lost in the crowd


(Isabel Marant Brad sweater, Erin Wasson x RVCA tank, Alexander Wang skirt, Phillip Lim Vincent mules and Zip Around Backpack)

In the heart of Shibuya, the iconic all-ways crosswalk that sends everyone on their way after exiting the JR train station. I’ve shot here so many times for both my blog and Japanese magazines but there’s always a new angle to take on this beautiful cluster#*(@. Japan is still July-warm but I’m inspired by the surely miserably hot salarymen in their suits to suffer a little in my toddler length sweaters. These are all pieces that I’ve been wearing over and over again in different equations – the Wang skirt I bought last winter is proving to still be useful, especially when updated with Phillip Lim’s new season mules (so comfortable they’re airportworthy) and super slick backpack.

placement ad 728 x 90


  1. Wow these photos were amazing. The outfit even took me a while to figure out and I bet you no one would think to put a shirt under a crop sweater!! Too beautiful for words!

  2. You look amazing as always. I admire your ability to pose in one of the most chaotic crossings in Tokyo if not the most chaotic, without paying any attention to the crowd all around you. As being the center of attention terrifies me , I admire that ability hehe.