grip it

 photo tev_zps9c309d10.jpg photo tev2_zps3e39a174.jpg photo tev3_zps4a0d33ec.jpg

(Reformation dress, Teva Original Universal sandals)

When Birkenstocks are so fashion world-accepted that they’re probably not cool enough to qualify as normcore anymore, what sandal could possibly be the next hurdle? TEVAS. All those functional straps and so much Velcro noise to inflict on the world, Birks just seem meek, ninnyish in comparison. Eva Chen and Balenciaga are on board too. Too soon? We should all probably hold each other now.

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  1. Oh yes, you can’t get anymore normcore than wearing a pair of TEVAS. But the Balenciaga version that you linked are totally major. Hooray for borderline ugly shoes!

    Neon Fox

  2. I’m so on board with the ugly shoe trend. At that age where 3-inch heels are the max height and I look more for comfort. I know I shouldn’t care, but it helps that the “beautiful people” are wearing the stuff that I’ve been buying — not for form, but for function. 🙂

    Love the pics. Backdrop is amazing!

    Happy you’re posting more!

  3. These sandals are to DIE for! Want these so bad, their like the next generation of sandals! To be honest, these could be the next Birkenstocks. Everyone disagrees with Teva’s but they look great and comfortable as well!