daisy shaped

 photo finestproducts_zpscd90c494.jpg photo finestproducts11_zpsb3b84147.jpg photo finestproducts6_zpsb69c03ba.jpg photo finestproducts4_zpsbbeff266.jpg photo finestproducts10_zps7f5af6e5.jpg photo finestproducts2_zps5864c5f7.jpg photo finestproductsdarker_zps9f7b23e5.jpg

(Céline Audrey sunglasses, Stone Cold Fox top, Ksubi Alberceque shorts, Wego Harajuku slipons and angora beanie)

Shot in a time warp on the way out to Santa Monica on a November summer day (?!). Wearing a stack of your favorite things at once is sometimes a valid way to get dressed if you don’t think about it too hard. Slight winterization courtesy of the holy grail of fuzzy slouchy beanies which I picked up in Harajuku in the amount of three. And all I found out about Americas Finest Products is that a dull whirring is involved in creating them.

placement ad 728 x 90


  1. That baby blue beanie is the cutest and brings baby wear to mind. Wego is a treasure land. Discovered it last year.

  2. love the sunglasses, hate how sunny it still is here in california! at first I thought you were in front of a motel and thought that was odd but I like the finst product background 🙂