cloud formations

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(Vanessa Bruno sweater, Stone Cold Fox Bolas dress, Theory muff bag, Céline platforms and sunglasses, Miansai bracelet)

One of those all-my-favorite-things-at-once outfits. Because slipdresses are the apparent cornerstone of my wardrobe, it’s important to source gigantic sloppy knits to balance them out with. This one was a lucky find during a warp speed browse at Printemps in January…the focus that can come with having two utterly bored male people waiting for you sure is something. I love the weight and volume of the sweater with SCF’s magical little mustard dress. I threw them on with my worn to death Theory bag (you guys know this thing is functional as a muff right cause yeah probably time you knew) and valid since ’10 Céline foot boats for another perfectly in-between LA day.

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