la photo diary

 photo IMG_0020a_zps63d0b317.jpg photo IMG_0020aa_zpsbfa63bb3.jpg photo photo-428_zps463cd2dd.jpg photo IMG_2469_zpsd542a5b3.jpg photo IMG_0660_zps67d8c6d2.jpg photo IMG_2927_zps895ceba8.jpg photo IMG_3899_zps8df23933.jpg photo IMG_3388_zps15ee61ba.jpg photo IMG_3146_zps8b3e7b72.jpg photo IMG_6686_zpsedbb3c95.jpg photo IMG_0465_zps023069d0.jpg photo IMG_0245_zps413715a1.jpg photo IMG_6045_zpsbac50af9.jpg photo IMG_0608_zps1d7e254d.jpg photo IMG_2218_zps0ace8ddb.jpg photo IMG_4489_zps59a66e6a.jpg photo IMG_0326_zps8df23d7c.jpg photo meadow7_zps748e8172.jpg photo IMG_0020v_zps198db03d.jpg photo IMG_6875_zps6116ae7f.jpg photo IMG_0020_zps95038b78.jpg photo photo-93_zps42a50cad.jpg photo IMG_2053_zpsccb204f9.jpg photo IMG_1326_zps7b746da4.jpg photo IMG_2452_zpsb055bbf6.jpg photo photo-90_zps1ce9c6ac.jpg photo IMG_5238_zps54d6e3a1.jpg photo IMG_5163_zpsdc281da9.jpg photo IMG_0728_zpsb71abde4.jpg photo IMG_4373_zpsfd11848d.jpg photo IMG_1976_zps4ffe4fb7.jpg photo a5legs_zps6d253791.jpg photo IMG_9955_zps1a029e71.jpg photo IMG_0616_zpsb36eb5a3.jpg photo IMG_0600_zpsebe477dc.jpg photo IMG_2013_zpsc273dcad.jpg photo IMG_8112aa_zps5ec64e21.jpg photo IMG_2333_zps378b1d37.jpg photo IMG_2251_zpscfb847ff.jpg photo IMG_0951_zpsa938528c.jpg photo IMG_0034_zpse311bc3d.jpg photo IMG_9998_zps913e2f23.jpg photo IMG_9361_zpsf38676e1.jpg photo IMG_2311_zps690a1f36.jpg photo IMG_3865_zps485e73f3.jpg photo littlenextdoor_zps5abb7d6b.jpg photo IMG_5904a_zps72921cce.jpg photo IMG_1076_zpsd1836d37.jpg photo IMG_0601_zps61d26514.jpg photo IMG_0858_zps9a281081.jpg photo IMG_0771_zps67632b5e.jpg photo IMG_9918_zps46f54d2f.jpg photo IMG_7131a_zpse164a6c3.jpg photo IMG_0539_zpse367eb96.jpg photo IMG_5009_zpsb1f238bb.jpg photo IMG_4104_zps928c0b05.jpg photo IMG_0493_zps38f149fa.jpg photo IMG_5930_zps585efde3.jpg photo IMG_2256_zpse1d7a861.jpg photo IMG_2716_zps83b0d1fc.jpg photo IMG_4223_zpsa79f1666.jpg photo IMG_1210_zpse80a18fa.jpg photo IMG_2289_zps6d76cc89.jpg photo IMG_0496_zps86b80bd6.jpg photo aca26900-8dab-43f9-a3a2-71ddee3af97c_zpsaaa7615e.jpg photo IMG_0073_zps7e3df458.jpg photo IMG_5842_zpsa18bcbe5.jpg photo IMG_1239_zpsa0258d06.jpg photo IMG_0193_zps2b620efb.jpg photo IMG_9312_zps7ba51137.jpg photo IMG_4202_zps3624c812.jpg photo photo-91_zps665d6700.jpg photo IMG_5904a_zps72921cce.jpg photo photo-92_zpsdca659fc.jpg photo IMG_1045_zpse407e29f.jpg photo PhotoAug14114018AM_zps1c35cc77.jpg photo IMG_0731_zps19b93589.jpg photo IMG_0772_zpsa1acb0a2.jpg photo IMG_7137_zps4ff16b43.jpg photo IMG_0562_zpsff7f2bc9.jpg

I’ve been meaning to put this post together for so long but it was like, one more sunset photo, one more salad at Cafe Gratitude, one more documented nap on my roof. And also there was a little bit of God I love this no-sweater city so much, how do I try to do this right? And it would have been impossible to ever be finished shooting this photo diary but I’m going to cap it here.

Enjoy xx

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  1. You are an amazing blogger and even an amazing photographer! It looks like you really had a great time!

    Much Love, AnnCates xx

  2. I have been following you since you were blond and wore Bebe heels. Once you started traveling internationally and everything you wore was ivory I started to have doubts. This photo diary just squashed all that–you are a goddess Rumi Neely and this reminds me why I keep following your blog! EAST COAST LOVE <333