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I’m building a smallish summer wardrobe..the talon ring is coming via eBay from Thailand. Will report back on how it compares in real life. Crochet bodysuit + shorts + sunglasses + cross earrings = 4th of July.

I was up at the RVCA headquarters today and got to try on the prototypes for the pieces I surreal. We’re looking at a few more months before they’re available, but I’m so excited! Kristin was looking smashing in a floral dress, quartz necklace, and peep toe motorcycle boots and I got to take a close look at the OCTAGON they had put in. They never fail to impress.

placement ad 728 x 90


  1. >I am getting that crochet body aswell but in cream, love Topshop! Oh and the girl that wore those black lace trousers on her blog is so cool!Lauren xsmartscruffyfashion

  2. >Wow that talon ring is pretty special!!! Love most of your choices, you're like me, in that you don't really do florals and I love that!!

  3. >I dont know about a crochet body suit,dont think i'd ever be comfortable in that.But you seem to pull off alot of things so im sure it will look nice on you.

  4. >Love the white blazer, I got a linen one from the Goodwill, and I'm obsessed, I wear it all the time.Can't wait to see what your pieces for RVCA look like. Must've been a really great experience getting to work with them. You're very fortunatexx

  5. >congrats!I have been drooling over that crochet body. So chic! Cross earrings I have already bought, so 90's and chic!

  6. >RVCA can't be beat…so cool how both you and Erin Wasson have done this now. Such a dream come true.I love those nude boots btw!love the fashion kiwi

  7. >Your blog is soooo cool :))I think everything you post is soo damn cool !No matter what u post it's still coolLove ur blog! It rocks !

  8. >can't wait for the stuff to come out!!!ps. still in love with the outfit on 6/10/09 post. RVCA tshirt + Stolen Girlfriend's Club jeans.. love love love!!

  9. >the talon ring is incredible!!! wow! I wanted to talon cuff from Pamela love sooo badly, but i coudn't slide it over the width of my knuckles πŸ™ SO DISAPPOINTING it still bites.Where are the shoes from on the bottom right? Target? They're MK's balenciagas/knocks (?) adore them!!!!xx

  10. >there are sooo many amaaazing pieces! i think i may love the floral bellbottom tights best tho, eccentricity reigns!

  11. >American Apparel has a new black lace tank top/bodysuit. I tried it on yesterday and it seems like something you might like. xoxox,

  12. >Bottom, right hand corner…. Balenciaga or knocks?? πŸ™‚ ** Please do tell! **Futhermore, congrats on RVCA… lady!x

  13. >I love you Rumi! But u really need to add some variety to your wardrobe these days, so repetitive…u are slowly but surely becoming irrelevant.

  14. >You always choose the best shoes, Rumi. I'm still upset that I didn't manage to buy your VS spiked ankle boots/Sam Edelman strappy shoes/Aldo peep toe black boots πŸ™‚ xoxo

  15. >I've had my eyes on that crochet body suit too. I bet it will look fab ony you. That talon ring has been on my wish list forever. Would love to see how it looks like on a finger. -Vel

  16. >aaaaawh Kristin look amaze me so much! I want to see her!!! you're designing a collection? wow, lucky you!!! can I design the shoes?? (I'm kidding!)this vest from topshop is so gorgeous and i like so much the jewels!!!

  17. >i feel like we have the same format for our blogs but i can't figure out how to get my images to be large when they aren't dragged directly from another webpage. . . like when i upload them from my desktop. . . hmm, any suggestions?

  18. >I love your blog!Read my blog if you want to read about a swedish girls glamoures student life. My blog tells you all the secret and even more πŸ˜‰ You can translate my blog into english with google translator, there is an icon at my blog. Hugs and kisses from Sweden!

  19. >Love the grey boots they are seriously cool. And awesome ring! I need to get my hands or rather fingers on some of those!

  20. >the lace bell bottoms are just too good to be true right? hope I can afford some of your rvca clobber, how exciting!LuvLuxxxx

  21. >all wonderful pieces that i would love to get my claws on! and congrats on RVCA! can't wait to see those pieces.x

  22. >Like your fourth of july outfit, nice bodysuit!XOXOXOLibby

  23. >mmm! I love so much, the boots and obviously the rings, I've been wanting the made her think talon one for so long now. And I can't freakin wait to see the RVCA prototypes! you must gives us previews as soon as you have them! So exciting πŸ™‚

  24. >I bought a very similar crochet body suit in black,oh I always loved those Balenciaga heels ( They're Balenciaga,right? )

  25. >Cant wait to see this collection your designing!! Love the brown leather killer heels and peace necklace!much love form

  26. >the talon ring is from Made Her Think jewelry at They are out of that ring, but has it. Only $110.

  27. >materialkitten.blogspot.commaterialkitten.blogspot.commaterialkitten.blogspot.commaterialkitten.blogspot.commaterialkitten.blogspot.comlove yur 4th of july outfit!!

  28. >wow your own clothing line that is so exciting!! if your personal style is any clue of how cool it is going to be then I have no doubt it will be a huge hot seller!Loving the summer wardrobe, especially the cutoffs and body suit, but as it happens it is freezing in south brazil right now.. –> my brand new blog πŸ™‚

  29. >i can see you wearing all of these things! you should get those bell bottom lace pants, i' m thinking about getting them too! oh god, can you imagine how many stares/comments you would get wearing them though? fuck that though ahah i'm getting them!i love the color of those ld tuttle shoes too, i hecka want some beige colored boots too! oh and i made myself a huge cross earring, i pulled it off from an old necklace. i guess i will be only wearing one earring though…i will make you one too!

  30. >awesome piecess! love the bodysuit and the

  31. >those talon rings are amazing and i can't think of anything better for fourth of july than a crochet bodysuit and denim shorts!still can't wait to see your designs =)

  32. >love the talon bracelet and the black/white tribal-ish tank! hope all goes well with the clothing line!

  33. >*hejhej! Skulle du vilja tjΓ€na pengar pΓ₯ din blogg? Svara gΓ€rna pΓ₯ frΓ₯gan i min blogg. Ha det bra! :)*


  35. >i wanna know how you do your hair..i would love to go blond…and i wanna know what your hair looked like before it got so amazingly naturally blond!!!

  36. >wow those lace leggings are amazing! i havent seen any bellbottom leggings before!

  37. >Did you design the pieces on the picture? They're awesome, wether or not you made them doesnt matter, but if you did that's amazing!

  38. >All these items make me think of the 1990's. Hilarious how things come around again, still give me a chance to wear them since in the 90's i was rocking floral cycle shorts, baggy t-shirts and green flash [which i still love now! haha] (^-^)