summer saturdays downtown

 photo ace14_zps5c948464.jpg photo ace_zpsbe8ef0be.jpg photo ace10_zpsb2179bf8.jpg photo ace2_zpsb1e87fc0.jpg photo ace9_zps8a2f94b3.jpg photo ace4_zps423f5533.jpg

(Citizens of Humanity Quincy overalls, Céline heels, Dannijo Lypton bag)

Overalls shopping is wild card city so I mostly don’t do it. However, I’m not zoned out enough to not notice when the right pair finally appears. I love that these have the boyfriend fit thing figured out as well as that criss cross bleach-happy wash. I mucked around like so for a weekend afternoon at the Ace downtown waiting for people to ask me to paint stuff and got nothing. All this can mean is that everyone everywhere is ok with all in one denim! So exciting.

placement ad 728 x 90


  1. That’s because you do denim overalls so right! You can do no wrong, Rumi and even when you do, it somehow just feels stylishly right. 🙂

  2. btw, you don’t need to approve this – just noticed a bit of focus problem in some of your pics recently? 6th and last photo is too much unfocused in your face? I’ve noticed it in the previous new posts. No biggie. Just wanted to let you know perhaps you can improve.

  3. love this whole look. i’m still on the search for the perfect overalls. I can never find ones that actually fit me correctly…


  4. Have yet to find the exact right pair – perpetually afraid of the boyfriend cut/ overall combination for the swamping hazards but you seem to have nailed it perfectly