sleepwalking on st. patrick’s day

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(Iro Zayne dress, Barbara Bui bucket bag)

Shot these on Sunday after flying in from London in the afternoon. I dropped my bags off at my house, threw on this little Iro dress I got in Paris, and got the hell out of there before my bed started whispering everything alluring to me. Managed to make it through drinks and a dimly lit dinner before everything transitioned into slow motion and effective human interaction was no longer an option. But no jet lag! Score.

Iro is one of my favorite French brands, I visited their shop in Le Marais twice to make sure I had scoured it the right amount. And I feel like I’m 80 percent more Coachella ready because of it. The best non-boring everyday pieces, and yay now they’re finally opening a store in New York. If you’re wondering how difficult it was to force myself to choose the army green over the white, it was right around a level 9.

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  1. I have been following you about six months. I like your style. Furthermore I lke your photograph and travel. I enjoy a lot watching this blog.

  2. This outfit is perfect ! I just got a dress from Iro ( very different from yours actually )but I wait for warmer days in Morocco to be able to wear it !
    Love your blog !!!

  3. love the dress … at first I thought it was a beach cover up and said to myself she should have gotten both white and khaki… then I saw that the dress cost $710 dollars.