coachella 2013 photo diary

 photo pinkskyferriswheel_zps1df5be7d.jpgsand4horgth photo melon1_zpse2834767.jpg photo lightthrumt_zps34de67c0.jpgiro1 photo stuffff_zpsebd8a6a5.jpgbackshot photo vippalms_zpsc1acce3c.jpgflashlast3courtyard1deadpalm2ref1palmlights2marantsandalspalmfarmsand2
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photos by Colin Sokol and me

Coachella 2013! And that’s a wrap.

Wearing Acne Frame sunglasses, The Reformation Ozone dress and Dupre Top, Helmut Lang Chroma Drape Top, Ksubi leather shorts, Isabel Marant Carol sandals, BCBG Willow dress, Illesteva Leonard 2 sunglasses, Luv AJ Crystal Cross Necklace, Etoile Isabel Marant Layne shirt, and Converse Chucks. If I missed anything head to or FS.


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  1. I’m glad I got to see the snail before it got graffiti-ed. And I regret not going on the ferris wheel now that I see your scape photo. Next year! xxx

  2. I would love to go to Coachella one day – it looks beautiful. And I’m in awe of your ability to stay so pretty after three days in the desert!

  3. These pictures are unbelievable – I could look at them for days.
    Especially love the ones where you’re smiling – do it more you look beautiful! XX

  4. WOW!! Totally amazing! I guess you must get this a lot but I would absolutely die if you had a look on my blog! I’m an absolutely massive fan!!!!!!!

  5. Hi there ! I am a beeg fan of your blog !! I love all your outfits you are beautiful and inspiering so much !
    I wanted to ask about the black dress you were wearing with the allstar shoes , do you put a braw with it? And if you do what braw you put so it won’t be seen ?

  6. Did you have a good time though? I like your clothes, but you look like you had a really boring time……. let your hair down! act natural!!

  7. I always love your Coachella diaries, they always out beat everyone else’s!
    Sorta wish I could make a book out of all your photo diaries.

    Rumi Neely= queen of photo diaries.

  8. Love one of the first photos with you and the palms fron down below, absolutley perfect. Is it a fish-eye objectiv?

    Hugs! /p.

  9. amazing pics! it looks so cool and lovely, im obsessed with this blog ♥
    I just started my own blog and you inspire me!