bunny hug

(Topshop dress, Chloe boots, Made Her Think talon ring, rackkandruin horsehair earrings)

Nothing new but a new Topshop dress. From Saturday when we had some friends over and went out for some fun..too bad I look way too faded in most of the photos. Wore it with my white Wang Brenda bag. Two strange things about this dress – the website claims gray but it definitely shoots purple..a color I always avoid. And it’s cozy to the point of being boiling hot saved only by almost complete backlessness. Stranger that I love it anyway.

Our friend Sean upon meeting Kumo – “Oh my God, what is that? You guys have a bunny?”

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  1. >Love the velvet dress.. The color too is fab, they are getting the same color/fabric stuff at H&M this fall, I´ve seen. Beautiful

  2. >I love how the material gives off the shine or something like that, your boots are awesome and your cat really looks like a bunny!!!!

  3. >Kumo,lovely Kumo! he's so cuuuute!this dress is lovely! and I'm still crazy about this boots…we eat the same flakes!!

  4. >it is so frusterating to get things and have them end up a different color. Even if it is just in photos- it then makes it hard to sell it on ebay in the future. If that's what you choose, that is…Anyway, that cat is incredible! I don't want to brag, but I have grown up with cats, and have one now, so y'know, I would know… :)I've recently returned to my blog after a huge hiatus, but I've followed yours, through the Wang sweater, the modelling contract and other adventures- love it!Lots of support :)-Dana

  5. >this has got to be one of my favorite dresses on you!its absolutely incredible!and that "you guys have a bunny?" is the best thing iv heard today!x

  6. >The dress looks really gorgeous on you, I love it! And your kitty is interesting, I bet she gives warm big cuddles, at least 😀

  7. >I love your cat! How exactly does your cat look like a bunny?On another note, I love that dress. And I know what you mean, I recently bought a pink/orange dress – a colour I usually avoid – but I love it. The dress looks amazing with those boots!Hayley.xx

  8. >isn't your kitty dying by the heat? your dress looks stunning on you, and i may tell you i think you're the only one who can actually work a dress like this.. xoxo

  9. >SEXual.not a fan of animals though – a friend actually called me once to say that she had to put down her cat and I laughed.Was it a shock reaction…?Hmm I 'll go with half and half.I'm now wondering whether this was the best place to share this semi-offensive story… ah well, who cares done it now.I'll say it again, SEXualThat is all.

  10. >I wanted the dress in black but never got it in fear of suffocating in the heat!!maybe i will now since you've justified and worn it so nicely!lovessss the cat haha!www.lipstickboudoir.blogspot.com

  11. >haha! I cant believe Kumo was mistaken for a bunny! How?I just put up pics of my new pug puppy she is incredibley hard to photograph as she never sits still but people often ask 'what is she?' when they see her. Love it if you'd check out my blog :)Much love from Ireland,magpie-girl.blogpsot.com

  12. >Your kitty's adorable -he looks so pissed!I considered that very same TS velvet dress… then thought it looked too much like too many other garments I ownxxx

  13. >I think your pictures and outfit looks great, and your kitty is just too adorable! Have I mention I love your boots too?

  14. >Kumo is amazing! I love cats so much, even when they are being crazy and constantly jumping on our plasma tv.The velvety dress is a beauty!x

  15. >OH. MY. GOD. That is the most gorgeous creature I have ever seen! I want one just like it! Awesome dress too! You look stunning. X

  16. >whoaaaaaaa there missy, what an awesome cat! When I got my bunnies my ma was acting a bit funny, she seemed kind of suspicious of them… she was convinced that I'd bought guinea-pigs by mistake. Silly ma.btw, I'm always so amazed you find the acest topshop stuff! I live in London and never turn up the awesome goods you pick out!

  17. >I've seen this dress on the website and you're right, totally different colour. I love it though, velvet is awesome! Amazing outfit and you have the sweetest cat :)http://flowergirlfashion.blogspot.com/

  18. >I like you in color! You haven't really been wearing it lately and I find it more inspiring when high profile bloggers try and incorporate it.Such an awesome kitty!love the fashion kiwihttp://www.thefashionkiwi.blogspot.com

  19. >Oh my gosh the last comment made me crack up! Love the dress! I need to get me some backless dresses…

  20. >Probably, I wouldn have never bought that velvet dress, but once i've seen it on you it looks great. boots + dress is perfection. I guess even if I bought it, it wouldnt look that good on me, yours is a top body!!!!

  21. >Oh my word you are too CUTE I love Kumo…so sweet. I am loving backless dresses this summer, too. I sooo many from American Apparel :0)

  22. >ha i couldn't figure out wether that was a cat or something else the first 2 pictures.the dress is really nice, i saw it online at topshop but skipped buying it since i have this black velvet short-sleeved one from H&Mit was soo good 10 buckss on sale

  23. >you look so gorgeous on these photos! and your cat is sooo adorable!wow, not many people could pull off that dress but you totaaally do! :)xoxo

  24. >I have pretty much the same dress in black that I find while out thrifting….perfect velvet peice…Still have a thing for those boots ..xxxAsh

  25. >That cat is priceless!! And so is your friend's comment! haha cuuuute!I feel ya about avoiding purple… although this looks kind of like an ash purple in the photos, which, in my humble opinion, is totally fine! You look great 🙂

  26. >lol at Kumo's expression in the second shot. Cats are so good at the irritated, condescending thing :)He's such a cutie!And loving the low back velveteen dress. Nice.

  27. >definitely looks purple. i wouldnt wearit but hey … that s why i like your blog rumi, you wear things i wouldnt even think of .your cat looks a bit bloated .dont mind me i hate cats .

  28. >Adore the colour of the dress, is amazing!! And the boots are stunning!xxwww.sexyinthecity.es

  29. >Lovely shot of you and the Kitty <3In our house we keep Special K constantly in the cupboard…. Red Berries for me…. and Vanilla Almond for him…. ;)How would you rate Cinnamon Pecan?x

  30. >Thank you for reminding me where you got that very tempting talon ring!I could have used your cats for a cat fashion show my friend was having! I know, I know, weird and you probably wouldn't want to subject your cats to that strangeness, but your cats are damn cute! P.S. love how you use "faded" as opposed to "tossed," "sloshed," "wasted," and "tanked." I think "faded" has got to be a Northern Cali thing. Maybe it's the new "hella?" Just kidding.

  31. >I can't believe they said that was grey, most definitley purple. Ah, I love your cat too, it looks like a big bunny with extra hair!XOXOXLibbyhttp://fashionconfectionairy.weebly.com

  32. >I love the glamour of the dress, when factored with the special K cereal. 8I wish I looked that good, whilst enjoying my favourite breakfast snck…Hxp.s. Cool cat.

  33. >hahaha, "bunny"! really made me laugh on a just-not-so-good day. btw, the colour of the dress is almost like a cat's, they sometimes are grey to a point that they're turning blue. the chartreuse cat, for example. big up the crushed velvet!

  34. >I hate the dress it reminds me of how Sharon Stone dresses now, mutton as lamb. And the horse earrings??? just gross me out.

  35. >Kumo is adorable!! these pictures make me want a cat again. also i love the dress. it looks great on you.i really like the 3rd picture.

  36. >OMG your cat it's huge!!!i would like t have a cat like yours!!anyway i like your outfit ^^http://shoothebreeze.blogspot.com

  37. >OMG your cat it's huge!!!i would like t have a cat like yours!!anyway i like your outfit ^^http://shoothebreeze.blogspot.com

  38. >Lol at Seans comment, otherwise lovely shaped dress, I like backless and purple!Lauren smartscruffyfashion

  39. >Thanks for the info, whenever I have anything for breakfast that is a little too sweet, I dunno it kind of makes me ill.. 🙁 but I am keen on frozen strawberries, great for smoothies.PS: Rumi, I highly recommend my new favorite cereal — POST Trail Mix CRUNCH …..don't worry, *Special K red berries still ties with it, though! 😉Check it out here for coupons + info…http://www.postcereals.com/trailmixcrunch/x

  40. >That little kitten has gotten HUGE (huge for a cat anyway.) Nonetheless, he/she is very cute and cuddly looking.

  41. >Great outfit! I think in the winter it'll look great with some sheer white shimmery tights as well.Your hair looks fabuluous and you could actually go darker. While you never looked bad as a blonde, this complements your skin tone 1000x more.

  42. >next time you're in la you have to have to have to check out skingraft downtown. you will be so stoked on their wicked accessories (harnesses, chains, etc.)

  43. >that dress is near perfection lady! perfect for a early fall day. Love it with the boots, it looks soo hot on you! Initially i thought for sure it was the Erin wasson x rvca dress for fall 09.your friend sean is hilarious lol.xx

  44. >OH MY GOD, this is the bigest cat I ever seen ! But he's soooo cute :)These pictures are totally perfect and you're wonderfull like always.XxX from FranceLou

  45. >yeah, I tend to stay away from purple too. probably the only way I'd buy it would be if it were labeled gray too 😛 I need to broaden my "colors I would be caught dead in" horizons :pheh, go sean 😛 I've had that same reaction to my dog, only like a small lion rather than bunny. he kinda has a mane, it's epic 😛

  46. >only you could pull off the amazingness that is this dress… plus the fact that i'm a sucker for anything backless, especially when worn with lace-up booties. you've inspired me to start wearing velvet again… now if only it wasn't like 93 degrees…xo

  47. >I really lovevelvet, but feel that it´s a "winter feeling" over it. You proved me wrong, it´s delicious and the back is amazing.

  48. >haha wow a bunny….? dont know what he was thinking… :)those (amazing) boots make you look so tiny! love it, as always!www.getobsessed.blogspot.com

  49. >Photos are superb. Kumo looks ferocious. Ferociously adorable. Great dress! Fits you like a second velvety skin. Reminds me of Seinfeld when George wanted to be esconced in velvet. He doesn't have your body though.

  50. >I read too fast and thought his name was Sumo, haha. I didn't think there was anything cuter than you, but if there was, it would be him!

  51. >you just introduced me to MY NEW LOVE, and it is THAT DRESS.woah. i need topshop wher i am.guuuuuuuuurrr.cute cat 🙂

  52. >Love that dress!(your cat doesn't look like a bunny! It's cute!!)XXX Saartje (The Netherlands) Don't know why I say that o.0 Never mind:P

  53. >so it goes without saying that you look awesome [as always] and your boyf is an excellent photographer…. seriousy good….is it his profession or did he get this good by snapping you frequently???

  54. >i think you need to turn that flash down a bit!!!Also you shouldn't have the cat's bum on the table, you guys might end up with worms :(I think that dress is great.

  55. >I'm loving the backless style. And Kumo is the most adorable cat ever!! I love the picture where he's sitting on the table, staring at the box of cereal. Too cute!!

  56. >just discovered your bloggy via NEXT models' site and must say i quite enjoy your blog!you're living the life i hope to live once i move to NYC … :)happy 4th, pretty girl!xoxox

  57. >I have a huge problem with lint.. How on earth do you manage to protect your pretty clothes (specially wool!) from getting kitty fuzz all over them?? You have a PERSIAN cat!

  58. >I think you pull off purple well. I used to avoid it too, but I realized it's the color of grape soda, so I feel obligated to wear it. Another obligation: to report to a fellow 'Empire Records' fan that Rory Cochrane's career lives to this day!!! Lucas was my favorite from the movie, and I wore a ribbed black turtleneck in junior high to dress like him. Anyway, Rory is in "Public Enemies." He has chubby cheeks.

  59. >Love the dress, and it suits your figure well. I'm amused at the comment about 'no curves'. This dress would look so raunchy on a big booty. On a thin frame it looks chic. The kitty is adorable! Mine always tries to get in the shot whenever I take a picture. He's such a ham, I swear…

  60. >That dress is great. It reminds me of an ice skater :p . And i think i am obsessing over your cat.. or should i say bunny hahah