here comes the night

 photo shrug_zpse3676164.jpg photo shrug10_zpsc3da2795.jpg photo shrug9_zps56a01898.jpg photo shrug15_zps12d5626a.jpg photo shrug23_zps554cefd3.jpg photo shrug7_zpsd4933612.jpg photo shrug20_zps7db2006b.jpg photo shrug2_zpse7f9fc71.jpg photo shrug8_zps51db4e31.jpg photo shrug1_zpsbfe57444.jpg

(Alexander Wang hooded mohair shrug, T Alexander Wang chiffon tank, Lover shorts)

Mohair has never been more worth the fluff in your mouth syndrome before this sweater. Blanket-like and double thick to perfection. I ended up in Malibu tonight in my staple silk separates and this was just the thing to both keep me warm and turn my pajamas into something worth shooting against the painted red sky. Somewhat of a wild card piece but also weirdly something I pictured being able to wear 20,000 different ways upon sight.

placement ad 728 x 90


  1. your photos inspire me to keep blogging. i swear. i see every other blog and im bored by the photography and im like..why am i blogging. then i see your photos and i say.. oh yeah. thats why. i want to create beautiful photos like this! so inspiring


  2. Equipment question- What flash does your photographer use? Is it the built-in camera flash, or is it purchased separately? I’d be very interested to know, thank you!!

  3. Loving what you have on sweetie , u r definitely a real fashionista and know how to put together a gorgeous outfit

    Am sharing the hobby of my dreams in a new post , BTW it is romantic heavy pics inside !!! Please Tell me what do you think ?


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  4. Beautiful pictures!!! And the sweater is sooo nice!

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  5. Am loving the photography in the last couple of posts. Very reminiscent of the photography on the blog back in the day. Beautiful work.

  6. This is all so amazing….you inspire me a lot. I visit your blog everyday in hope for a new post….Rolemodel 🙂

    My attempt to a blog ->

  7. Love the look, pijamas now look like a great outfit! Location tick all the boxes! Do you always have a photographer with you? Or is it just your camera and boyfriend/friend with you? Did you use flash or lighting as well? X

  8. wonderful lightening. makes your skin look so smooth and the contrast of silk and mohair is also made it for me. definitely succes!

  9. I think this is a first! I havent seen a blog shoot carried out at night before. Incredible light in these shots from the fading sunset. Amazing. Loving the relaxed, chic vibe of the outfit too. That shrug is DEVINE, beautiful contrasted piece to wear with black.

  10. Saw your ad in harpers bazaar for fur insider! Totally outraged. That is a terrible thing to promote. Wake up, the next generation is interested in contributing to society, not contributing to materialistic wrong doing.

  11. I love the play of fantasy and fun in these pictures. Romping on the beach at sunset, accented with this gorgeous cape. Really must get in on the cape trend this fall/winter!

  12. I absolutely love the style of these photographs.They convey such a passionate style and mood that pairs so well with the *gasp* beautiful Alexander Wang shrug.