dawn in bondi

 photo paris3_zps17ab0e69.jpg photo paris1_zpsb9cbd668.jpg photo paris6_zps161d4a72.jpg photo paris11_zps9090e3e1.jpg photo paris9_zps17f1a2f9.jpg photo paris10_zps8a3575c7.jpg photo paris7_zps90ab83a5.jpg photo paris2_zpsd0230a6d.jpg photo paris8_zps53daed61.jpg

(Sunday Somewhere x fashiontoast Paris sunglasses, Stone Cold Fox Bolas dress)

So excited to be in Sydney to launch my collaboration with Sunday Somewhere! For the past year or so we’ve been working on sunglasses just basic enough and just crazy enough. And now we have two styles in three color ways each to bring you – the Tokyo and the Paris. Chris and I woke up at 4am the second day here in Australia and (his brutal idea) booked it to the beach to catch the Bondi sunrise. I’ll be sharing more photos of the shades soon but here’s your first official look on the blog! xx

placement ad 728 x 90


  1. I don’t know if it’s the setting or the photographing, but those photos are incredible. That’s one part of the world I’m dying to visit for its stunning landscapes.
    Congratulations on the collaboration; love the style of the sunglasses!


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