rush hour

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(By Malene Birger Kafi camisole, Kahlo short, Topshop boots, Louis Vuitton bag, necklaces by Balenciaga, Hortense, and Bones & Feathers Collective)

Black and gold with a half bun was all that felt right yesterday cause it’s sticky leather car seat and multiple iced almond milk lattes per day weather round these parts. This camisole I got in Stockholm last year is the airiest oversized thing – the lace hem makes it feel so feminine that I prefer it with something basic or of denim construction. It’s all about putting on something pretty and then going a little out of your way to mess it up.

placement ad 728 x 90


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  2. This is a really lovely way to wear all black in the summer without looking like a goth!
    I’m hoping the cut outs in the boots lets some air in!