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Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

(Ungaro chained knit hoodie, Erin x RVCA tshirt, vintage belt, secondhand shorts, Doc Martens)

Some of you have asked me about the recent unfolding of events at Ungaro..all I’m going to say is that it’s unfortunate and I’ll support Esteban in whatever endeavor he takes on next.

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  1. >Everytime I see your hoodie I fall in love all over again! Addicted to your blog… :)www.notavailablesorry.blogspot.com

  2. >I adore shorts, and the sweater shirt, and in truth all the photos that salts are precious, already me diras that photographer makes those wonders, 🙂

  3. >Killah boots -your the perfect height for them -on me they'd probably look odd since i'm tall, meaning my calfs are longer…GREAT outfit as always!xxx

  4. >Ah perfect combination. I love that hoodie- it's strangely dishelved and put together at the saem time. And I just paint splattered my Doc Martens….lovethe fashion kiwihttp://www.thefashionkiwi.blogspot.com

  5. >It's terribly upsetting, I've been aware of his design career since he first started and it's very obvious that his is amazingly talented. I really believed that he was the right fit for Ungaro. I really hope that they can work it out! That hoodie is amazing!

  6. >This is way too grungy for my liking. Where's your feminine side. It's so butch. Seperately, the items are all cute.

  7. >As many people have already said everytime i see this hoodie i want it even more!! Might attempt to make a DIY version if anyone knows any good sites for buying fine chain and studs online? Pref in the UK? any advice would be gr8!magpie-girl.blogspot.com xx

  8. >hello pretty i want those shorts and i lovee the belt. too bad about Esteban Cortazar but I'm sure he'll move onto great great things.LuvLuxxxx

  9. >that's a shame about ungaro. but i dont think the company was doing so well anyway, they closed a lot of stores. but im really hoping that some of the other rumors ive been hearing about ungaro arent true about a certain tabloid fodder becoming a creative director for the brand. it was said that cortazar would leave if that happened.anywho, i LOVE the pictures. that chain hoodie is pretty cool and im loving the boots on you.

  10. >i cannot believe that esteban is leaving. the line will suffer without him for sure.your ungaro sweater is absolutely gorgeous – you look amazing in it!xox.The Voguette


  12. >OH NO!!!! Poor Esteban- well i mean i'm sure he will land on his feet- but in any picture i've ever seen of him, his traits and demeanor seem so honest and sincere. I will support his next endeavor as well 🙂 though from a distance and through you lol!What can i say- you look amazing and the pictures are editorial worthy- you and colin are taking this new fashion world that blogs are a BIG part of by STORM! and i wish the two of you nothing by MASSIVE success!xx from Montreal 😉

  13. >I love the style twist you put on a long time summer staple…Shorts and a sweater. Keep up the fabulous work.

  14. >I will forever love your ungaro hoodie! It's amazing. The pics in this post look so cool too!!www.fashioneye.typepad.com

  15. >love your Ungaro hoodie, and your docs are cool. My old doctor Martens are to big(used to have big socks in them when I was a teenager)- guess I need a new pair of military boots for this season…

  16. >these pictures are so pretty! The lighting is just magnificent, and I love how you make Doc's look as sexy as a platform.www.thestylerules.com

  17. >Well. Who's going to be siding with LOLhan (I may convert to calling all celebrities by their Perez names soon)? But my theory is that if you put two failing entities together then you will end up wiht fail squared. Admittedly I don't know thta much about Ungaro's financial affaris, but it can't be that good.

  18. >you know what i love? how you repost certain things and that you dont just wear things once on your blog- i mean this totally in a good way. Love the hoodie with the docs 🙂

  19. >boring. we have seen this piece before, worn in a nearly identical way. i am bored with colin's photography, it is so predictable.

  20. >the middle picture is really great.That's great thing that you have so many photos, you will compare how you look in the future.

  21. >The Docs are my favourite in this, they are effortlessly unlaced. Gorgeous. Lauren xsmartscruffyfashion

  22. >you look stunning with your hair pulled back. can't help but think you would look amazing with a short pixie cut.

  23. >I find it so funny how any negative comments are pretty much always anonymous, such cowards.It's a shame about Esteban.. but we still got to see this amazing hoody produced =) I dont know if I have ever loved a hoodie more, I've definitely been contemplating some sad DIY.. we'll see hahaAnd keep up the good photography Colin, I definitely love when he caputures the light this way.

  24. >Rumi chan, kawaii hoodie! All the haters don't have the guts to put their name so they stay anon. Hate stems from jealousy.

  25. >Oh again, another great post.I am in love with this hoodie, i wish i could get it in New Zealand. Distance is a pain, but you look fantastichttp://stoleninspiration.blogspot.com/

  26. >I go crazy over your hoodie every time you wear it!www.chapstickkills.blogspot.comwww.nonamenothings.blogspot.com

  27. >that hoodie is siiiiicki love your docsim pretty sure esteban will work things out, hes a great designer, thats clear!

  28. >that hoodie is one of my favorites of yours, so versatile…beautiful photosxoxoTy Tyhttp://sheblogsfashion.blogspot.com/

  29. >Just want to say great blog and great shop too.(i'll definately make a purchase,maybe when the boyfriend wants to spoil me ;)As for your post,loyalty is hard to find and Esteban has found it in you.

  30. >isn't that what you do with clothes, wear them more than once? yeahh, i would wear that sweater every damn day! sleep in it, wake up in it, wear it to walk the dog, swimming, maybe not the last one but yeah.i love white, and then in the winter i like all black. i like the two extremes! i actually wore alll white today, it felt really liberating! ahah

  31. >eat my heart out. cut off shorts are totally in, you have inspired me to get to the local salvation and find some white jeans. thnx <3

  32. >Hello =) Nice blog/website you have! Do you know who Kenza Zoutien is? If not, is she a great and well-known blogger from Sweden. And you two are quite similar, sometimes. She has even done a whole post about it, Check it on her blog http://www.Kenzas.se, In the menu on her blog, you can change the language to English so you can understand!

  33. >Has anyone ever told you that this girl and you defently could be twins?Love your style more though, its hotter than hers.