floating upon the surface for the birds, the birds, the birds

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(RVCA dress, H&M lace triangle bralette, Forever 21 white feather earrings and necklace turned chain harness, Noir stud bracelet, secondhand wrap sweater, Aldo cutout boots)

  • About a hundred years late on the body chain bandwagon..I ordered this necklace from Forever 21 and when I tried it on it struck me as being one simple step away from a whole new piece. I attached the sides with an old chain from another necklace and I think I’ll just have to leave it this way.
  • Made an attempt at a foolish bang blending trick and ended up bobby pinning again. Meanwhile I’m still overdosing on the vitamins you guys recommended..though witnessing Kristen Stewart’s Joan Jett transformation has given me a whole new perspective…I still love you Kristen.
  • Colin and I were kind of early to meet up for dinner (at a really good vegetarian restaurant..Jyoti Bihanga) and walked around the block to try to take some photos. The light coming through this old Tibetan shop was just unreal.
  • Thank you for all the love on shoptoast! Sent out about 40 packages today. Even I didn’t think I had this much stuff lying around.
  • Wore this sweater in honor of all the random pr emails I’ve been getting about the new Missoni hotel in Edinburgh..really? I guess I would check it out if I was in the area…one of my best friends does live there and I figure I have to visit her at some point. Plus I really want to see a moor.
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  1. >love how u've turned the necklace into a body chain!!not sure if u've seen this article already but they wrote a little about you in UK Vogue May Editionhttp://i97.photobucket.com/albums/l238/_deejayyy_/Feature1.jpg

  2. >re: shoptoast….while i am sure i am not the first to say this, i really wish i were your size….you are giving up some great stuff…m

  3. >Studying Othello atm, I want to see a Moor, too!I have a pair of pants like your secondhand sweater, but they're flare and really horrid =[

  4. >You always look pretty, but you look extra beautiful in this set of pictures! Good job Colin (who i'm assuming took these pictures).

  5. >Loooove what you did with the necklace! Now I want one too. But I don't think I'm near bad-ass enough to pull it off? Beautiful pics Rumi!

  6. >I live in Edinburgh. Feel free to send your invite to me…no? Okay.The hotel itself looks amazing inside however, the outside is not very appropriate for the historic area.

  7. >great photos and the creative way you took a F-21 necklace!i was wondering if the sweater was Missoni…i need some big Missoni towels for my lounge chairs outside, their colours are so brilliant!!xoxo

  8. >I didn't even notice it was a chain until I looked at the closeup pics, it looks like part of the dress! So nice..Love Jojo xxhttp://josclothes.blogspot.com/

  9. >Isnt it wonderful what a body chain can do to such a simple outfit? Love your style! Thanks for sharing.www.nonamenothings.blogspot.com

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  11. >i loved that you mentioned kristen, i love her too even after she was got that haircut.i have the same shoes as well 😉

  12. >Love what you did with the necklace! And the cardigan is really cute!!!www.labeautifulvie.blogspot.com

  13. >What popped out at me the most:• Your silky hair, it's gotten so soft-looking.• The sweater, I'm in love with both the thin stripes and bombardment of beautiful color.• Your eyeliner!!! Parfait ♥Seriously your best Post yet, Rumi!! 🙂 (+ Colin!!)x

  14. >Love that necklace, looks fantastic. I'm not sure I like Kirstens hair transformation…hmmmm.XOXOXOLibbyhttp://fashionconfectionairy.weebly.com

  15. >In the second photo you look awfully lot of me!! That must have been very important for you to know, since you have no idea how i look or who i am :DDJust wanted to share lol!!Lovely outfit.

  16. >you're like mac guyver? how do u spell that show again? anyway love the chain necklace. post a DIY on this one please!buttonsandbowsla.com


  18. >Kristen Stewart's new look has given me a whole new perspective too, except I'm not sure if that's a good thing or bad thing. Great outfit! Kudos on your body chain…it's so posh!

  19. >OMG I love your necklace idea… amazing… this is going to be a hype. Love your blog :)http://www.nahhnalovesfashion.blogspot.com

  20. >beautiful rumi!sometimes i feel like unloading all my crap too! im glad that you're getting a bunch of stuff sold off!

  21. >the aldos are just fabulous, and i do think that it has a slimming effect on the calves. love how you wear the harness-looking bralet over a simple white top. the jacket has brilliant colours i must say.

  22. >This is so dreamy, espy with that body jewelry. I read all your posts, just not commenting all the time as I know you already have so many admirers. I sent you an email request to answer 7 questions for an interview but I didn't get a response, not sure if you got it. 🙂

  23. >Are people noticing that she is half naked? Seriously, that's fashion?? I guess I just don't get it! Regardless… you have a beautiful face.

  24. >Wow I love how you turned your necklace into a harness! You are always so creative. I also really like the cutout boots!www.fashioneye.typepad.com

  25. >loving the necklace, beautiful combination!!! xoLaurenwww.loveandvintage.blogspot.comwww.chanelobsession.blogspot.com

  26. >Love the chain harness..up till this point I was a harnesss skeptic but after seeing your necklace-turned-harness I know that they are actually sick.

  27. >wowwww i love it!!! 😀 im gonna buy one too!! hopefully it's available in indonesia 🙂 hihi i really adore your style 🙂 hihi

  28. >i always looove the supposed effortlessness you put into your 'fits…you look like gold in such a natural way :)))and i heard exposed underthings were all the rage now, you rock it well, haha ;)))

  29. >great haircut, hon! you look gorgeous!!wanna check out my blog? go herewww.closeup-closeup.blogspot.comhugsallegra

  30. >Nice harness. I was browsing through shoptoast and I found some items I like but everything is VERY expensive. I would buy tons of more stuff if you lowered your prices a bit. Love the title of the post.

  31. >i u look great as usual.. for some reason i cant take my eyes off how you are wearing the necklace i love it!XXVi from Cali

  32. >i really really like your necklace!i'm going to make something like that myself, if you don't matter, ghe hexoxo romylicious.blogspot.com

  33. >you are so beautiful! this is one of my favorite looks from your blog. you're such an inspiration.-sarah

  34. >You definitely think you are hot shit. Wearing a see through single dress and I can see your panties. Your tits are flying out too not that there is any. And your make up is droppy in the 4th photo. It always happento you! Buy better make up girl!

  35. >i like ur homage to missoni and ur impro with the necklace now body chain is sweeet as! i think i might invest. joyx

  36. >you do realize that you have single-handedly brought back the body chain trend, right ? haha, `cause it's on Rumi Neely, of course.xx

  37. >i love the body chain! hoott!!and i wich i were your size (shoes i mean) i saw great shoes in shoptoast but i couldnt fit inxoxo,fhen

  38. >hey Rumi… love this harness look! can you tell me which f21 necklace it is that you are wearing?ive tried to find it on the website with no luck!thank you!

  39. >such beautiful photos. the sun looks to be effortlessly melting the clothes into dream textures. and the distressed hanging cardigan makes this slouched perfection

  40. >i agree with spazzygirl, please enlighten us rumi! ive scoured the website multiple times for this amazing necklace turned body chain but to no avail! im dyinggg i didnt even know my wardrobe was in such lack of one of these

  41. >Thank you!I looked for the necklace on the f21 site before I posted but I can't find it on there anymore..I ordered it last month so it should probably still be in stores though. It's seriously so simple what I did – the chain that goes around my waist is the only thing that I added, I hooked it to the sides of the necklace at the bottom…could probably do it with a similarly wide necklace too! The sweater isn't actually Missoni hahah, just reminded me of their multicolored knits..I wish!Eyeliah yes i have to email you back!!Aura mine tooooo :)Anon142, it's from the fall 09 line, should be available in the next couple months..right now you can get the tank though, just search 'rvca slash tank' :)Kelse yeah sometimes I feel like I get stuck in a certain radius but there's really so much to check out no matter how well you know a city, you know?

  42. >i actually saw you on the Forever 21 blog. im like wait a minute.. i seen this girl! i love that necklace how your wearing it

  43. >what multivitamins ? i'm confused and now i want to know what ones your talking about!!! I feel i need to be vitaiming too.I liek the cardigan, but personally i'd never wear body jewellery as i feel my hair would get snagged in it and i'd be all caught up and yowling in pain in the highstreet. Looks good on you in these shots though 😉