california cozy


Isabel Marant Charley lace up sweater, Levi’s shorts, Zara boots

Staying cozy in this sweet little knit from Isabel Marant and my go-to vintage Levi’s for another fake fall day in LA

placement ad 728 x 90


  1. *rad madd, cali-dreamin’*
    ♥ co-zi-ly, bask-in’, sun ♥
    na-tu-ral, beau-ty, to core
    ♥sublime, style, j’adore!♥

    <3je t'aime!,je t'aime!<3

  2. –*magic carpet-like beauty*–
    ♥ street, scene, quite fit-ting ♥
    your loveliness, beauteous, ride
    ♥realms, gorgeousness, glide!♥

    <3 je t'aime!, je t'aime! <3

  3. -*soo sweetest aesthetic hug*-
    ♥ sublime, dope, beauteous ♥
    as art, transports, special place
    ♥ desire, di-vine, em-brace! ♥

    <3 je t'aime!, je t'aime! <3

  4. Such beautiful photos, absolutely love that you take the time to slow down and really appreciate your surroundings.
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