peach tones

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Being invited to ramble about makeup for Into the Gloss and getting to spend a bunch of time with Eva Chen has gotten me a little more amped on writing about beauty. I’m probably more obsessed with it and also obsessive about it than I let on. If you read through the feature you’ll now know that I’m kind of a crackhead, habitually abusive to my hair, and that I’m equally focused on being faithful to a smallish group of favorites as I am likely to abandon entire categories of products for months at a time. Usually it’s discovering a perfect version of something that gets me back on a certain track. So after a solid while of being “over” powder eyeshadow in favor of a clean cateye or a cream-based taupe color pressed under the lower lashes, Lancôme’s Color Design Palette has me back in its silky clutches. I think my mental issue was that it didn’t seem fresh or dewy all of a sudden to me, and the fallout issue just wasn’t worth dealing with. But there are no freakish colors here and it all just kinda glides on with no bits that get all up in your cornea, just pretty neutrals and a peachy gold color that I decided to model as a blush for you because I didn’t know what section of eyelid it belonged on. I used just enough of the mushroom brown to sink my eyes in a little bit, carefully smudged what was left in the brush underneath mascara-ed bottom lashes, blended highlighter into the browbone, and dotted the gold into the inner corners with a super skinny Muji Q-tip, which by the way are my lifeblood if you really have to know. Thanks Lancôme for restoring the faith!

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Eye Brightening Shadow and Liner Palette in Peach Opulence c/o Lancôme. Other products worn here are Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation, blotted out Clinique Chubby Stick in Mega Melon over Nuxe Rêve de Miel Lip Balm, and Stila Stay All Day liquid liner.

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  1. This post is so beautiful! The nearly-all-the way bottom liner is what I always attempt to do too. Except yours is actually executed well. xxx

  2. Taupe is a lovely color and I’m enjoying your clean cat eye. This is what I have been wearing during the day too. It’s a lovely version to the traditional and more dramatic cat eye.

  3. So amazingly & unfairly gorgeous. How I wish I had flawless skin to wear all these cool beauty products. I do eye makeup though & this is very beautiful. Too beautiful for someone who says they’re not really into/good with makeup haha


  4. you are incredible beautiful, and the makeup looks amazing as well 🙂 I’m gonna try that sometime soon, hopefully it’ll look as good

  5. Being a brunette has it’s benefits… I love these pastel colors on your skin.
    It almost looks like you have no make up, only the eyeliner that pops up.
    Love it. Keep up. <3