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(Monrow dress, boyfriend’s navy wifebeater, Chloe wedges, RVCA crochet clutch)

I honestly had no idea how comfortable this whole maxi dress thing could be…this is about as ‘summery’ as I can get when it rains in June.

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  1. >I think your dress has the perfect length for a maxi dress. And I like the combination of navy blue with that beautiful red.

  2. >I love how you're wearing a singlet over your dress! Very creative the way you have tied it also!

  3. >looks good. its something new but i like it very much…LOVE your shoes darling. would be happy if you take a look at my blog,love lara

  4. >I think Maxi Dresses are the most comfortable shit ever too. I wear them to the airport all the time.As for your outfit , even though it's not your best in my humble opinion . I am happy that its different than your norm. Because things can get repetitive and this caught me by surprise.I would tell you to visit my blog , but you never do haha.Fashion-Intervention

  5. >I love the idea of this outfit! It doesn't suit you that well, though. Your best feature are your legs and when you cover them up and let your arms show you obviously don't look as good as in shorts ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. >The shoes look a bit awkward in my opinion, however I love the rest, especially the way you've tied the top over the dress.

  7. >Not terribly imaginative IMHO. What happened to the Rumi of yester-blog who used to come up with insane creative ideas and lots of inspired vintage-wear? The stuff you "rock" lately makes me so sleepy, I drool. NOT in a good way. For some reason, you've been playing it safe for awhile now and lost a lot of the inspiration that started this whole thing. I can't take how dowdy this outfit is. It's downright blinding me with the amount of mundane it brings.

  8. >No, it's not great, Floriane. You lie; you are lie-telling. Rumi, you couldn't pull this off if you were the last Wasson-wannabe on Earth.

  9. >I love how you have teamed the wife beater and maxi dress together, it just fits so unexpectedly well

  10. >I think that the dress should be either shorter or longer. That's not a good lenght, not very becoming, IMHO, of course.

  11. >rain in june sucks. I wonder if summer will ever arrive for good.I love the idea of maxi dresses but I think you would totally rock a floral one with heaps of bangles and stuff!did you get some lowlights done?Iยดm thinking about it but Iยดm not sure if they last well on bleached hair..<3I

  12. >I was so into tie a knot on my clothes right now. super awesome. nicely tied bow. but the maxi dress is a lil hmmm.. off.

  13. >I was begginin o miss the Chloe's…Really like how you layered that blue top over the black dress (which to me it's a bit short, but that's only a matter of tastes..) I like this look. It's different from the usual and you pull it off really well.

  14. >I hate haters. They should keep their rubbish opinion to themselves. I personally think this is an amazing outfit. I'm itching to try it out! ^^

  15. >nice, especially the navy over black. i think the dress would look even better if it were an inch or two longer to cover your ankles. props for stepping out of your comfort zone!

  16. >nice colour blocking, but the boots look wrong with this look. if you're going to wear heels, the dress needs a couple more inches in length. but flats would have looked cuter

  17. >I'm also wearing a long dress today for the first time and I'm loving every second. It's elegant and comfortable at the same time, you have to love it ๐Ÿ™‚

  18. >not sure if i'm totally enamored with the ball on the front of the wifebeater, but i'm definitely a fan of those shoes!

  19. >i love the outfit! and i love your shoes!… im just not a fan of them together. the shoes make the outfit look awkward. but i really like the knot tied at the front :)

  20. >First time my initial reaction was actually 'ew, what did she do?' One of those outfits I just don't love. Sorry! It all looks a bit too experimental gone wrong.

  21. >Hmmm I'm not sure I'd try this one myself, but good for you for always taking risks…that's what a trendsetter does.I do like the clutch tho!

  22. >Very hippy and ashley olsen, like brooke said, but i definately prefer your more glamorous creations…And those red (chloe?) boots never stop 'wow'-ing

  23. >love this look. i wish i was a little taller (i'm 5'2") so i could rock maxi length skirts/dresses

  24. >I love your wedges! I can't believe how it is cold and rainy for June! Scientists say that earth is getting warmer but I think that it's getting colder! -iris

  25. >Awful, just awful. The knot is very juvenile looking and the shoes and dress is a bad combo. The whole outfit screams 'Wasson gone bad'.

  26. >The Chloe shoes are great, just not with this particular outfit. It would have looked a lot more carefree with flat sandals.

  27. >Well I guess a bunch of people hate it but I personally love it. It's different. Everyone expects floor-grazing flowery maxi dresses with sandals. You did it your own way. Love.

  28. >Been following your blog for a whilw now, and I absolutely love it! Really nice pictures and your style is just awesome.And it rains in Finland in June too :>

  29. >I love the fact that you are not afraid to take risks, but I just don't think this outfit is flattering. The boots are usually great on you but not with this dress in my opinion.

  30. >Maybe with a longer dress!!But I think it's a no-no. Love the idea with the wifebeater and all, but god, it's not looking good!You look like a walking gypsy-corpse. Sorry.U are still my number-one blog-love.

  31. >The "haters" aren't hating, they're telling the truth. As for the people who think this outfit "looks great"; stop sucking up!Rumi, you can pull off a lot of things, but this is a mismatch even you can't make look good.

  32. >I'm completely in love with this. You obviously have a great sense of style, but this is my favorite outfit of yours by far that I've seen in a while. The colors are rad, and the wifebeater over maxidress thing is super inspiring and lovely. Hope you're doing well girl ๐Ÿ™‚

  33. >Since I'm short I feel kinda silly wearing maxi dresses especially because I don't usually wear heels and I always thought they were a bit to glam for me, but seeing how you did it in such a hi-lo sort of way totally makes me want to give them another try. The shoes are amazing too! –> my very first blog! ๐Ÿ™‚

  34. >Are those orthopedic platform shoes? or are u just ashamed of being short? because that dress looks so horrid with those type of shoes. It would look so much cooler with just simple black flip-flops.

  35. >LOVE the clutch, the maxi and top over it look fab but not so much into the wedges, the color is setting me off a bit. But to each her own;) Wishing you a lovely weekend!!

  36. >Love seeing you in a dress! a lot of mixed comments on this post outfit!! I have to say i personally like the dress and i love the shoes, but separately. Im not sure i like them together. BUt everyones tastes are different!Much love from Ireland

  37. >great simple outfit..loving the chloe shoesthank you for your e-mail back, i kind of had an idea of what to do already and began ahead of timeyour e-mail told me that the direction i was headed was correct, things have already started to look upthanks so much!!!your blog is great, as alwayskeep it up!-cmacheck out my blog

  38. >Maxi dresses are so comfortable. I really like the way you tied the wife beater! It takes a simple outfit up a notch.xoxo Isabella Clarisse

  39. >i love, love, love what you've done with your boyfriend's wifebeater! i'll be raiding the wardrobe for my boyfriend's Bonds…!

  40. >The shoes look really strange with that dress and the navy knotted top over that dress looks too random. I don't like the look. If someone hates the outfit, what are they gonna say? That they love it? People are just giving their opinions (as long as they aren't too rude). As if the people saying 'hater' love EVERY outfit she wears.

  41. > it.Ive been looking for a dress like that, you pulled this together in your own way and its sick ๐Ÿ˜‰

  42. >i think all items suit you but not this combination… that length dres with heavy shoes is reminiscent of an old lady outfit… the singlet over the dress is interesting but i really think it called for subtle shoes

  43. >Wow, the heaviness of the shoes with that outfit is offputting. Especially if you choose to model with your posture like that- it ages you or puts you into a really unflattering time warp, your pick. I'm sorry because I tend to get really inspired by you, but you really missed the mark on this one. The colors don't work, the length of the dress for the shoes you chose is unflattering. It's pretty amateur.

  44. >Hmmmm, i really like your shoes but not sure about the combinaton. But it's very creative nevertheless i love the knot too!XOXOXOLibby

  45. >simply because she has taken a risk does not mean it was a risk well executed. This is a FAIL. The terrible "pose" and the shoes bring down an already questionable look. To make this constructive criticism, the length of the dress contrast terribly with the shoes and the three colors vying for attention makes the outfit too busy. As such, trying the outfit with flat shoes might have been better or instead of cutting the line of the dress with the tank you could have opted to leave the top out.Thanks for trying but this in NO WAY COMPARES to the olsens or other such fashion icons.

  46. >the way that the knot of the wife beater looks like a rose on the front of the dress is great. love the outfit!

  47. >u are awesome rumi.. if you other readers really hate her outfits that much why do you even care enough to check this blog? i bet you guys check it all the time. jealous people can be so petty!

  48. >i see what you did mix a meh outfit amidst stunners (which, in turn ups your profile views/comments) is controversial genius. gold. better than gold. titanium platinum.this is your blog and dammit, you are god!

  49. >Hey Rumi, did you know that you're featured on the Forever 21 blog? They liked the necklace revamp, and so did I. ๐Ÿ™‚

  50. >im not definitely a hater,but if u wear heel are much better than that wedges.bring back ur rocker chic look hunny!:)

  51. >i love the dress.. but think this whole look would be better with open toe sandals… come to think of it.. i've never seen you wearing those! i also think hair up in this case.

  52. >I've been following your blog for a while now and I love the outfits you put together. I'm not loving this one, though. It reminds me of the 90s and not in a good way. The skirt's hemline does not flatter you at all. It makes you look only 5 feet tall and if I remember it right you once mentioned you were 5'7"? Put those body-con mini dresses and denim panties back on! ๐Ÿ˜›

  53. >hi, i've been following your blog for a long time now and i really like it just to inform you that you appear in my blog, i hope it is ok :)

  54. >seeing that it's made of soft and light material, i can imagine how comfy you felt. loving it! i esp love the blue top that you tied over your dress, it really adds a nice touch.

  55. >Good grief. Why do so many feel the need to be awful? The tank over the maxi dress is very creative; so much so as to elicit my commenting. And the centrally located knot is like a contemporary rosette. A really very excellent silhouette. The shoes are a bit heavy, but I understand this as the hard/soft you seem to vie for.

  56. >uck i see you're jumping on the kristen stewart shirt knotting band wagon nowawfuljust awfuland those shoes were a terrible choice

  57. >loving the knotted tee look! kristen stewart seems to be doing that alot, but you pull it off better with the dress!

  58. >I think the dress would go well with a big chunky necklace not overly fussed about the shoes.And to the above……the jean shorts are gorgeous!

  59. >This is bad rumi…are u a model? if i showed up to a casting in tht they would send me right back out the door. Your body looks blah and shapeless in this.

  60. >oh no. this is so awful! what were you thinking?!?!Actually this just verges on funny! hahahahahahahaha. who do you think you are? The olsen twins?? you just can keep up dear. oh this just pains me.

  61. >long isn't good for straight up and down bodyshapes, and this outfit shows us why. Return to the minis i say!

  62. >I'm sorry, but the knotted tank thingi was a copy cat from Swedish blogger. Not your best….the chloe wedges so TACKY and circus like.

  63. >Hey i think u never reply all of our comments . It's just like ur posting a blog with hundreds of comments and who cares . So u move on posting other postes . Do u even read the comments ? And where's the smile ? I've never seen u smile in ur photos . Can u even smile ?Well i'm sure u won't answer my questions too!!Well too bad, such a damn good blog but such careless blogger .www.sabilanata.blogspot

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  65. >Those shoes don't go with the rest of the outfit…. it's like Ronald Mcdonald meets Mischa Barton.. clown shoes plus not so astonishing barfbag dress….. you've done much better. Your outfits are starting to dissapoint…. I miss how your posts used to be. Later