safety first

 photo pomme2_zps63126d8d.jpg photo pomme13_zps81190340.jpg photo pomme12_zps511ad3c0.jpg photo pomme11_zps50c474fe.jpg photo proof11_zps37b42c31.jpg photo proof1_zpsa001f5e8.jpg photo proof2_zpsf517c0e3.jpg photo proof9_zpsb0546536.jpg photo proof8_zps961e47a2.jpg photo proof5_zpsa045791f.jpg photo proof14_zps01854bd1.jpg photo proof15_zps49648009.jpg photo pr_zps943a0e68.jpg photo proof16_zps857bce35.jpg photo proof_zps37e95f32.jpg

(Isabel Marant Brad sweater, Barbara Bui crop top, All Saints leather mini, Balenciaga boots, Vanessa Bruno bag)

Cause why should all bulletproof vests be functional? This was one of my favorite pieces that went down Barbara Bui’s fall runway. Sometimes dressing like a video game character is something I like to do. The Bui team tailored it perfectly so now I pretty much have to keep it forever. I wore this on one of Paris fashion week’s hottest days – these were shot walking through the Tuileries, outside the Sonia Rykiel show, and crossing Pont Neuf at sunset on the way to dinner.

placement ad 728 x 90


  1. Lately your style has been very similar in your last 20 posts. Not that its bad, but the inspiring aspect of your blog used to be your effortless combination of low end, vintage plus one or two branded pieces. Now its mostly big brand black pieces over 500$, doesn’t take much effort to be honest. I guess its your current style, not really a fan anymore.

  2. Your blog has been my daily (fashion)toast for a couple of years now, I just love your style and the atmosphere on the photos. But PLEASE, how can I get the homepage back to “normal” computer screen size? Couldn’t there be a button or so to switch, because right now I’m seeing only tiny thumbnails on the main page, horrible! It says “nowmanifest mobile”, but how can you go back to normal size?

  3. The crop top is killer, absolutely makes the outfit. Love seeing the different ways you have styled it. These photos are a feast for the eyes, such a beautiful location! x

  4. Even with a palace backdrop you make this video game attire seem so appropriate, how Rumi, how? Stop being so gorgeous! Just kiddin, never stop!

  5. I love the incorporation of the scenery with the pictures of the model. Love the top, especially the pictures from the back.

    Are the long sleeves detachable? Or was that a pull over?