the tepee situation


(Friend of Mine lace dress, Balenciaga boots, Loren Stewart ID bracelet)

It’s not that I ever expect to find myself lounging in a tepee above Silverlake squinting at the sun in scraps of lace but I’m also not surprised when I do.

placement ad 728 x 90


  1. This teepee captures and frames your laid back, stunning, style so incredibly well! The Balenciagas are splendid splendid and sturdy~breakin in those puppies will be tough, but worth every minute!!!!!

    Lauren at adorn la femme

  2. Rumi, you are so gorgeous.Your hair looks so beautiful and healthy;)And your eyes…Wow;) The shoes are very cool an dress is nice too;)Love your blog<3 Greetings from Finland 🙂