white night

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(ba&sh shirt, Iro Irwin skirt, Tom Ford sandals)

I’ve been addicted to these two pieces together this past week. Suede boots for day and mirrored foot corsets for night, one of the easier outfit transitions that’s gone down in my backseat. There’s a sentence that didn’t need to sound as dirty as it did. Anyway, a few of us went to go celebrate Bryan’s birthday a few days early in Malibu and the random weeknight reservation made for a perfectly quiet-except-for-us cabana experience. The Fords are fun and all but the real best accessory for airy type clothing has to be a pair of infernal heat lamps. Lincoln Center in February, please take note.

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  1. The second photo is so visually mesmerizing, cannot get enough. Legs for miles, sexy shoes and that dress isn’t exactly making it any less amazing!