bahamian getaway


From last weekend in beautiful Nassau! I was invited by The Cove Atlantis to hang out for a couple days where the only brain utilization necessary was deciding how to allocate time properly to falling asleep in a cabana, swimming with dolphins, wandering around the casino in terrified awe, feasting at Nobu, and swimming in the actually warm ocean. Don’t hate me too much, the trip was so nonstop that it was kind of over in an instant. I wore about three and a half scraps of clothing the whole time, mostly consisting of a Marysia bikini, Ark & Co. scalloped shorts, and an old season Isabel Marant dress I pounced on recently. That chain bedecked knee boot season was one of the best. Thank you to The Cove for spoiling us and the crew Matthew, Pamela Love, Rebecca Minkoff, Samantha Barks, Selita Ebanks, and Bryanboy for general hijinks. Cue the Instagram dot connectors!


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  1. i so need some blue sky in my life right now. Can’t stop staring at your photos. Belgium is one nonstop downpour through the entire first half of may. Anyway, amazing shots as always and you rocked that scalloped bikini. I’ve ordered this one a while ago too, so now just waiting for a perfect getaway.

  2. Looks so beautiful – you’re such a lucky girl! And good on you for getting that Marant dress – I remember seeing it and dying over how amazing it is.

  3. Looks like an awesome mini-break. Love the photo of the dolphins. Has every blogger received a pair of those Isabel Marant sandals? I swear I’ve seen at least a half dozen recently.