windy in st. germain

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(Sonia Rykiel coat, Alexander Wang chenille sweater, vintage belt, Forever 21 skirt, Balenciaga shoes, Proenza Schouler chain wallet, Céline sunglasses)

Fashion-aware scruffy person is one of my favorite ways to dress, and for a day that consisted of hopping in and out of the metro going to shows and presentations, it also made a lot of sense. This Sonia coat has been my favorite piece to throw over everything tiny this week, I think I drown in it just enough. By the way, chenille has to be the most obscure fabric, right? Mostly only terrible pillows hang out with it. I learned this week that it means ‘caterpillar’, which made me grin for about a minute straight. Full license to now call this my caterpillar crop top.

Today was the final day of fashion month, my last dose being the super dramatic Louis Vuitton show at the Louvre’s Cour Carrée (watch it for yourself here) but Bryan and I still have a few days left in Paris. We’re going to maximize that fact however we can so if you have any ideas on how that might be possible let us know! Meanwhile I’ll work on a plan that involves never having to leave.

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