the French neosporin you like? Googling it phonetically was not successful… 11. July 2014

BIAFINE. God it was on Amazon a couple months ago but now nothing.

Upgrade your account on photobucket plzzz I can’t see your photos :”( 11. July 2014

Sorry fixed it. Humiliated.

If you fell in front of Joan’s on Third holding a chinese chicken salad, but no one saw, did you really fall? 11. July 2014

Only if you know what a fonut is.

Is it true that Asians have an extra chromosome that makes them better fashion bloggers? 11. July 2014

They’re also very good violin players.

Hello Rumi <3 who makes your necklaces from "across the street from golden hour"? 11. July 2014

Hi there. Shortest to longest – Carla Caruso tiny square necklace, Jennifer Meyer clasp, and Balenciaga pendant.

Aquazzura Sahara or Stuart Weitzman nudist? I have budget only for one 10. July 2014

The nudist you can do more with. Especially prioritize them if you don’t have that shoe silhouette already.

Ever since I found out you love cilantro in salads, I’ve been dying to try making one! What’s your go-to recipe? 10. July 2014

Cilantro, arugula, avocado, strawberries, and balsamic/olive oil/sea salt is the default. Also I’m going through a roasted carrot phase. Those need to be available everywhere.

what kind of Celine sunglasses are you wearing in your “these days” post? 9. July 2014

Audrey cat eyes

Listening to your podcast made me want both of you as friends damn it 9. July 2014

Ahh that’s what she did to me and then we were

What color are your Stuart Weitzman nudist sandals? And do they run true to size? I have been coveting those shoes for a while now (: 9. July 2014

True to size and so beautiful irl. They’re this textured nude that I don’t see online or on Shopbop anyway.

listening to your interview with Esther and your actual voice isn’t the same as the voice I had for you in my head and its freaking me out 9. July 2014

Wait what did you think I would sound like? I can’t tell if my voice is high or low or other so I don’t even know how to take this.

Are those Topshop boots, from rush hour post run true size? 8. July 2014

Yup totally.

one of the things i liked about is that you could “like” other peoples’ questions. it’d be dope if you could somehow incorporate that feature into this website? ps i love you youre amazing really ily 8. July 2014

I liked the liking too, we are trying to bring it to the table. Thank you for suggesting this! I like knowing what’s on your minds.

if you cut your shirt from Brandy Melville in Tokyo photo diary? 8. July 2014

No actually, it’s just like that. A very aggressive silhouette on that one.

what are some tv shows you’ve been watching lately? 8. July 2014

Some secondhand Brooklyn Nine Nine and “football”.  S’about it.

i just wanted you to know that i want a daughter exactly like you,but I’m not Japanese and my boyfriend isn’t european…I’m pissed right know 8. July 2014

Your daughter will be the best I’m sure of it. This is such a specific compliment though so thank you?!

I DON’T KNOW IF THE FRENCH NIPPLE CREAM YOU SPOKE OF WITH ESTHER IS HOMEOPLASMINE BUT IF IT IS I USE THAT SHIT ON THE DAILY AND IT IS REVELATORY AND YES, THIS DESERVES ALL CAPS. wanted to holler atcha for this symmetrical, esoteric, francophilic toiletry habit we both have. 8. July 2014

It is! Homeoplasperfect. Sheen level on point.

when will your podcast with Ester come out? 7. July 2014

What makeup are you wearing in undone for good? 7. July 2014

I think it’s the Tom Ford bronzer in Golden as eyeshadow and actual bronzer, Stila eyeliner, Maybelline mascara, and a nude La Roche Posay Novalip Duo. That last thing I LOVE. Going to stock up next time I’m in Paris.

hi rumi! who makes the link bracelet in the post from july 3? i was thinking it’s celine (because i know you have a love for all things phoebe) but wasn’t sure. thank you! 7. July 2014

It’s actually by Amber Sceats! Aussie label carried at Tuchuzy which is such a good store in Bondi.

hi rumi, i know, this is a pretty lame question and i could probably google it but i seems you are the right person to ask: have your espadrilles ever got soaked? i got the manebi calf hair and i got into a storm last week. they are still kind of soaked. please help! 7. July 2014

THAT HAPPENED TO ME IN SHANGHAI. With my Célines and they became different forever. Stiff and weirdly thickened. I was so convinced they were indestructible, I’ve been hiking through mud in Morocco with them even. But no. Not indestructible. I had to get a replacement pair.

Hey, Rumi! In your instagram post “last light in palm springs”, where is your sheer white v-neck tee from? Would love to know, thanks! 7. July 2014

Hi! It’s by Kain, the classic V-neck. I’m wearing it right now/still.

How do you remove your face makeup? Cause a lot of products say eye makeup remover so idk if I can use it for the face? Thanks 7. July 2014

I like Lancome Bifacil, works with no struggle whatsoever but lately I just rub coconut oil all over my face which gets everything off and feels cool too.

Hi Rumi! Where did you buy your black sandal slip-ons (the ones that look like birkenstocks)? or are they birkenstocks? Thanks xx 3. July 2014

I have a few pairs that are as ugly as Birkenstocks are but also several of the real thing! This might have made things confusing. I have the Marant Holdens, Chloé double buckles, black Gizehs, and two pairs of Arizonas (black leather, tan suede).

rumi, darling. we all love you but you need to be answering questions roughly 48 at a time for us word starved fans. 3. July 2014


Can you make your ASK page look better? Just some recommendations but you don’t need to implement them: Bigger ask box, right now I see like 5 words as I type; more answers per page – your current 3 pages can fit into 1 long one instead (just less clicking); and lastly, maybe tags? I dunno but maybe people keep asking the same things because they didn’t look back. “beauty q’s” “outfit q’s” “health q’s” etc. :) Let me know if you like these ideas! 3. July 2014

Working on the first two cause totally agree but third one. Hmm. Into.

England is out. Chris must be sad? 3. July 2014

It’s a delicate subject. He had gotten both of us England jerseys :(

But he’s not necessarily, like, surprised.

Your mobile site is still a bit messy! 2. July 2014

I know, sorry about the things that aren’t totally sorted out yet. Working on them. I’ve used the word alignment about a hundred times today.

Congrats on being independent again! What prompted the decision? x 2. July 2014

Thanks. It felt like time.

you must be overwhelmed with all the questions you get on all these sites, but its really your own fault for being so awesome and cool and awesome. 2. July 2014

I like it! We have a home now.

okay that was literally the weirdest thing. i was thinking about the enfield bag, then you posted a post with it. 2. July 2014

I’ve had a few seeress moments today. More than usual.

What does your day look like today? 2. July 2014

Today I woke up a little later than usual, nuzzled Chris a bunch, made some banana/almond butter rye toast type of thing while he watched the World Cup, worked on emails for future projects and technical blog stuff with my assistant for a couple hours, got my favorite coffee/juice/salad down the street, found out that there’s such a thing as hand crushing almonds when making milk from them to “preserve the essence of the nut”, went to the nail salon, drove east to tape an episode of Weird Adults with Little Esther which is my favorite ever podcast, made Esther give me a tour of her house and continued to start a best friendship with her, came home for a second, semi-confirmed Palm Springs for the 4th of July, realigned with Chris, looked at some houses online with him, shot ft stuff on Sunset, went to Ink for dinner, then came back home to do some more work/catching up. Now I’m almost done being awake.

Does ‘Rumi’ have a asian background? 2. July 2014

It’s Japanese. Like this – 瑠美.

where’s the bralet in your latest post from? 2. July 2014


Did you get a breast augmentation? Not a bad thing. You went with the appropriate size anyways 2. July 2014

Whoa. NO. I swear on all four of my Balenciaga boot variants. No.

I know you’re a user of argan oil but do you shampoo and or condition everyday? 1. July 2014

I do, something that is wrong with me is not being able to feel like the day has started and/or I am awake unless I douse my whole everything in water. I get lectured on how wrong of a way this is to live a shocking amount.

Oh and I’m going through more of an avocado and coconut oil phase right now.

Celine box bag or celine trio or saint Laurent flap bag? Please help me choose!! 30. June 2014


I hardly know what to do with myself with 3 question/answer sources from you! 30. June 2014

I know me neither which is why this is a thing now! Now it’s your collective responsiblity to re-ask the 10,000 that were lingering on Askfm jk except that would actually make things so much better. Cause I’m going to try to streamline it all to just this.

From where’s the necklace that’s not by Hortense? 30. June 2014

It’s by Carla Caruso via OK on Third Street

FREAKING OUT!! LOVE the new site. Congrats! 30. June 2014

Thank you! More c00l stuff still to come.

what are you listening to right now? 30. June 2014

Kumo breathing softly

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