all together now

 photo boxers4_zps4dbf6871.jpg photo boxers1_zpsc06cd0e5.jpg photo boxers13_zps9d8976a5.jpg photo boxers14_zps2c0916c3.jpg photo boxers3_zps97890bcc.jpg photo boxers2_zpsb0077da8.jpg photo boxers12_zpsa7e145ed.jpg photo boxers16_zps622f6c06.jpg photo boxers18_zps813308f4.jpg photo boxers6_zps356d76d1.jpg photo boxers22_zpsc04be5ee.jpg photo boxers21_zps2a46432d.jpg

(Alexander Wang boxer all in one and wedges, Ray-ban sunglasses)

You know something is good when you have no freaking clue what to call it. I’ve broken this..doodad? in on Instagram and it’s time to slap the whole look on here. I fell in hopeless, doomed obsession with it on Behati circa last September so it was really just a matter of time. I find that such a piece makes so little sense in any context that it kind of makes sense in any context. Barbecue? Semi-formal event? Slumber party? SURE. The trick being to not have it be readable on your face that you’re aware you’re sort of wearing a Frankensteined morning after outfit. Feel free to offer your opinion on outfit poker face, the evil powers of B. Prinsloo, and potential names for an attached boxer shirt set below.

placement ad 728 x 90


  1. WOAH, that two piece is uhmazing! And I can only imagine how comfy it must be…like taking a chilled day wearing your boyfriends shirt outdoors. Those shoes also scream ‘It’s a woman’s world’. Okay, it’s fair to admit I WANT this outfit sooooo bad


  2. Great photo shoot, looking awesome in pic number 11. All the angels are smooth and sharp…you can check beautiful clothes like tank tops, tshirts or more at urban clothing website online

  3. I love this look too and have tried the pj inspired style myself. However, is this the kind of two piece ensemble that is all too literal? Looks great on the runway, and phenomenal on Rumi here on her gorgeous blog, but you gotta ask what did the waitress that served her coffee think? What did the taxi driver think when he picked her up? Have you forgotten to get dressed? Wang is king for sure. But is this a moment where fashion doesn’t relay into real life in the smoothest transition?
    Still looking sensational regardless. Lots of love, Hannah X