paris fashion week photo diary 2013

 photo orange3_zpse403c836.jpg photo photo-440_zps8d652ee7.jpg photo vbdress_zps9f0cfd85.jpg photo ysl_zpsc5e54386.jpg photo scream7_zpsf79dfe92.jpg photo beforemarant_zps1692bc0e.jpg photo terrace1_zps110887b0.jpg photo diorreflections_zpsfa0d6f9f.jpg photo bruno2_zpsb38c5d59.jpg photo stellajorts5_zpse94d9e93.jpgphoto-447 photo lastfit4_zpsdc8cfa3b.jpg photo soniamarabousandals_zpsd3067683.jpg photo outsidemarant3_zps8757c88c.jpg photo orange6_zps69ba5f67.jpg photo scream8_zpsf3eb98f0.jpg photo bymadeleine2_zps83584ddd.jpg photo yslstorefront_zpsae55f0d7.jpg photo portr_zps66e419a3.jpg photo lemetro1_zpsb1281fdd.jpg photo photo-453_zps6747e7f8.jpg photo montmartre4_zpsbc264101.jpg photo shell9_zpsaa19aebe.jpg photo orange5_zps4a3e3486.jpg photo raspberryconetuileries_zps542097bd.jpg photo scream5_zpsc11d088a.jpgphoto-439pont5photo-445 photo bwtoureiffel_zps95925ae6.jpg photo shell1_zpsd8c91887.jpg photo theatre_zpsc8ae3dad.jpg photo stellajorts4_zpsc269cb0a.jpg photo theyskenscoat1_zpsec60fca8.jpg photo montmartre3_zpsfb0bbdf7.jpg photo afterbui5_zps2a1f9b5b.jpg photo landau2_zps72bb26d7.jpg photo dayafter_zps3fe88fba.jpg photo photo-449_zps70ba7bf2.jpg photo photo-448_zps1297a281.jpg photo lemetro4_zpscd142d7b.jpg photo aptview_zps80153194.jpg photo scream4_zps7ffff896.jpg photo scream3_zps2f51fe10.jpg photo atheneethrutrees_zps43a1f041.jpg photo traiteur1_zps0e06a0af.jpg photo photo-444_zps26feca82.jpg photo bymadeleine_zpsd37a5b9e.jpg photo ftn2_zps44f340b9.jpg photo ftn3_zpsd5c639e4.jpg photo lightceramic1_zpsa0546b51.jpg photo theyskenscoat2_zps9ceb9f64.jpg photo vianel2_zps5030fd4c.jpg photo ftn7_zps6be2ad33.jpg photo srcardi2_zpsdb46baa4.jpg photo stellajorts1_zps8e2e1cfc.jpg photo photo-437_zpsfa00a03f.jpg photo stellainwindow_zps554571bf.jpg photo charlotmorning_zpsd831dfea.jpg photo lemetro2_zps79645117.jpg photo stellajorts7_zps8b285e6f.jpg photo madeleine8_zps22386655.jpg photo ftn9_zps499767d6.jpg photo lemetro3_zps5ee00c2e.jpg photo jardinluxe2_zps71d7e02e.jpg photo greenwall2_zps38ce56ad.jpg photo duck_zps4ce103f7.jpg photo photo-454_zps6730ae04.jpg photo montaignestreetview_zpsc51553cc.jpg photo cafeparislondon_zpsdcf14d13.jpg photo stellaim4_zpsec2c5480.jpg photo greenwallbyitself_zpsf7aa6f21.jpg photo orange1_zps1bf08b1c.jpg photo montmartreupward_zps1854be83.jpgshell5 photo ftn6_zpsf0cebf08.jpg photo cafeparislondon2_zps54d1fd24.jpg photo pomme5_zps23b5d396.jpg photo montmartreview_zps84ef885e.jpg photo stellapleats1_zps9772264a.jpg photo stellaim9_zps5816f1b1.jpg photo stellaim3_zpsfac2e03e.jpg photo IMG_2202_zps936cc85c.jpg photo doormarais_zps603b9b53.jpg photo beforemarant2_zpsce4f4782.jpg photo saintlaurentstorefront_zps4333aeff.jpg photo stellaim1_zpsf1bbfe3a.jpg photo menushot_zps9c2599f6.jpg photo greenwall_zps985d3228.jpg photo montmartreville2_zpseed9fbb5.jpg photo stellajorts6_zpsf5c206f0.jpgstellaim7 photo stellaim6_zps8e67bdba.jpg photo pomme12_zps511ad3c0.jpg photo stellajorts2_zpsa21ad402.jpg photo avemontaignehair_zps2e88ad24.jpg photo morningparkmarais_zps901ee9b7.jpg photo srcardi3_zps4c773e02.jpgtour` photo movinglightsterrace_zps72c0fdfb.jpg photo firstdayfull_zps721fb76c.jpgphoto-446 photo ftn1_zpsa24af588.jpg photo shell2_zpsb90040f7.jpg photo photo-441_zps7c13eee5.jpg photo firstdayfullstreet_zps6f2a8f8a.jpg photo montmartreville_zps6ddf3d1b.jpg photo scream6_zps240b5ef3.jpg photo crackedshell_zpsdfdfa151.jpg photo orange4_zps41fdad3c.jpg photo afterbui1_zps9eda4d26.jpgavemontaigne2 photo halfshotmlleshorts_zpsd5f27a8d.jpg photo photo-455_zpscd867cba.jpg photo lastfit3_zps5c45718a.jpg photo landauback_zps5b799e8c.jpg photo sunseteighth_zps6a9e8874.jpg photo photo-451_zps06169974.jpg

September 23 – October 5, 2013

I am the luckiest. Help support those that haven’t been this month here. And always feel free to harass me on Askfm.

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  1. These pictures are gorgeous! I love absolutely everything you wore (you have the best sense of style!), especially the checked sweater and the orange lace shorts. My jealousy is through the roof right now haha 😉

    xx Caroline

  2. loooooove your pic diaries, they are the best! and thank you for mentioning how we can help with the victims of typhoon haiyan….we really are fortunate sometimes. nice to reflect and be grateful and be in a position to help others that are in need. thank you 🙂

  3. wow!! so amazing!! always shouting ‘beautiful’ ‘gorgeous’ ‘i want it’ when i am watching your diary!! u are such a lucky fashionista!!!

  4. I’ve been wondering… how do you decide what to pack? It must be so hard to choose just a few items from your amazing wardrobe.

  5. I can’t believe all of these! I want to look really closely at EVERY SINGLE ONE! Amazing job, you’re beautiful, and I hope you had as much fun and felt as beautiful as these pictures look!!!

  6. It’s amazing how you can translate an ordinary outfit shot into an orgasmic photo. I love the photography, outfits and your fetish-esque hair. Lol
    Thank you for donating to the typhoon victims. Means a lot coming from a Pinoy fan. XOXO

  7. I love you Rumi, you embody the very life and dreams of many people, including me! What better photo diary that coherently fuses all the best things: Rumi Neely, Paris, fashion, and photography. Thanks for your insistently inspiring me to pursue fashion myself 🙂

  8. SUCH lovely photos and incredible styling! I think I need that plaid sweater.
    I’m new to blogging but can only dream of one day, fashion week!!


  9. Dearest Rumi,
    I hope you are having a/had the most amazing time in the city of love, my favorite city. I swear you have the best hair, and I am loving those cut out shoes, and the orange lace shorts.

    Keep inspiring ♥

  10. Oh my.. I love your post
    First you are very very pretty and you pictures are awesome!
    I’m a french girl living in Paris and I assure you, you did a great job with thoses pics because they reveal the real beauty of the city and that’s amazing
    Keep going
    much love xx

  11. Loving all the pictures and adoring all the outfits! Gorgeous! Love how your pictures look – what camera do you use? I want to buy a new and not sure which one to get. xTM

  12. Hi, I’m new here on your blog. But i have to say…just WOW! I love all of your pics, your style and your articles are amazing.
    But i also have a question….from which brand is this gold/glitter skirt?

    Hugs from gGermany Munich

  13. WOW!!! i really liked your blog you have good taste , you have lots of stuff with new modernization vintage,i always love to keep looking into amazing style and fashion….
    So impressed..!!!

  14. Great time in Paris for fashion week. I hope everyone interested gets the chance to go at least once. You got some great photos while you were there. I’m jealous