a place in the sun

(Topshop crochet bodysuit, Levi’s, vintage blazer, vintage rings and necklaces, Made Her Think talon ring, LD Tuttle boots, Earlums cuff earring, Alexander Wang bag)

Was seriously going to save this bodysuit for the 4th but when it arrived today I just really wanted to wear it. Oh well. Temporarily switching out the knuckle for the talon ring which is everything that I wanted it to be..I definitely go through jewelry buying stages and I’m pretty satisfied with this update. Taking my hair darker tomorrow, just not quite sure how much yet. Nervous!

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  1. >I think I just found my Icone.I'm from Paris and I'm really fond of fashiontoast.bravo.can't wait to see your new "chevelure" !

  2. >I want your ring. Except I'll probably get caught on something and have a dreadful accident.Good luck with your hair! I'm thinking of going lighter…

  3. >The bodysuit looks perfect on you. I couldn't quite imagine it when you first posted it but it really works. Also your jewlery is amazing…I never mange to find such cool individual pieces >.<Luck luck with the hair dying tomorrow!

  4. >Hey – I LOVE the talon ring – great to see it close up…I have the EXACT same bodysuit in vintage white/cream and love it – used to hate crochet – but its back in a big way, and somehow better this time around.Good luck with the hair dying!Kate 🙂

  5. >Darker hair! It'll look really good and interesting! Can't wait to see it.Wish i could pull off a crochet bodysuit the way you do. Awe.

  6. >I love the crochet bodysuit. It looks awesome. The rings are stylish as well. The high waist shorts and the blazer fit perfectly to the crochet bodysuit.

  7. >WOW, your skin is… I don't even know. Perfect? Haha.I think darker hair would be great, just keeping some blonde highlights in, of course.

  8. >This the nice outfit! I love it, i love it!You patched up impression :)3rd pic is amazing. All pieces of clothings work well together.Peace and love !

  9. >hm, I love that crochet thingy..and I LOVE hearing about your change in haircolour! not because I don´t like your blonde self but because I am kind of obsessive about hairy things and the effect they have- I threatening krystal to cut her hair for ages, haha!so yeah, excited..<3I

  10. >i love how your latest post is called "a place in the sun" and mine is called "grey skies". sigh… needless to say I am crazy jealous of that beautifully sunny scenery you've got going there!!! NY is not lookin so hot right now :/

  11. >Stunning outfit, I can't wait to see your new hair! There's a tiny little award waiting for you, just to say thanks for all the inspiration xoxo

  12. >rumi!you should go darker! im excited for your hair update!i was a blonde turned strawbeery blonde turned ruby red head!do the change, its as good as a holiday!(and as a hairdresser let me tell you its not THAT hard to go back light <3)

  13. >All your jewelry is so amazing! Love the arrowhead necklace and of course the talon ring. The crochet body suit is so summery, no wonder you couldn't resist!

  14. >so jealous that you have beautiful california weather. here in the new york area, it's been rain rain rain rain rain for the past two weeks!i really admire your style. the talon is such a beautiful ring!

  15. >Nice talon ring, very girlyOtherwise eek good luck on the hair adventure. I can't wait to get my body in cream – Lauren

  16. >This looks so lovely, i'm very into red right now! You make anything look good! Can't wait to see they hair 🙂

  17. >I'm obsessed with that kind of shorts, a great idea is to combine it with blazer, you did really well with croche. your rings are amazing!

  18. >great outfit, i would've liked a full body shot, though. you will look great with darker hair. & you can still wear the bodysuit on the 4th.. its possible to wear it more than once!

  19. >the perfect outfit on you ;)love the talon ring on you as well.g o r g e o u s, lady.good luck with your hair! i wanna lighten mine but far too nervous i wont be able to pull it off. so i will live vicariously through your experience ;)xx

  20. >It's a little scary how many anon comments you get obsessing over your every move.That ring is really badass. I feel like I'd be getting it caught on a lot of things.

  21. >Dont be nervous about your hair i went from natural blonde to red head 2 years ago and have never looked back, its more auburn peachy colour now but have tried it all orange streaks everything!!magpie-girl.blogspot.com

  22. >i think darker hair will warm up your features….you have amazing bone structure and i think darker hair will bring it out….as a jewellery student/designer i must say i love your taste in jewellery!xxHawa

  23. >I love this and can see why you couldn't wait till the fourth! You look gorgeous and I especially love the Mader Her Think talon ring! :)http://www.fassioncity.blogspot.com

  24. >With the blazer, cut offs and that hat, the crochet bodysuit is perfection.Love, love, love that talon ring too. Its the definition of love.

  25. >oh Rumi! I think darker hair will suit you better too! don't freak out when you look in the mirror the first time because it may take a while to grow on you! can't wait to see the pics

  26. >the crochet bodysuit is amazing! I don't think i'd be able to withstand waiting either!I feel like I need to go on a jewelry buying spree, especially rings!

  27. >I love your Style, amazing :DThe rings are excellent!!!Kisses****** Peacehttp://thecinderellatable.blogspot.com/

  28. >oh how i love made her think jewelry!i'm so ambivalent about bodysuits in general…so difficult to use the bathroom! if it wasn't for that issue i'd be all in favor, haha.

  29. >HI there,I have been following your blog for a few months after seeing you spotlighted on the France Vogue site "Une fille un style". It is so refreshing to see someone so creative and innovative "on a budget – most of your pieces coming from Forever21 or vintage items; sometime I feel like anyone can look great when they have thousands to spend on their wardrobe so it it so inspirational to see the things you accomplish, looking amazing without going bankrupt!

  30. >love the colour of the bodysuit. Hope it will be nice with the new colour of you hair, I bought some for my hair today and I will do some highlights tomorrow =)have a nice day

  31. >the third pic is seriously gorgeous! the hat and jacket take the outfit to a whole new level! great outfit and lovely blog as always! :)lacysmess.blogspot.com

  32. >Darker Hair !.. Well i dont know how to think about it. I think.. Dark hair would look very good, but i loove your lighter hair.. its like.. you ! Its just something special that you're wearing blonde hair, you're one of the only ones i think its good looking ! Excited for the hair though ! And lovely outfit !

  33. >Yay I'm the 100th, haha. I love that ring! I go through phases too when buying jewelry.. And I definitely am loving the crochet.

  34. >Look awesome Rumi!!! I got that Made Her Think ring as well long time ago, it's a bit uncomfy to be honest. About goin darker….Girl, U gonna look hotter and more real. I think fake blond is so over nowadays (esp if U're naturally brunette, unless U're a Hollywood porn starish wannabe. lol. Anyway, U gonna look great, go med to dark brown and U can gradually go darker and darker as U wish. Gd Luck.

  35. >i love your hair in your pics from end of '07 — such a great contrast with your skin, but you would look good with any color!bodysuit = amazing!xoxo

  36. >I love the shorts…. something rock and roll about themI love the rings toohttp://aforteforfashion.blogspot.com/

  37. >your natural hair colour would be best, i expect that is what you are been advised to return to. Natural is best, & it will make you look younger too!! Natural is best, don't be scared!!

  38. >oh and ps – how short are your hotpants! Blimey they're like massive denim pants!! I wouldn't be brave enough to wear those out but they look really striking.

  39. >I love that shot of you looking at your nails, the red wall, bodysuit and red buckets, perfect!www.thewardrobediaries.com

  40. >You are totally beautiful, but this look bores me…. it's very generic…And the shorts look like high-waisted granny underpants but made out of denim. I will never understand those.Still, I love most all of your outfits. Just not the past two.

  41. >your 'stop and go' outfit was amazing because it was somewhat original.this one is like any other girl walking down the street who thinks they're a fashionista.keep going down the "stop and go" road of originality. you've been getting rather repetitive and less and less inspirational.

  42. >:( i think my first comment from yesterday was deleted…that was from the last post.granted it was real random in terms of the post but it was about me loving your hair-and wanting to knowhow to get it done for myself….and now you're going darker!!!!!i'm sure it will look gorg…still i wanna know how you got it so nice and perfectly light.xoxoxox

  43. >Your getting darker hair, great! I loved your dark hair previously! Cool bodysuit, the knit looks really indie!XXOXOXLibbyhttp://fashionconfectionairy.weebly.com

  44. >Those rings are love. I don't know if its just me but your photos kinda have a different 'feel' to them now. Maybe because its summer but I really like it 🙂

  45. >You know, I've been thinking you should have darker hair. Not that I don't like your blond hair, but I think you'd be even more gorgeous as a brunette:)

  46. >love the first shot, that crochet thing is amazing. i like your hair this color, but i think a darker shade will be a nice change 🙂 and its hella scary getting your hair colored! also what is the style of your sunglasses? x

  47. >im glad u finally decided to get darker hair. i think it will look awesome! also, you pulled off the crochet body suit very well!

  48. >im starting to wonder if its even possible for you to look less that amazing, you get it riogth every time ;)))

  49. >to be honest i haven't liked an outfit of yours in a while, but this post changed all that! you look absolutely stunning & those rings are perfect. can't wait to see the hair!

  50. >Love your blazer + rings. Very cool! Good luck with your hair, I'm sure it will turn out great :)www.notavailablesorry.blogspot.com

  51. >ahh the crochet body suit from below. sweet!www.chapstickkills.blogspot.comwww.nonamenothings.blogspot.com

  52. >hey!u forgot to credit the ray bans!sorry.. i'm oddly anal like that.. a grammar fuck at best!just discovered yer blog..love it!

  53. >Your slack-jaw annoys me to no end! Especially in that 3rd picture. Pull it in! Get ortho surgery! It isn't cute. But thank god for darker hair. We all knew your "handlers" would advise it. You need to get savvy with that kind of thing, Rumi. C'mon? Bleach blonde? Not any remotely 'true' fashion circle digs on a wannabe.

  54. >im sure dark hair will look good on you =) and the outfit looks amazing as usual =D love the rings and the ear cuff too!

  55. >yes, for darker hair. finally. girl, dont deny your asian roots. it always bothers me when asian girls try to look more 'white' by dying their hair. also, what about a smile? your poses are often the same.. usually, profile shots… but rarely a big, happy smile.you have everything in the world to be happy for, so why not show it?

  56. >Hey Rumi, ensemble looks good. About your hair, you look good in blonde if you're wearing shades. If you aren't, its better to have a darker hair color to match your eyes (you have an Asian feature & i can tell that the blonde isn't your natural hair color), in my honest opinion. Don't be discourage, everyone as different perspective of their own. Take care & have a nice day.

  57. >Im sure Rumi doesn't give a hoot what colour ye think she should dye her hair…she's had to read a lot of shittier comments than some of the above from time to time. Jealous much me thinks. Your hair will look fab no doubt Rumi.Its funny how Tegan seems to have dropped off the radar since you posted that link to his pic?!

  58. >good lord rumi. that crochet bodysuit couldn't be any better, especially when paired with denim. you look amazing and are making me crave crochet, LOL. cannot wait to see the new hair!

  59. >I'm torn. Jane is innovative and inspirational, Rumi just plays dress up with spandex and scissors.Have we really run out of muses?? – nymag.com

  60. >Also, let's all try to imagine that crap Rumi wears on a girl who is not skinny! God, that would be a true disaster – not iconic. -nymag.com

  61. >not even kidding….i almost wore this same outfit today…blazer and everything…but my body suit is lace from victorias secret. itll happen soon. lovely.amanda

  62. >Anonymous said… Also, let's all try to imagine that crap Rumi wears on a girl who is not skinny! God, that would be a true disaster – not iconic. -nymag.com———————————Why don't you go on a freaking diet then you can wear the clothes lard ass. Rumi looks great in her clothes and different clothes look good on different body types. She knows how to play up her lovely body. Rumi's style is amazing and just because some people can't look good in it doesn't mean it would be a disaster – it looks awesome on girls w/ nice bodies. Who wants to see a 200 lb chick in silver mini shorts anyway?! Get a life. Her style is amazing and you know it. That's why you come to her site. =) Maybe one day you can be 1/2 as hot as she is. . . . . . Til then dream big

  63. >cute things..notice theyre all from your summer pieces postloving this! beautiful photography and the rings are unique and gorgeous-cmacheck out my blog @cosmicaroline.blogspot.com

  64. >Oh ya just wanna inform Betty LA Shop has launched their new arrival ! There are Studded blazers and many more ! You can see their web in my blogtxwww.sabilanata.blogspot.com

  65. >Oh ya just wanna inform Betty LA Shop has launched their new arrival ! There are Studded blazers and many more ! You can see their web in my blogtxwww.sabilanata.blogspot.com

  66. >Awesome outfit, but those shorts are terrible. They are too high-waisted for my taste, but you pull off just about anything.

  67. >bizzare coincidence… just saw this post today and was thinking of how it looks MJ (not Marc) inspired. and then this happened today… 🙁

  68. >YOU ARE FUCKIN BEAUTIFUL make me jealous ehehehbut to be honest,since you became more famous (invited to paris,rvca and such),your outfits only involve in :-sexy tight-fitting dresses-expensive clothes given by designers combined with vintage trash-studs and chains and silversi miss the old rumi :-(but the good thing iss…you really become prettier each day!so yeah maybe you realize you only need simple clothes if youre already hot (like most supermodels we see on the street!)

  69. >i always enjoy your pics when i visit your blog, and i just had to let you know that.love from the netherlands

  70. >To be completely truthful this isn't the first time I visit your blog, it's something like an "Holy" lecture for me =) Moreover you look very cool as well as the accessories and outfits you choose. I think I'm gonne add you between the list of blogs I follow…if you want =)bye and loveKiki

  71. >I just started following your blog. Your outfit combos are really inspiring. Love this Topshop bodysuit and your many rings!

  72. >love the ring.its not the real thing but nonetheless very cute. Hope they create an imitation gunmetal ring like the real ones.

  73. >skanky…. not well put together outfit. I am dissapointed with your newer looks and posts…. bring back the old RUMI, you know the one who cared about fashion and not just showing off her body? The one that posted blogs about her life not about meeting some celebrities? I like that Rumi better.You are a let down know CIAO

  74. >you are so fucking unoriginal. Honestly? worhsipping the most au courrant aesthetic in vogue magazine doesn't make you creative. you are SO predictable! all one has to do is turn to the most recent issue of some magazine and you just completely rip off your look from this. Get a style of your own. This site has becoming so incredibly boring, but at least you are reliable — you always dissapoint. You are almost as bad as that girl from Karla's Closet.

  75. >i'm always shocked at the hating on this site. i mean it's your right to dislike her outfits, but to put down her personality and other things is absolutely mean. i don't get why people care so much to write a comment if you seem to hate her so much. anyway i think you look beautiful, and i hope you post photos of the new hair soon. i bet it looks even better than this!

  76. >i don t get the anonymous comments at all. why do you bitch about her lack of originality is beyond me. why dont you have a fucking link to your own blog so that people can marvel on your originality? you act so superior, about time to prove why isn t it?

  77. >Loved the blazer. REALLY want to get a navy one but I live in India and it's fucking 60 degrees outside. Oh, and the body suit is cute and the rings are the bomb.Are you a model?www.FabBlab.blogspot.comIt's new but I'm getting on with it:)xoxoA*

  78. >Hi!I think you have a nice blog, beatiful photos and smart posts.Would you follow me, because I don't want to lost your blog.I’m wating your visit.kisses

  79. >my god! this is perfection! Rumi you look divine! this bodysuit is awesome on you and I love the combi with this blazer… I'm speachless!

  80. >massive denim pants !! or weeny denim shorts… you decide!you gotta be brave to wear such weeny shorts. Bravo.

  81. >gosh..you are like way tooo cool till it makes me feel like giving up on my blog… 🙂 anywayss, the blazer, the rings.. basically everything looks really perfect on you. great style..stay unbeatable :)xo,black|coffee|crumbs