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A small ode to a very particular type of shoe. As charming as they are classic, Maryjane shoes have been a favorite silhouette of mine since I associated them more with piano recitals and makeshift tea parties in the garden. I remember ruffled socks and colorful barrettes frequently comprising the remainder of the look.

The polish and properness of a black patent pair makes me nostalgic for those times (well one more than the other) but is also highly useful for my day to day looks in and around LA and the aesthetic demands those looks have. When combined with more casual looks, a Maryjane is playful and just the right amount of sweet (almost cloyingly).

They’re just as perfect with denim as they are with a silk dress and fit seamlessly into my wardrobe. I’ve amassed a small arsenal of them at varying heights and textures and I think I’ve reached the point where I have a pair for every look I could put together.

So I feel like I speak with authority when declaring these Valentino Garavani Tango pumps that I ordered via Farfetch the ultimate with its delicate ankle strap and barely there cut that dips way low at the sides and fastens high up on the ankle (also achingly cute are the lower heeled red suede pair and the blush star studded version that I’ve been eyeing for what feels like a really long amount of time).

I wore them with my holy grail high waisted Levi’s shorts, my highly cherished vintage Chanel backpack, my AYAI padlock necklace that I haven’t taken off in weeks, and summer-friendly off the shoulder gingham to create my ideal DTLA studio to sunset drinks to dinner for two kind of look.

Shot midday, mid-heat wave, and mid-July in and around my Hollywood Hills neighborhood.

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  1. Funny how you post gingham and the next day and week, every blogger in town posts gingham as well. Ahh, Rumi. You’ll never cease to amaze me with your originality, still a flare of mystery and sincerity 🙂 xx

  2. The writing has returned! <3
    And it needn't be said that this marriage of dainty girlishness and casual factors work so well for your LA summers.

    PS Congrats on the ACTUAL wedding! xx

  3. Never ever did I read such a marvellous musing about Mary Jane shoes. I liked the associations that go with these shoes for you: piano recitals and makeshift tea parties in the garden. Do many women have such poetic associations with certain shoes they own? I wonder. An interesting aspect.

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