it’s always darkest before the dawn

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(personal scans)

From Jalouse March 09. Love everything here. I got this issue when I was in Paris but if anyone knows how I can buy Jalouse from California I will love you forever.

placement ad 728 x 90


  1. >amazing editorial, you're so right: all of it IS for ordering, i've come across some online bases for magazine subscriptions so if you haven't tried that, i'd give it a go.

  2. >Oh, I'm in love with this stay ups and skirt/shorts look. I would like to buy Jalouse too but they don't sell it here. Cool pics as always.

  3. >No problem. I just gave you the link they give on their own site to suscribe. Glad I could help. I myself buy Jalouse every month. (and read your blog every day).

  4. >I found it at my B&N in NH, but I suppose its hit or miss with different stores around the US…Love the stockings in the spread

  5. >If you're ever in LA, there is a newsstand on cahuenga blvd and hollywood that carries Jalouse- bought the march and april 09 issue there.

  6. >oh u can subscribe from amazon! but u have to do a yearly thing.who wouldve known


  8. >the first model looks like Abbey, isn't it she?great editorial, do it more often Rumi:) (add some ed pictures)greetings ! Poland.

  9. >Rumi, can you link back to your post with your erin wasson x rvca tuxedo? It's so fabulous. I've been looking for pictures of it on a person but Opening Ceremony doesn't have any…Thank you!

  10. >You can see previous issues on line for free on the editor's web site… ^__^

  11. >Wow, gorgeous and very intense! I love that Dark night qoute!XOXOXOLibby

  12. >I like this magazine too and you can suscribe for something like 70$ a year. There are also online issues on a french website where you can have several french fashion magazines for only 20$ by month.I hope I've been helpfull

  13. >Kika in på min bloggwww.sandram.webblogg.seJag är en unga 2 barnsmamma som lider av panikågest pga av att jag blev mobbad.Men nu är jag tillbaka , sötare än någonsin.Adda mig på bloglovin.Kram Sasassabassa.

  14. >Ha! I knew I recognised it- it's shot in Manchester. The editorial is tacked onto the end of an article about Factory Records.The trousers in the first shot are nice but the rest of it is fairly uninspiring and certainly not representative of the style and feel associated with the city itself. Chucking a Man U scarf onto a model is fucking lazy.Good to see a few editorials in with the personal style diary shots, though.

  15. >Love the editorial and LOVE Jalouse!The first pic is insane :)p.s. can you please send me the invoice for the jeffrey campbell shoes because I haven't got anything yet. Thanks,Anika

  16. >First and third pictures are my favorite! Love the pants in the first and the punk rock feel of the third one. I live in California too and I am on a search for Jalouse. I love all of your pictures.-Emilee

  17. >Love this last shot showing the inside of the coat!! also loving the knee highs and heels!!! HOT!much love from Ireland!

  18. >Funny I just read your title on Post secret from todays secrets. I think this was posted first though, that is odd. Check them out. Pretty photos!

  19. >Barnes & Noble stock it nationally…you just need to annoy the hell out of them to get them to sell it at your local store (a couple of months worth of checking every week worked for me). Good luck!

  20. >This is just an amazing editorial. All of the Jalouse editorials are simply inspirational, so I can see why you would want to subscribe.The shoes in the third picture are …wow.:)

  21. >melrose & fairfax news stand. basically news stands in la, santa monica, bev hills.. but SD i don't know for sure.

  22. >Hey Rumi,I used to work at the Pasadena Barnes & Noble and they usually always have it. The Glendale location does too. IF you are desperate for a copy I can see if they have any and send it to you? Maybe a local newstand?

  23. >Love the second shot in black and white! I know how you feel, can't get any mags where I'm from!

  24. >I always find Jalouse at Barnes and Noble at the end of the 3rd St Promenade in Santa Monica, not far from me. Hope this helps!K

  25. >Jalouse is the best mag ever. I've been reading it all year living in Paris and have already suscribed to have it shipped to Munich when I move back there in 2 weeks :(Love your blog!

  26. >yeaa this ed is great. love jalouse in general. was the first thing i bought in paris when i was there last week.x

  27. >Je suis française et total addiiiiiict de ce magazineeeeee! Esperant que tu puisses te le procurer aux USA !!!Génialissime ton blog, LOVE

  28. >Ce magazine est déjà difficile à trouver en France alors bon courage pour le trouver en Californie ! Cependant, il en vaut la peine, ce magazine est tout simplement génial.Amitiés de France,A.

  29. >i prefere night and dark after daw!night is more misterious!;)

  30. >lovee your blog, it's amazing! i have only started a blog, could you take a look at it so far? I only joined yesterday…xoxo Emma-Rose