undone for good

 photo tuchu10_zps13471323.jpg photo tuchu_zpsf7c5766a.jpg photo tuchu2_zpsc4bb5a6e.jpg photo tuchu1_zpsf737f179.jpg photo tuchu4_zpsa668dcce.jpg photo tuchu13_zps9103c8d2.jpg photo tuchu5_zpseeb25b6f.jpg photo tuchu14_zpsb8cc01cd.jpg photo tuchu12_zps964a4220.jpg photo tuchu8_zps2aad1c73.jpg

(Sunday Somewhere x fashiontoast Paris sunglasses, Bones & Feathers Collective choker, Tuchuzy tank, Friend of Mine Vampire leather skirt, Aquazzura Sahara heels, Michael Verheyden tote)

From what I can remember, I wore this outfit three days in a row. Around that. Except it slowly got diluted down to Birkenstocks, but what doesn’t these days? So I have these beautiful velvety foot wrappy sandals now, and though the instinct with latte toned suede is to go full on buttery pastels, I did the opposite. I love the contrast of raw edge leather and nude suede, suddenly. The top I got on my trip to Sydney a couple months ago and allows for some full torso ventilation during these rough summer months ie. my favorite time of the year. Up next – heading out to 100 degree Palm Springs for the 4th of July!

placement ad 728 x 90


  1. Simple and sexy as always!I agree that the leather with the suede is an usual combination to die for,and what I love the most is the detail at the end of the shirt.