1. LOVE all the photos, can’t wait to visit tokyo myself
    every outfit is perfection as per usual, loving the loose summer fabrics and textures

  2. I adore your diaries!!!

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  3. your photos are all ways intriguingly beautiful. I admire your sense of style to the absolute. You have this coolness and carelessness that just speak to me. Keep doing a great job <3

  4. I seriously think Tokyo (or Japan) tourist bereau has to pay you for your continuous works to promote Tokyo (in a way cooler way). I like your cozy outfits taken at the airport cos I also am like that kind of style when flying. Take care and visit Japan soon again!

  5. Your photo diaries are some of my favorite things to look at! All your photos are always so beautiful and I like how you make everything look so exciting. I’m thinking of going to Tokyo as my graduation gift. Do you have any recommended places to eat and/or shop?

  6. I love all the colorful textures of the city! And, that black top with tiny spaghetti straps is so so cool and sumptuous! Love every bit of this photo diary!!

    Lauren at adorn la femme