so you got in a kind of trouble that nobody knows

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(RVCA tank, Noir chained ring, With Hearts in My Eyes lace flares, Dollhouse heels, Balenciaga bag, secondhand scarf, earlier with Rayban aviators, later with RVCA wrap sweater)

  • So I did take go darker as mentioned, I decided on Paul Mitchell’s PM Shines, which deposits color while damaging hair as minimally as possible (perfect for my chemical happy hair)’s demipermanent so apparently it’s going to fade back the previous more golden color in a month or so. I keep on doing double takes in the mirror but I really like the change for now…oddly enough it ended up matching my eye color pretty exactly.
  • Did a photo shoot Thursday for Lucky’s September issue at West Coast bureau chief Marlien Rentmeester’s gorgeous home, she was so gracious and I now have a goal to eventually have a home that well decorated. One can dream.
  • Been wearing these lace pants all week with my favorite worn out tshirts and tanks..I hate wearing jeans when it’s hot out and these are about a thousand times more comfortable. Yeahh for new silhouettes.
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  1. >also,where is your jewelry from? especially the red bracelet and necklace? :)And GOD i need those lace pants!Izzy (again)

  2. >Rumi! What is that fabulous bra you are wearing? I love how the back horizontal strap are sooo thin! PLS tell me the brand. Your hair looks amazing and I love how you are rocking the flares by the way. xx email me back at zoelle@noistar.comTHX!!

  3. >gorgeous rumi! you look so badass with darker hair. it really suits you. i love everything you are wearing here. congrats on lucky mag!

  4. >Love the thinness of the straps on your lingerie. Calvin Klein? Looking for the same for under a Top Shop oversized T. Thanks Rumi

  5. >Hmmm this look screams workin' girl to me. Boring if we all dressed the same though. Don't you ever get hassled for how you look though? i wore a mini skirt recently and was cat called by some ghaslty men and my friend was upskirted by some little perv on the tube. (^-^)

  6. >I am going to make a pair of my own lace flares as they are too overpriced for my liking! So excited!You look great too, not sure on the hair but the outfit is stunning!Lauren smartscruffyfashion

  7. >I TOTALLY HEART YOUR BRA! It complements your tank so well! Can you tell me where you get it from pretty pls:D Oh lace flair is freaking awesome!!!!

  8. >oooo. really loving the lace bra as well. i've been looking for a pretty unlined black lace bra for awhile. do you mind telling where you get yours?can't wait to see the photo shoot results in lucky!

  9. >I loooooove the lace flares!Your hair looks gorgeous, you should keep it that colour permanently :)

  10. >The outfit is cute and i definitely think that you look better as a brunette.But this photogrpahy is bad. From a fashion perspective, the last phtotograph is terrible with the lighting is terrible. The shadows are weird, because you are standing in front of that sign. Why are u standing in front of a sign…I dont know. Why is your bag on your lap? …. Since u and Colin are really capitalizing on you I think it is about time he got some photography equipment…this is bad!

  11. >seriously, this outfit is awesome. this is the blog i used to come visit for inspiration, and this outfit did it. i didnt think anyone could pull off those lace pants and you did it so well and effortless. thanks for sharing rumi.

  12. >it's refreshing to see that kind of pants 🙂 but i don't think that i'm ready for them yet and my legs are also too short for them, i think. really nice outfit.

  13. >I'd be amazed if people didn't question this outfit. You're basically naked. It's amazing how your body can pull of such an outfit.

  14. >I really like the darker brown on you! It goes with your skin really well. Maybe you should consider getting it down permanently?

  15. >you look amazing!!! all these pictures are so great. the pants and slouchy tank are to die for on you and your hair?! AMAZING!!! so cool that you can pull off the brunette and blond- the best of both worlds ;)xx

  16. >the hair! it's great! you could even take it a shade darker, i bet.i la-la-love fashion toast, always and forever.

  17. >Rumi I love it! Your hair looks so much better – I'm also kissing my blonde locks goodbye excepti'm doing it the hard way by growing it out! Love the outfit absolutely effing are rocking thoselace flares..i'm full obsessed.lily xxx

  18. >Mmmm so in like with the darkened hairssss. And I don't think anyone could wear those lace flares like you do.

  19. >If theres anyone who can pull off those pants, it would be you! And you look absolutely gorgeous in that last photo!xx

  20. >Rumi darling you are so ethereal/mysterious . . everything you wear looks amazing on you and I love that you don't give a (excuse my french) fuck. Blessings.

  21. >Rumi! Please tell us the brand of your bra. That would be perfect for me since I hate when my back gets all sweaty and then my bra irritates my back!Thank u!

  22. >Oh gawd rumi this looks soooo effing good! haven't commented in a while, but this one is too cool! With Hearts in My Eyes makes the best lace pieces i have ever seen!!!

  23. >this looks great. i personally think that you could even go a shade darker. yay again for stepping out of your comfort zone!

  24. >You're beautiful, and I thought you pulled off blonde really well (I'm part Asian, too, and I'm not sure I could do the light hair thing half as well) – but the darker shade really complements your skin tone. You have great facial features, and the darker hair somehow makes them look even better.But I really don't like the lace pants – they look sort of trashy. You make it work better than most people would, but they're the sort of item that would look cheap on anybody…Cool shirt, though.

  25. >LOVE the tie dye scarf (I thought it was a longline cardi for a sec)! The hair looks great in this shade ;)xx

  26. >ADORE the lace pants- I just sewed a pair for the hell of it since I saw these at Bonadrag. You look great!xo

  27. >I get so happy when I see girls our age embracing the 70's fashions 🙂 makes me go giddy! And of course, your hair.. I LOVE IT. :)PS: Lucky for September, ahhhh.. just in time for my Birthday, dear! ♥x!!

  28. >any demi and semi permanants dont change any chemical properties in the hair, coz their colour pigments are larger..thats why they wash out. so u continue dying ur hair without worrying now XD XDneways , luv ur style !!! xx

  29. >Your hair looks FABULOUS. You always looked good as a blonde but honestly you do look much better as a brunnette. Is your hair brown in Lucky?And I like the pants, but I think with a sheer shirt it is a bit much! Just my opinion though.

  30. >Yet more beautiful pics! I love your hair and think you made the right move in not getting it done permanantly as it is always easier! :)

  31. >ooohh i love the hair! you should make it a permanent change.lace flares = something i probably never would or even could wear, but you seriously make them look good.and lucky is one of my favorite US magazines; i cannot wait to see you in it!

  32. >Your the best I love your blog and your style and the darker hair but I hate the pants sorry! maybe if the weren't flared but thats why I love your blog because you take risks

  33. >wow. your hair looks gorgeous! I had demi-permanent color in my hair a few months ago and it actually lasted a fairly long time. It started to fade but didn't completely go away for almost two months.-Emilee

  34. >I DON'T LIKE THE LACE BELL BOTTOM PANTS!!!! It obviously looks good for photo only. If I see u on the street…euwww…..sorry..but u look great with darker hair. 🙂

  35. >i love that top!!! we are making them! (We = american apparel) we are making those tops. as well as dresses like that look out for it soon ;D!

  36. >Wow, blogger slut. Good look on you. The dark hair is great but do yourself a favor and get it professionally done next time so there isn't a huge patch of blonde in the back and there's some shine to it. But you know, that's how you do things it shouldn't surprise.

  37. >To the person who suggested that Rumi has lip injections: NEWSFLASH – Asians have full lips. Duh. So, yeah, Rumi has them. I, being part Asian, also have them. They're gorgeous. I assume that your lips must be unfortunately thin and devoid of allure. Deal with it.


  39. >I just posted a defense of Asian lips – and forgot to mention that I, for one, love the photography on your blog. Colin does an amazing job with lighting. I've noticed that his pictures of you are definitely the most flattering of all of the pictures I've seen of you – which makes sense, since he knows you best. My boyfriend also does a great job of capturing all my best angles:)Is Colin looking into becoming a fashion photographer? I think he'd be amazing. He should at least be your personal photographer for all your shoots:)

  40. >You're definitely setting a trend there with the lace pants, expect them in F21 in a few months!!I love that bra, the back is perfect for tanks like that. The hair colour looks really nice, very natural looking 🙂

  41. >If your hair was quite damaged previously, the semipermanent dye probably has been absorbed into the hair shafts and though it may fade, it probably won't disappear completely (until your hair grows out, that is). It does look better darker, but I think your style demands an even more dramatic dark – this is too meh.Loving the top, unloving the bottom quite seriously.

  42. >I'm absolutly obsessed and in complete adoration of your ensemble here. absolutly my favorite…for now.

  43. >oh yeah, whats the brand of your bra? i love the thin straps in th eback and ahve been on a bra hunt for a while now.

  44. >Im really loving the darker hair, but I do still like you with the lighter hair as well. Im still on the edge about the flared lace pants.. they look good on you.. but Im not sure if many others could pull it off, those are soo not ever for me though haha

  45. >oh man… bad dye job! there is a huge chunk of blond left randomly in the back and its doesn't look good! plus your eye make-up is caked on. also, i see you removed that one photo where your legs looked chunky… perhaps you are trying to bring bell-bottoms back? not a good look. ciao.

  46. >The hair colour needs to be permanent. Looks great with your skintone/eye colour and just makes you look prettier, full stop.

  47. >you look alovely!!!! fantastic pants!!!!!!!You are really very inspiring, congrats on all the new shoots!

  48. >wow…. u look simply perfect! the pants are to die for! u look amazing on the pic's! great shots! 🙂 xx

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  50. >I commend you for wearing black lace flares. They're completely bizarre. Awesome. Love the super-skinny bra straps peeking out–nice touch.

  51. >This is one of my favourite outfits of urs!! 🙂 You look stunning. But please tell me, where'd u get that bra? Im dying to know!! 🙂

  52. >I don't know why people try to insult you on here lol it makes them look pretty jealous!Anyway, I don't usually comment but I really think you should keep this colour and maybe go darker!! Looks great!! I also had to tell you that I don't think bell bottoms work. I love the lace though. If they were leggings and you had some shorts on it would be a really great outfit!Please say where your bra is from in your next post!Please post more often because I love your blog and there is never enough!!!!

  53. >I've changed my mind. I think the bell bottoms could maybe work if only you'd worn them with wedges! (and shorts lol)

  54. >The hair looks great, but I was surprised that you did the dye job yourself. I think you think cutting your own hair and dyeing it yourself is cool-it's not. It's stupid! It's why your hair dresser cut off more than you liked last time (b/c you hadn't seen one in so long, damage) and it's why you have that chunk of blonde left in your hair. Please embrace the experts!

  55. >I just can't love flared pants. Ever since that comeback they had in the early 2000's, they've just reminded me of ratty girls who get pregnant at 17 and smoke cigarettes in the mall all day.But I'll always love you Rumi, no matter what!xxx

  56. >I can't say I really like the flared pants… but in the second picture you look sooo sophisticated in them with your new dark hair!

  57. >oh my goodness I want those lace flares! I love lace but I'm bored of seeing lace dresses everywhere-these are just amazing! *jelous* Also, with dying your hair. I was blonde last year and it takes 2/3 dye jobs to get it the perfect shade. When dying my hair I just think of it as mixing paint. I'd do one more dye job and perfecto!also (like everyone else) obsessing over your think bra strap-it's so sexy!LuvLuxxxx

  58. >adore adore adore adore the silohette of this outfit, the pants are amazing, and I love the 'slouchiness' of the tank!lovee your hair dark, it looks amazing!! 🙂 awesome photos too!xoxo

  59. >love the low cut tank + lace flares + tie dye scarf combo. And the killer hair. Nice!Tis a funky silhouette indeed.

  60. >Get some new poses, Rumi. It's for your modeling career! 1) Look down at nails.2) Look down at nails off to the side.3) Profile staring off into space; cue bright streaks of sun.4) Pull at hair, look off to the side.5) Run fingers through hair, look at ground.6) Stare off into space, tug at ______ (insert cardi, dress, shirt, tank, necklace, bag, scarf)All involve no smiling and spacey, faraway look. Need to punch it up and be more versatile. This is for your MODELING CAREER!!

  61. >Aw, nerds. I forgot my favorite..7) Stare off into space, far right, grab crook of arm or inside elbow.That one's a keeper for sure!!

  62. >Aw, nerds. I forgot my favorite..7) Stare off into space, far right, grab crook of arm or inside elbow.That one's a keeper for sure!!

  63. >darker looks amazing on you. . . so glad you got brave and gave it a shot, dying your hair can be pretty nerve racking! xx molly

  64. >Woow, nice outfit!! i bought a tanktop like that yesterday, a pink one with a feather print on it. from H&M….and i bought tights like that! haha nice tast:Pxoxo helenps. love the haircolor!

  65. >Wow!! who knew you would look so different just by darkening your hair slightly!! looks incredible!! love your open back loose vest top too!! perfect for the hot weather!Much love from xx

  66. >they look so bad-ass on you!!! im glad since they are currently on the way to me too…the fashion world and the real world are so small! xx

  67. >1.I think you'd look awesome with very dark hair but this just looks horrendous..there's huge chunks of blond still left and your dye job just doesn't look professional (I know your going for the Erin Wasson messiness but this just looks gross.)2. I love the back of your top but the backless top with the lace bottoms is too trashy.3. Also bell bottoms? For real?4. Your makeup is also hideous. Get it done by professionals5. Your body is still rocking and your face is impeccable (sans the awful makeup)

  68. >Who makes that bra? It is amazing. I wear loose fitting tanks all the time, and it is so well suited for that.Love Grace.

  69. >Rumi, I think u look absolutely awesome in whateva u wear. U just can't get it wrong. I also love the photography, Colin's getting really good!

  70. >Not a big fan of those pants and wouldn't wear 'em myself but you pull them off pretty well. I find it nice that you're not afraid to try new things. Keep it up!

  71. >the blue ring really pops, and the tank looks exceptionally comfortable. love the detailing on the lace.

  72. >The Erin Wasson look is OVER. Please move on! You've lost alot of fans by being so uninspiring and full of yourself. This blog went downhill so fast, it used to be so good and genuine. Now every post looks like your attempt at a modeling career. It's sad and people are looking elsewhere for inspiration now.

  73. >first photo is so posed.i think you should dye your hair even darker (just like going lighter and lighter, dying hair dark is addictive :-p) but i think you should do it, go for a stronger brown not this kind of washed out colour. it would look amazing on you. i agree about the eye makeup, it kind of looks like 'the night before' left over makeup.the pants could be great in a different outfit, perhaps with a different vibe. (more 'boho' less rock/grungey, because combined with too much skin, black and white, studs, black heels it goes past grungey into street worker) sorry, but its just my opinionyou physically however: flawless!

  74. >I don't think I've commented before, but I had to say something when I saw another Elliott Smith reference…what a nice touch! Your photos are great, and your style is lovely and inspiring!

  75. >WE LOVE YOUR BLOG!Keep up the great work and wonderful pictureslove<3E&

  76. >such a big fan of ur blog, but i have to say that i don't particularly like this look, it looks kind of trashy…….but i do admire you for trying out different things.

  77. >i miss your lighter hair :{{{it really fit youi loooove your floral flares tho- theyre amazing and versatile and i cant tell they feel like pjs! must owwwwwwn ;;;;)))

  78. >I cannot get over the pants. It's love, I'm sure of it. Also, the new hair? Sax. You could probably get it even darker though.It'll look great with your complexion.www.FabBlab.blogspot.comxoxoA*

  79. >LuAnne C – i couldnt have said it better myself!!!!This blog is definitly one that i look at from time to time and each time it just gets worse and worse!!Rumi you are not a model!! Please stop!! Each shot is so posed and generic.

  80. >LuAnne C – i couldnt have said it better myself!!!!This blog is definitly one that i look at from time to time and each time it just gets worse and worse!!Rumi you are not a model!! Please stop!! Each shot is so posed and generic.

  81. >Not a fan of the pants,i prefer lace leggings.Flares are always hard to look good,and lace is always hard to make them not look cheap.Anyhoo your hair looks lovely and i love the tank you are wearing,love the relaxed effortless look to it.

  82. >Your hair is SO MUCH BETTER this way!!! It's less yellow and more natural and really makes complements your colouring and makes you look stunning.I have mixed feelings about these pants though – lace & flare together I find very confusing. I my mind they belong in seperate categories and make me think too much? perhaps I will chnage my mind though…

  83. >not my taste but i think you have pulled it off really well….as for people calling you skinny and boobless….really thats just sad…and i have said this before but i really love you choice in jewelleryxxHawa

  84. >PLEASE tell us what kindof bra tht is, it is PERFECT. i love it!the tank is wonderful as well.i hate the lace flares, they are hella-cheap + tacky, but you pull them off somehow. don't listen to the bitches saying you can't dye or cut your own hair. that is super BS. trends don't start in salons.

  85. >I don't get it.If Rumi is so "uninspiring" why is she inspiring to to not only look at her pictures but to comment as well. Fashion is crazy. Tt's about going with your intuition and what looks good on you. Clearly Rumi does that.

  86. >I love that scarf you are wearing – gorgeous!Looks like lace bell bottoms are yet another blogger trend I won't be partaking in.

  87. >Thanks for your opinions on the hair!!..I'm liking it, kind of refreshing to have something new. And actually no I didn't do it myself, that would surely have been catastrophic…The bra that so many of you asked about is from H&M randomly enough..I bought it a couple years ago..I've never really found anything like it, it's basically a string bikini but made out of lace. I'll definitely let you guys know if I find anything similar!Izzy, the ring is Mexican silver, the red bracelet is from F21, and the necklace is a Noir spiked ring that I put on a chain from H&M cause it's too big to wear on my fingers.Anon133, well I think he's an amazing photographer. Thanks though.Maria thanks, the pants actually have shorts built into them! Check out the photos on Bona Drag..but yeah they're definitely not everyone's cup of tea :)Tijger Milk hahaha <3Krystal, rad, can't wait to see what you do with themMarboro I kind of love that they make no's actually fun to have something different to wear as bottoms.Anon945 good recall!!Anon1127 thank youuu I'm really not forcing anyone to come here..xo

  88. >Am I allowed to go against the grain and say I found this look to be a bit…much? Maybe it's just the pants. Big NO to pants. Bellbottoms and lace reminds me too much of high school (yes, I went to high school in the 90's).You're gorgeous though, so you still look good even if you were wearing a paper bag.X0X0

  89. >PS I notice meanies are saying you are boobless…you are not boobless and please don't ever change that! (ie, don't go out and buy big gonzongas…you are perfect the way you are and your slight build is one of the reasons why you look so good in clothes).

  90. >Rumi, reading the stupid critical comments makes me SO ANGRY. It's an anger I only get when I read this CRAP:"4. Your makeup is also hideous. Get it done by professionals"Wow, first of all, in which picture is your makeup even visible? Second of all, your face looks impeccable as the commenter said herself so I don't see what the problem is. Third of all, how sweet of her to suggest that you have your makeup done professionally for every single blog entry you post. That makes loads of sense and is such a kind suggestion. I think I will start having my makeup done for when I stroll around the streets with my boyfriend and snap a few photos as well. It is so easy to leave rude, thoughtless comments when you post anonymously. Those people are clearly afraid of us seeing their horribly inadequate style after visiting the wonderful Fashion Toast.Cheers to you, Rumi, my favorite blogger!Love, Lydia from San Francisco

  91. >didn't know there were so many HATERS here!HATERS POST ELSEWHERE. and to the person who actually listed your poses…GET.A.LIFE. love your blog. Lulu copied your hair! shame shame shame.

  92. >Rumi chan, I liked your hair blonde much better. Although you still look really pretty with dark hair. As a hairstylist, don't get it done permanent because if later you wanted to go light again, it will be reallly hard to take out(or strip) the dark color. Ofcourse you would have to bleach it again, but that will really damage your hair even more, and especially since you have asian hair. I know because I'm half Japanese like you and have had my hair every color possible. Love your blog and amazing style.

  93. >I'm afraid I can't co-sign either on the look. For the life of me, I can't resolve the pants. However, the hair color does look much better and healthier. And if this shoot and the last are any indication, will we be seeing those Balenciaga sandals anytime soon?

  94. >And a quick update to an earlier post: Esteban Cortazar isn't leaving Emanuel Ungaro just yet. Check out for additional information.

  95. >Yumi here again…Ugh I just saw the hateful comments and it makes me so angry how people hate because they are jealous. Hate stems from jealousy. No one put a gun to your head and forced you to come on this site, let alone leave a comment. If you have that much of an interest and actually take the time to hate on someone I genuinely feel sorry for you. You probably weren't loved as a child. You all must be losers who have nothing to do but put people down because you are f*cking insecure. Why else wouldn't you post your names along your stupid comments? How about you take that energy and time you waste on hating on people and work on improving yourselves.

  96. >I have a bra almost exactly like Rumi's and it's from Forever 21. They sell bras like that all the time! I'd only recommend it for B cups or smaller tho 😛 being small is fine Rumi we can go braless anytime!

  97. >this is my 2nd time posting a comment on this outfit (anon/tfsmember). i usually don't post many comments besides suggestions (clothing and stuff that i think youd like/ stuff on ebay you were looking interested in.. etc) however this outfit is really that great! im not saying that this would look good one everyone or that im going to ever buy lace bell bottoms, but this is what fashion is all about! most of your other outfits are uninspiring and sometimes predictable, but it is 10000x better than most people and is very realistic/casual chic compared to magazines which is why i love visiting your blog. fashion is a form of art and to see someone actually wear them and pull them off less hideous than anyone else could is amazing. i may not agree with your views on some things, but this is awesome. keep up the fashionable work and remember that hatred usually comes from jealousy. im sure you're used it to though and dont really care.

  98. >First time on this site! I think your style is divine! The hair needs to be darker that is agreed. Fuck the haters, they are all most likely fat and ugly!

  99. >Your new hair looks great and I'm loving you in those pants!HAHA.. I have a dream of having a better decorated room – let alone house too. One can ALSO dream :)xo

  100. >Come to London, in an outfit like this you'll be offered some easy money in no time. Love to see you you've become 'Dress Easy, Earn Easy Rumi'.Colin must have the best pokerface in the world when you leave the house dressed the way you are.

  101. >I don´t know what to say.. You look sööööö gorgeous. I bet that in the future you´re going to be a fashion icon for the bloggers…!!xxx

  102. >love the tank top but the crochet pants aren't really my thing. prehaps its cause of the flare.. but the shirt is really cute. and really like the thin bra

  103. >Luxi — I think your commented was in part directed towards me — I stand behind what I said. She is posting pictures of herself because she wants feedback. If she didn't want feedback, then the comments section would have been disabled or she would have simply put a "comment must be approved" and screen for only the comments that she likes. You like them, I, not so much, but its fine because we are all entitled to our opinions. : )

  104. >woah. I never said you weren't entitled to your own opinion. Just curious why someone would look at fashion so mathematically. LuvLuxxxx

  105. >girl, its all good. the pants look great on you. HOWEVER, i think it showed up on bleachblack's blog also. i think its great (although just my opinion) if you choose stuff that aren't anywhere else. but i'm a big fan of your blog!

  106. >rumi said the bra is from h&m btw guys ,,, and rumi omg no!now i know i'll never find it . but im going to google thin strap bras and see what i can get

  107. >Insane lace pants, are the see through, if so what do you wear underneath? Liike the darker colour!XOXOXOLibby

  108. >I was on the fence about the flares but they've really grown on me. I think they appeal to my inner hippie!

  109. >You look great, Rumi (: Digging the hair.Can't say I'm digging the flares, though. I LOVE that you're flat-chested, and I also love that bra you're wearing – what brand is it? Colin's work is getting better and better (:

  110. >i just threw up a bit in my mouth upon seeing those pants, but the more i look at them the more im thinking they're actually kind of amazing! if anyone can pull those off then it's for sure you.

  111. >I've never seen pants like those before & I am in love with them! Lovely outfit :]

  112. >those lace pants are pretty ball-sy, but i'm loving the silhoette they create with your lean, loose tank. i can imagine they'd be horribly fun to experiment with…and heck, in the winter you could just double them up with leggings and they're PRETTY MUCH pants.

  113. >You always look like you fell out of a magazine. No matter what you're wearing your body always looks fab. I'm def adding more yoga to my life.

  114. >Poor thing…but yeah, I really think U look more fierce in dark brown hair. The most beautiful women in the world are BRUNETTE!!!! lol…No offense for blondies. I also agreed, pls stop that Erin wasson trashy messy look. You're just acting like model off duty wannabes nowadays. U got featured in LUCKY mag, cos your best friend was featured before, Kristin….anyway U're a lucky gal. 🙂

  115. >I know what the person two above said, but I think the pants look great like that, and I never tire of your style! plus, its your blog, and its not your job to please them.

  116. >Love that tank a lot. Hair looks fabulous. Be sure to check out my blog on Monday I'm doing a

  117. >Ok, I must be in minority here, am I the only non-anonymous commenter who doesn't like the pants? They bring me second hand embarassment, even though you have the perfect body. Maybe because I've seen them being worn before & I didn't like them back then too.Also, wtf at the "you're naked" comments. What?

  118. >the darker hair is infinitely better on you. you can see how truly gorgeous you actually are. SO much better.

  119. >Hey, this is my first time reading your blog & commenting. You're absolutely gorgeous and I envy your sense of style. Ahaha, I know a million people have asked you think already, but would you mind telling me what bra you're wearing with that outfit? My email is ms.cerise[at]

  120. >This looks like a parking lot off of the outskirts of downtown SD heading down like… 5th or 6th down toward the East Village or heading to E ave (that;s the one that ends in Horton Plaza, right?)…I think I recognize my old town… Thanks for the memories, Rumi.

  121. >seriously.. all you do is COPY other ppl. don't you have a style of your own. These bell bottoms were first posted on BLEACHBLACK.COM —11 days— before you posted yours. first Erin Wasson, BleachBlack.. who else is next?

  122. >i agree about the eye makeup, it kind of looks like 'the night before' left over makeup.the pants could be great in a different outfit, perhaps with a different vibe. (more 'boho' less rock/grungey, because combined with too much skin, black and white, studs, black heels it