van’s tavern

(vintage faux fur jacket and oversized sweater, American Apparel satin shorts, Plush thigh highs, Jessica Simpson platform sandals, Jas MB clutch)

Super Bowl Sunday. I cherish the day for being able to roam the entire county from the beach to the streets while the game’s on and have it feel as deserted as the island I don’t own yet…and faux-joining in on the enthusiasm with the drunk people stumbling from house party to sports bar and back. I wonder if this is very un-patriotic of me. Either way I’ve always found it more fun to partake in athletic activities than observe them. Not to imply that I’m actually good at anything besides tennis and batting cages cause I’m not.

These thigh highs are the most novel and I suppose practical addition to my closet in a while. They’re lined in fleece and so warm that I’ve actually found myself having to take them off in some rather awkward places. I bought the tights version as well and hope they help in some way against the cold in NYC in a few days.

And it looks like I’m probably going to Tokyo next month…crazy.

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