louis vuitton cruise in palm springs

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I just got back to rain soaked LA from a beautiful few days out in the desert with Louis Vuitton. Feels like I was just out there for Coachella but Palm Springs has this addictive quality to it that makes it hard to feel like you’ve ever gotten enough. I loved relaxing at the Ace Hotel, getting my favorite avocado sandwich ever ever at Nature’s Cafe as often as made sense, and getting to experience the multi-part Cruise show extravaganza. Held at Bob Hope’s futuristic estate that is 90% UFO, the runway snaked around the entire backyard, showcasing the collection that felt like the most idealized future garb that would have been pictured by someone in the Mad Men era. With a dash of medieval drama and some wild card thong sandals. Afterwards the evening began with a beautiful dinner at the Parker followed by a full on carnival. So much fun! Can’t wait to see obsess over these pieces when they’re available. Thank you so much to the LV team for having me!

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  1. Your outfit is amazing, that bag is to die for! I’ve seen a ton of pictures of the LV Cruise and it looked so cool! Hope you had fun<3

  2. Watched the show on LV, noticed you in the crowds, sitting alone and not talking much with your neighbours…really so much fun? Those clothes were not your style…super long when you only wear super short. I don’t really believe you obsess over them but since they paid you a nice trip, you must say you do. I also know this won’t appear in the comments…lost in censorship…Ha,ha…

  3. You look stunning, that dress looks amazing on you and the bag is gorgeous! I followed the LV event on snapchat and it looked amazing! 🙂 I Would love to visit Palm Springs one day!

  4. Really loving the makeup, especially the lips! I don’t know how you manage to look incredibly effortless and pretty all the time!

    ♡ veena | seveninchstilettos.com
    twitter/instagram: @veenamccoole

  5. That bag is so gorgeous!
    And the location looks really pretty and all.

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