thick of it

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Bumble and bumble sent me their new thickening products to try during fashion week here in Paris – I’m faithful (lazy?) for the most part when it comes to trying new hair products but Bumble always manages to prove that entire system wrong. These four little guys have been making the process of fluffing my non-wavy non-straight hair up into something so seemingly effortless that I can focus almost exclusively on fake fashion week problems. The process I’ve been using is soaking the conditioner into the ends, blow drying it halfway dry and putting it into two infantile buns for an awkward 15 minutes (NO I WASN’T GOING TO WEAR IT LIKE THIS TO COFFEE BUT NOW I JUST MIGHT), smushing the creme into ends to separate them a bit, and then using the dryspun finish lightly throughout for instant mane-ness. Thank you for my new routine Bumble!

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  1. Those products are amaaazing, though I might be biased because I love everything Bumble & Bumble. Wish I had your locks!! Serious hair envy happening right now.

  2. Aren’t those products the best!? I may be biased, because I’m obsessed with anything Bumble & Bumble though. Serious hair envy for you right now, wish I had your locks!

  3. Couldn’t help but click through the past suggested posts, and I noticed the bangs! Really love that look on you – you should reinvent it and bring it back :).

  4. I love this natural, effortless hairstyle. I have a real girl crush to long hair, but it’s so hard to take care of them properly.

  5. Your hair is absolutely amazing! I love the hint of balayage running through it as well. Check out my fashion blog at 🙂 I guarantee you’ll enjoy it! XX