sydney photo diary

 photo rock9_zps009cead9.jpg photo fromo_zps268ad7c8.jpg photo bwbondi_zps75462e51.jpg photo oceanpool_zps2d1be5d3.jpg photo harborbridge2_zpsf0edb30d.jpg photo photo-81_zps4b865d4a.jpg photo mustard5_zpsd254e413.jpg photo stretch2_zpsf8f24d7a.jpg photo glenmorerd_zps14596a6f.jpg photo shelley6_zps187570c5.jpg photo ferry1_zps08547c28.jpg photo rock10_zps534facc6.jpg photo mustard2_zpsfb11efb6.jpgbrickwall2 photo mustard7_zps1b92b379.jpg photo shelley4_zps78a96f43.jpg photo shelley5_zps0b80980a.jpgmanly photo watsons_zpsac0d5277.jpg photo backscanlan_zpsfc282fc3.jpg photo mustard3_zps181d8121.jpg photo becsweateers_zps482313b4.jpg photo mustard8_zps7666502c.jpg photo sswall_zps2624d6ab.jpg photo barriobar_zps92c95225.jpg photo bondidawn_zps1fb897a2.jpg photo brickwall_zpsd2516348.jpg photo photo-84_zps6f42abfc.jpgrock3 photo atjackies_zpsf241f4d0.jpg photo collectivelisa_zpse9ae231a.jpg photo shelley3_zps594744c1.jpg photo photo-82_zpsb1bb4edd.jpg photo photo-79_zpsf2026d56.jpg photo sswallme_zps37c88074.jpg photo bondibench2_zpsd8fb0064.jpg photo fences_zps8d96a54c.jpg photo becshowroom_zpsebb6ef5c.jpg photo barrio3_zps467426eb.jpg photo stretch3_zpsc4a54f19.jpg photo surryhills_zps03927a8d.jpg photo stance_zps0528c54d.jpg photo manly3_zpscb8e0b21.jpg photo surryhillsdress1_zpsb80bdb13.jpg photo iphone_zpsc2c71d0a.jpg photo photo-77_zpsa338a28d.jpg photo IMG_5203_zps217f33c6.jpg photo photo-78_zps661ca3f5.jpg photo manly4_zps20f6311c.jpg photo mustardback_zpsbedff920.jpg photo mustard9_zps318cd8ec.jpg photo stretch_zps132259b6.jpg photo harborbridge_zpsc513ef1f.jpg

photos by Chris Dowson

Such a beautiful week down in Sydney – thank you to Dave Allison and Sunday Somewhere for having me, Chris for being such a qualified city guide, and Australia for putting avocado on EVERYTHING. Shop Paris and Tokyo on the SS site! xox

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  1. This is not really a Sydney photo diary; more a Rumi photo diary. Would be nice if you would include pictures of the cities you go to as well!

  2. Even though I find your lifestyle very appealing, I’d be really happy to see you wear nice and exciting clothes and shoes I could long for…which hasn’t happened for at least a year.

  3. Great pictures! It really looks like you had a good time in Sydney. I’m really hoping I’ll be able to visit Australia some time. It looks gorgeous!

  4. gorgeous! oh sydney is very close to top of the travel list, looks beautiful this time of year. And your style is perfect, minimalism at its finest
    love loui

  5. I can really tell you had a blast down in sidney, it makes me want to visit some friends round there…. I love the beach! the clothing suits perfectly for the occasion, relaxing’s always better…

    kisses from Perú!