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(Topshop tshirt, Morgan de Toi skirt, Emma Cook for Topshop boots, vintage necklaces, Noir studded bracelet)

Sunday. Waking up slowly and sweetly/peppermint soap/oatmeal with peaches/coral nail polish/new blue ring/car wash/swap meet/Peruvian ceviche/melon hookah/orange sunset at the beach/living room party/homemade popcorn/watching the history channel/feeding the cats/the end. Perfect.

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  1. >This seems like a poor man's version of the Brian L shoot you posted a while back. We get it already- Colin is a good photog. Move on. Oh and in England, Morgan is the tackiest/cheapest label; so much so that it's not arund anymore. On the positive, your legs look fantastic.

  2. >Morgan isn't tacky or cheap… I'd agree if you were talking about JaneNorman..Anyways love the photos, and the living room is real cute!

  3. >what a cool t-shirt idea. I think I might do some of my own DIY when I get the chance. Perfect for those oversized tees.

  4. >I love the last photo of your cats with the fishbone. Is that a brooch?Lovely throw/blanket that you're sitting on, too. Peruvian?

  5. >I LOVE how the crazy colours of that blanket are seen in your MacBook! amazing!You look great obviously! Im jealous of your sunday!:)x

  6. >love the skirt with the boots and your blanket over the coffee table! you look great

  7. >ah i love that tee from topshop i must go there again soon. they opened one in NY! which is super exciting. u are gorgeous, and these photos are amazing as always :)Loveeliza

  8. >love the baggy shirt with the little leopard print skirt. Such a personal look into your life…thanks rumi!the fashion kiwi

  9. >Love your tee. I have noticed in a few shops these tees with texts paris london, etc so I guess itΓ€s a trend again. That version is supercut!

  10. >Reallly love your skirT, kinda reminds me of what i wore When i was5 πŸ™‚ Souns lke you had a lovely weekend too, have a great week!XOXOXOXOLibby

  11. >I've been eyeing up that top the past couple of times ive been in Topshop, great pictures! The cats are so cutee.

  12. >Hi Rumi,i'm a frequent reader of your blog & i do give honest comment occasionally. You've great body. Nice tee, but not the skirt. Try doing something more unique and not so predictable. i love your messiness but somehow, there is lacking of some originality in it. i don't know what is the word to describe it but anyway, keep up your effort despite my comments. i hope this will be some of your guidelines for improvements πŸ™‚ i look forward to more of your upcoming post πŸ™‚ All the best!

  13. >What an interesting t-shirt! Is that a diy or was it like that? And how did you decide on that hair color for yourself? I ask this because I was thinking of changing mine but I wanted to keep it a natural look, like yours!

  14. >this has to be one of your best posts yet. So much emotion is shown through these pics not only because of your expression but because of the eclectic setting. I luv it :)

  15. >You are gorgeous, very beautiful and you've got that special something that is so damn unique. Looking through the pictures on your blog, you have truly inspired me. I'm a new blogger, but I am definitely writing a post dedicated to you. So make sure to take a peek at my blog: You changed my view of the fashion world!! thank you :)x

  16. >so boring, you loosing your touch so much. when you first started the blog was so inspiring and now its pure shite. sorry.

  17. >This is the coolest blog post ever. I love your hair. I love your skin. I love the way you wear your hair. I love the way you tie your t shirt. I love you apartment. I love the color of the carpet. I love the color of the walls. I love your cats. I love what you did. I love Peruvian ceviche. I love the orange sunset at the breach too!! I love watching the history channel. We have soo much in common that I cannot even deal.

  18. >Your tshirt is so cute! I love the Mexican printed runner on your table. Your house is beautifully decorated. Great photos!-Emilee

  19. >Love the boots.and i love how you made a plain tee interesting.Did you cut one side to make it batwing the knot it?Amazing outfit

  20. >Your boots are exactly what I want! Love Sundays.. And snow days like I am having now

  21. >Man I don't know why some people are so hateful at you in these comments! There's a difference between constructive feedback and just being mean people. Anyways, I really just meant to ooh over how cute your cats were :p

  22. >Great!!! PERUVIAN CEVICHE!!! it's cool to hear u like peruvian food!ceviche + inca cola = Perfect!greetings from Peru …xxx

  23. >hey! How was Paris?? Anyway, I met you at Zara in Southcoast plaza! Hope it went well! The shopping must have been insane.I love love love those polka dot leggings and that All over chain hoodie. Soo cute…and I walk around my house in heels all the time..good stuff.

  24. >i thought that skirt was going to be vintage but was pleasantly surprised after scrolling down! it's super funkayyyy. loveitlady.

  25. >That Mexican blanket reminds me of the good ol' days of my Southern Californian childhood in the South Bay. Good times.

  26. >That Mexican blanket reminds me of the good ol' days of my Southern Californian childhood in the South Bay. Good times.

  27. >Do you use special lighting as these don't look shot by a normal camera flash? They have come out beautifully. But I have to say, you don't half attract some really weird people on here. Stephanie? Stalker waiting to happen.

  28. >a peek into the apartment? love it!and that shirt is cool, I remember morgan de toi, didnΒ΄t see the laber for years though, I think.<3I

  29. >WAUUU!! tus gatos que preciosidadentra y compra o vende tu ropa aqui!!!

  30. >HI Rumi,I really like these pics they seem v personal an insight into your home and you. Keep them up! id love to see photos of your closet!Also maybe you could a post on tips for us beginners and how to create our own outfit posts? Do you pose or does your boyfriend just catch you in the moment? things like that. much love from

  31. >I have that same cat feeder – it's from Target, red enamel over metal, and is very nice. And, people, Rumi doesn't have any workout secrets – when I was her age I could eat like a horse and stay skinny. It's genetics that has blessed her with thinness and muscle tone. There is no magic formula. If you don't have those genes, or get older, you have to work out like a mofo and greatly restrict your eating habits. Duh. Love your blog, Rumi dear.

  32. >The angles are really interesting… like some of these shots were taken from a 'behind the curtain' perspective. Pretty cool.

  33. >I agree. it could be a DYI action. anyway, looks great!*meow*

  34. >I love your blog, it's definately one of my favourites.I have that top, but I like the way you've changed it to make it original.Holly x

  35. >BEAUTYBEAUTYBEAUTY!also, I love seeing peoples homes. I'm such a nose. But also it paints you in a different light,,,humbling <3 love that lil skirtLuvLuxxxx

  36. >I have to agree with some of the other posts. Your house looks like you just moved in… did you? It looks plain and boring. Hope you apply your eye for all things pretty into your home.

  37. >Oh your cats are so cute, their fur looks unbelivably fluffy and prefectly combed ^^ I've never been lucky with the cats I've owned..they never lasted long..anyways nice pictures!ps. I've just started my own blog and I'd love if you could check it out at

  38. >Wow this blog really causes some reactions both the good and the ugly, but suppose that's the point eh? Blogging in uk nowhere near as established as usa but gang of us londoners are giving it a shot, seems like london so hot right now for fashion. Wahoo sept fashion week they all coming home, going to be AMAZINGFashion is only an opinion so keep it

  39. >rumi,you are so beautiful!i am nitzan,15 year oldand i'm from israel.i am folloing you blog for long long time.i realy love your crazy combinations and you vintge items(and your chanel bag specialy)i have to tell you that you are a very big fashion icon here,in israel-at the bloogers comunity.waiting impatience for your next postnitzan(:btw-i have a bloog to,quite new but if you can come and have a peek,you have no idea how much i will be happy!Thank you [=

  40. >just wondering.. what settings do you put on your camera for flash? your flash pictures always turn out so nice.actually, first question: what camera do you use?

  41. >i don't realize whats comfy about that house, to me it seems just cold.But whatever, its your house πŸ™‚

  42. >you house look very cheap….you tray too to look cheap. Only your body is fine. Well some people think that you are skiny, but you are in America where everyone, exept the stars, is fat and like to eat only MacDo. God thank that you have that body, every thing else is so boring and deja vu.