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(Erin x RVCA tshirt, Stolen Girlfriend’s Club jeans, Marni wedges, borrowed from bf necklace, vintage cuff)

Quite seriously the most creative jeans I’ve seen, let alone touched, these have a double layered front which allow the shredding to get drastic. Stolen Girlfriend’s Club has been getting a lot of attention on the blogs and for good reason, they push the boundaries with a fresh eye resulting in pieces that are just unique enough to make you do a double take and figure out exactly what it is you’re looking at.

As an aside, I realized when making my way to my dresser last night and being waylaid by mountains of clothes and drawers that wouldn’t shut that it’s time for some whittling. The goal = being able to have all my clothing folded/hung/somehow organized at once. I’ll still be doing the vintage on eBay but for Topshop, American Apparel, random heels etc etc shoptoast is the answer.

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  1. >wow, those jeans are great! I got similar but mine just done have that double layer which makes those jeans so great.

  2. >love the jeans, its so dramatic without having to go i see your pubic hair kinda way if you know what I mean. sorry about the obcenity in this comment. woman can you fatten up cuz I don't seem to fit into ANY of your clothes or shoes. UBER SOB

  3. >Ohmy! what can i say, these photos just get better and better, not to mention the amazing outfit. I have to say i love the vintagy car..Lola.visit me sometime 🙂

  4. >Love everything!!!Marni wedges *drooling* and those jeans are breathtaking!Do most people stare at you as you walk/pass them by?How do you style your hair, any special hair products?

  5. >An inspiration to rip some jeans up, although I can imagine my attempt going horribly wrong! You look summery and fresh, love the carousel background too!Lauren

  6. >Its so great to see New Zealand designs on a world stage! I would never have guessed a couple years ago that the jeans the 15 year old me was trying on at a store in her small, suburban, NZ hometown, would share the same designer as the pair that you wear on the other side of the world in your photos

  7. >Jeans are so hot!Stolen Girlfriends is awesome – repping NZ :Dwww.notavailablesorry.blogspot.comI'm new – check me out 😛

  8. >those jeans are SLEEK.i'm actually in love with you/your stylehard to differentiate

  9. >Ahhh!! I've wanted those jeans since I first saw them in an a amazing editorial in Russh. You look super hot town in them.Perfect light denim for a white floaty top. Well done I say WELL DONE.x

  10. >Your photographer is amazing! These pictures are so lovely, I always come across your pictures on weheartit. Your outfit is stunning xoxo

  11. >this outfit is soo perfect and the location makes it even better!! I love carrousels in photoshoots :)i love the name shoptoast!!!!xx

  12. >hey rumi i'm tara from indonesia, i love u'r style and love u'r photo too, keep stylish girl and see my blog too and leave u'r comment about indonesian blog, THANK'S 🙂

  13. >Ugh everything sold out so fast on shoptoast! Mad!Oh well, I can't wait for you to post more things. I feel bad you have to part with such lovely clothing!emma

  14. >I LOVE that you have featured a New Zealand designer on your blog. I've never commented before but being a Kiwi (New Zealander) reader in Toronto how could I not.AMAZING jeans.

  15. >fresh pair of jeans!love their jeans and their grunge-inspired collection for the fall. and what a name….guess i have to start organizing my closet too.. need to have more backyard sales I guess…

  16. >this jeans are gorgeous! I've seen similar one's on topshop, or asos, I can't remind… great outfit as usual!

  17. >Wow, those jeans are amazing! They look really good on you! Is that on the mission boardwalk? I love that place. 🙂

  18. >I get excited everytime you post.The outfits are always interesting, and the photographs themselves are always AMAZING.

  19. >oh wow i want your wardrobe so badly – and your face because you're absolutely beautiful! keep blogging i really look forward to your posts :)EJ

  20. >god everyone has those damn Marni wedges but meeeee! I'm so jealous!where is the bra/lacy whatever it is under the shirt from? Not trying to be a creep, just looking for one :)also really excited about shoptoast (and to get my blazer!), I think I checked the blog like fifty thousand times already lolx.katie

  21. >I love it all! Especially the subtle rips on the jeans and the casual yet dressy wedges. Beautiful! (and you just really made me want to go to a funfair!)

  22. >Rumi, I'd like to know too where your lacy bra is from. Lulu appeared to have the same. Not to sound creepy or anyting. But I like it a lot. Anyhook, love the colors together.Oh for your items you're selling in shoptoast, do we just contact you through email?

  23. >Those jeans are so amazing, I love that they're shredded but don't have to expose a bunch of skin, way more sexy this way. Also, shoptoast is amazing!

  24. >Colin's pics keep getting better and better. You're both so creative! Your pics look fresh and different every time.

  25. >rvca x erin wasson is an unexpectedly great line :pyour jeans look fabulous, very creative. whoever took these photos did a great job, too.

  26. >love the marni wedges, with its patent straps. the jeans is pretty cool too, double layer, mmmm…, who would have thought of that. i love the photo of how you walk through throngs of people and like you are a supermodel (oh yes, you are).

  27. >i did a show once for stolen girlfriends club in NZ and got paid in contra, decided to go for jewellery and now pining for every other piece in their collection…. might have to give the guys an email, you look so good in those jeans its revitalised my interest in the label.

  28. >Stolen GF Club are amazing! So glad some totally wicked New Zealanders are making it in the big wide world!

  29. >I love this. It is a tad less structured than other outfits posted. The jeans are sheer love. SGC are producing some exquisite pieces lately! x

  30. >good god rumi i need you advice on wedgesthere are so many i want X

  31. >Hi there, I'm a big fan of your blog!I'm wondering if you could help me, d you know any bloggers that offer 'personal shopping' in america.Im craving a certain pair of shoes but I don't think the site ships to the I'm now looking for someone who would be willing to buy them then send them over to me.I'd be ever so grateful if you could get back to me :)x

  32. >gooooooooorgeous.but then again when are you not?youve made me want marnis and those jeans are perfection in ripped jeans!x

  33. >those jeans are hot hot! hey rumi and ladies i just started a blog showcasing my jewels…flybytinagold.blogspot.complease check it out and let me know what you think!Fly…..

  34. >I adore your jenas, but would feel very self conscious wearing them!XOXOXOLibby

  35. >Love the jeans. I commend you b/c I would have the worst time trying to figure out what to wear them with them… As always, you pulled it off effortlessly.

  36. >Those jeans were made for you!And I'm so glad I'm the same shoe size as you… waiting for more stuff to be added to shoptoast. xx

  37. >Oh the Marni heels. They've driven crazy so many fashionistas…love this!

  38. >Love the jeans, love your blog, love the way your pictures look … xx

  39. >You have such a great wardrobe! This seems like such a perfect example of Cali style, or what I dream Cali style to be haha. Love the jeans, just like everyone else.

  40. >Fabulous site… we blog from London and came across your site! We think that you have a real eye for fashion and our readers would really benefit from your site…would you be interested in a blog roll exchange at all?

  41. >Ehmm.. I'm not so good at English..But I really want to say: wow!You Rock! :-)You've got an amazing style!xoxo.Circe

  42. >uwahhhhhhh; you're so beautiful rumi, and you have totally hot style – you just know how to put things together but it looks so casual! and sexy. and your awesome bf totally knows how to work a camera man, such wonderful pictures cool man, i love your blog!!

  43. >HI Rumi!!Love the ripped jeans! gonna check out stolen girlfriends club now!!Im new to the whole blogging world and have been reading ur blog for months now so it inspired me to start my own. Would love it if you would check me out!(would love support from anyone to help me get started) Much love from Ireland!

  44. >I love how you have the same outfit as the girl in the backgruond –white shirt, jeans, shoes– but you make it look a billion times more fashiony. I loveee the shoes by the way.

  45. >those jeans looks so bomb on you! they look easier to wear than jeans without the double layered shredding, which makes them so much cooler!

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  47. >Like everyone said, in your next post could you please say where you got your bra and bag from? and your jewelry? I think you may've said them in previous posts but I can't find them! 🙁 Sorry!Anyway, LOVE your style as usual and hope you had fun at the funfair 😛 🙂

  48. >Kurt Cobain also wore jeans like this. I don't know if he was wearing two pairs or stategically crafted trousers though.

  49. >these shots are beautiful. The last shot though, is actually amazing, the motion and then you. Magazine material, love xx

  50. >I intern at Tina Tang Studio in NYC and came across your blog. I love those jeans! Designers alike are creating that same style in leggings! That look would be complete with one of Tina's handmade jewelry creations. Visit us at for more information. I look forward to reading more posts.

  51. > started Sur Les Champs simply to share photos of people that we saw on the streets around the world that looked great. Regular fashionistas, inspiring designers, models and shopaholics.Our concept is simple: we want people to be able to share their unique fashion style to help other find inspirations on their shopping trip!Forget celebrities with their one of a kind exclusive dresses that you won't find anywhere and that cost more than most people’s rent! Fashion is affordable, sexy and exciting… You just need Inspiration from regular people from Paris, Miami, L.A, Seoul, Italy and the French riviera…

  52. >I love love love your blog! You have amazing style and I might have to use some of your ideas to breathe life to my outfits. Living in Pittsburgh doesn't allow me to be as edgy with my outfit selections as you, but they look great!

  53. >I know what you mean Anon 3:48. My daddy's from Pittsburgh and when I go there, I have to tone down everything I wear. I always say, "What's okay here, may be considered too much there."(I once took pictures of my outfit while getting ready to go on a date there and emailing the photos to my dad back here at home in California. And he was like, "Change clothes." lol!!)

  54. >OMG!!!!!!!! So totally in love with those jeans! Absolutely gorgeous photos as always. You have the most amazing style. I love the location of this too. And i love all the jewelry. What's the bracelet type thing you're wearing around your right wrist?

  55. >Ahh that tee is close to perfection. I live in v-neck tees and have a hard time finding good ones that aren't too liberal in the cleavage department. How's that one stay up?

  56. >love those jeans!! remind me of the lee licks i originally wanted but damn my tardiness…i recently cleaned out my closet (not in an eminem way) and must say i feel so much better, i find the lack of choice more liberating and creative! GOOD LUCK!

  57. >I absolutely love the jeans! Where can I buy a pair? Are there any specific stores in LA/San Diego/Orange County that sell Stolen Girlfriend's Club clothing?

  58. >Oh, I LOVE your blog :)Fab jeans!You know, in Sweeden you are selected to the best blogger with published pictures of him/herself!