that ’70s style

(Pierre Balmain paisley shirt, Jennifer Zeuner wishbone necklace, Elizabeth and James Stevie jeans)

If you come across some really really good flare jeans, I feel like you only need one pair. This makes them the opposite of biker jackets, which accumulate around me with increasing fervor like a damn tempest. Be worried for me cause even I almost am. Refocusing. That pair for me is Elizabeth and James’ Stevie jeans which I’ve been outfit blogging the crap out of for at least two years. Ok it felt like it was going to sound like a longer time until I typed that and it wasn’t actually that crazy but still. Important is the fact that they are 100% cotton – the idea of stretch flares gives me hives. Maybe Spandex hadn’t gotten around to denim yet in the ’70s so the lack of it now lends to its perceived authenticity. Why is it so easy to start sounding like I’m writing a term paper about fibers and such? Ugh. Well now you know where I stand on this. How do you feel? Is flared denim always just irrelevant enough to be perpetually relevant?

And ok I just checked on Wikipedia – Peter Golding, the “Eric Clapton of of denim”, brought us stretch denim in 1978. I can pickle that.

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