these days

 photo taurus_zpsdf80e685.jpg photo taurus3_zps49cb5581.jpg photo taurus4_zps5f08af67.jpg photo taurus5_zps9fff7f57.jpg photo taurus6_zps3b579e90.jpg

(Reformation Taurus dress, Céline espadrilles and sunglasses, Maslin & Co. Towel)

Why is the beach so empty? Cause the wind was of the strength level that would barely let a towel lie flat. Especially one with so many corners. So also a really funny day to break in this open all over the place dress! Before quietly stashing it away with my 90 other black slipdresses.

Also – a thing about me is that I’m obsessed with a Podcast called Weird Adults with Little Esther, and one of my life dreams came true when Esther had me on last week. You will only understand how much I actually mean that if you listen to it. This way to an hour you won’t want back.

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