kungliga slottet


(Bryanboy for Adrienne Landau cutout sweater, random sheer tank, BLKDNM leather pants, Balenciaga boots, Line & Jo earring, necklace, and rings)

I’ve just returned from a week in Stockholm, one of my favorite cities. Ever. Like I want to be there still instead of other places. It was my third time visiting and I’m pretty comfortable with the lay of the land at this point, it’s pretty small in reality and their Williamburg is way closer to their Upper East Side if that makes any sense. Actually sort of right up against. Which makes a stroll by the Royal Palace a very real daily activity and which also means it’s always worth it to have your most cumbersome photo gear saddling you down. These shots were taken towards the end of my stay – the mission of the afternoon was to roam around medieval Gamla Stan, go to my favorite orange juice spot in the main square, and peer at the pelt shops. Bryan shot me on the rainy walk over in my favorite piece from his collaboration with Adrienne Landau, this sort of anime character appropriate cutout sweater shrug situation which is the snuggliest and also the weirdest way to keep warm. So nice in this deep jewel-ish blue. I layered it over a camisole I’ve had since high school and kept the bottom half sort of tough and waterproof. Seriously what is wrong with me to where this is more comfortable than a tshirt and jeans, I just don’t understand. Sorry to anyone else in LA looking at these photos the weather disconnect is all the way unforgivable. Never since moving in have I been driven to the point to seeing if my air conditioning actually works. Take me back to Northern Europe..

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    • The website says that is real fur… Ew. You should be ashamed.

      For those of you who I’m sure will jump on this, consider the fact that the majority of fur comes from China where animals live in appalling conditions for their miserably short lives before having their own skin ripped away from them just so you can look ”good” (which is hilarious because this is one of the ugliest, least fashionable outfits I have ever seen). They are commonly skinned ALIVE, or anally electrocuted (one of the most painful ways to kill an animal); this utter disregard for their welfare is simply to preserve the quality of the coat.

      Don’t believe me? Google it; there are plenty of horrific videos to give you nightmares.

      I hope you seriously reconsider your purchases. YOU are the reason these places of hell on earth still exist.

  1. I’m happy that you enjoyed my hometown!
    I’ve also been travelling a lot but nothing really compares to Stockholm! 🙂

  2. Hahahha that’s actually the Swedish parliament house in the background! Our Royal Castle isn’t near as beautiful </3 LOVE the outfit tho!

  3. Beautiful, actually I’m familiar to this as I was born in Sweden and I think that especially the autumn light is the most beautiful I have seen, perfect for pictures outside!

  4. That blue is amazing. Congratulations Bryan. Ok you too for wearing it 🙂
    What is the textile of that cutout sweater?

    Dimitri Gee (www.dimitrigee.com)

  5. ohyeah stockholm fashionweek and stockholm itself. I’ve been there too (just for one day) with the immediate feeling that I don’t wanna go home. so I’m on the same page. I really like how you write and it’s always a pleasure to stop by at yours. well, the blog obviously.
    take care!

  6. girl, you rock my world with these shots. bryan did an awesome job with that crazy 1/4 of a sweater kind of thing. it looks super huggable too)) saw you in stockholm during the dagmar show, you looked awesome in that white acne dress, so clean and so you. love how you are always very consistent.

  7. Hi,
    Im from Sweden and I really think you would like the clothes of our most famous blogger KENZA. Her own label is called IVYREVEL and you can find the clothes here:

    / A faithful Kenza-reader and now also a fashiontoast-reader !

  8. i live in northern europe and i would love to trade it for LA, was there this summer and i fell in love so deeply….

    you’re a huge inspiration,

    Sophie from shewearswhat.blogspot.com

  9. This is not the Royal Castle, it’s the front of the Parlament. It’s about 200 years differens inbetween the two. The origin parts of the castle was built in late 1700centurary and on the banks ofand the Parlament in the 19th centuary

  10. I have to say that Stockholm has a big piece of my heart too ever since my visit a couple of months ago… That sweater you had on looks super comfy and fun to style with 🙂

  11. Further to my comment above;

    WHY wear fur?Do you seriously think it looks good? This outfit in general looks absolutely stupid, there is no balance. Trust me, fur suits the rabbits you took it from much more than it suits yourself.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sasmdYzinp8 Watch this, or any video about fur farms. Feel bad. Feel awful. Change your ways.