teen vogue young hollywood party

Thursday night was Teen Vogue’s annual fete at the LA County Museum of Art – let’s just say I’ve never seen so many immaculately dressed teenagers and actually non-teenagers too in my life.

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Playing on the red carpet, Colin lent me to Andrew for a bit.

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Luella Bartley’s fashion show was heavy on tweeds and quirky hats, very “teenagers who lunch”.

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MGMT on stage.

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It somehow took us like an hour to find Kristin but she surfaced after MGMT was done playing. Seconds later we scarfed down tiny bags of fries and sliders.

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Kristin and I decided to make some kids pose with us. They seemed confused, but were very sweet.

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After Luella’s show, I was kind of really surprised when Scout and Tallulah Willis came up to me and told me they loved my blog. They were so prettily adorable that I almost died.

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With Scout…I want to know what lip color they were wearing too.

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Really long sleeves.

Thanks TV 😉

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  1. >You look stunningly pretty, as always. Amazing outfit!and how cool that the Willis girls loved your blog!Oh and MGMT! Awesomely awesome! I’m seeing them in December!

  2. >Aww I really like your dress! So chic:) And your tan is fab! I’m sitting here sipping my starbucks wishing I could be on that teen vouge fashion show, lucky u:)

  3. >rumi i remember when i didn’t know who you are and i didn’t know anyone else did and now that i realise everyone does i couldn’t be happier for youhttp://galaxyskin.blogspot.com/

  4. >You look stunning as always! How amazing is it to have fans that find you when your out in the real world partying? You are brilliant!

  5. >OMG u went to that?? so cool!!!!and i agree with vix, you ARE living the life it’s so refreshing to see someone (like u) getting these treatments becuz they actually know abt style and not just becuz they are born to famous parents… =)

  6. >r u effing kidding me?? omg, this is an awesome post! love what you’re wearing. and i love that “made some kids pose with us” picture its like the best. happy monday!

  7. >Love your dress.I agree with rich hippie:Your life seems to be pretty and perfect.P.S. Tallulah’s dress is also great

  8. >hellooi love your blog and you are very pretty.i have a few questions, so hopefully you’ll answer.(you should make a question and answer entry, since i bet many people have questions :P)but here they are;1. how do you afford all these amazing clothes?do you have a good paying job or what?**sorry if this sounds rude**2. how did you make your blog so big and well known?3.how do you get into all these amazing places/events?and lastly how would you consider your style?thanks!

  9. >love love all the fabulousness of late. i think you really NEED to move to nyc…hob nob with the fashion glitterati. And give us a window into it 😉

  10. >Wow, that dress is a stunner. And you begin to drag me back to wearing a backpack. I saw you just on Fashion TV posing with Erin front row at Alex Wang. You both looked gorgeous. Can’t believe how lucky a girl can be:) And since you saw all the models in person, don’t tell me that Erin and Freja Beha could look even more amazing in real life…I hope lots of exciting things will happen to you more and this blog keeps going !

  11. >You have luck, oh my gosh.And a question and answer entry would be great. I would have a lot of questions, haha.Amazing dress btw!

  12. >love your blog and your outfits! Im just wondering how you did to get where you are today? Your job and so?xoxo


  14. >you look great and your blog/you are a major inspiration. you have it all figured out fashion wise. love it!

  15. >Whoo hoo! Look at you Miss Hollywood :)So adorable, you look like you had a lot of fun. And add me to the list of people who love your smile.

  16. >oh my GOD you are lucky!!! I’m totally jealous of you 🙂 what’s your awesome job where you get to attend fun parties??

  17. >What else [nice and congratulatory] can I say? Except that I am a big fan, and you have killer legs that I wish I had after all these years of ballet.

  18. >i absolutely love your dress!!you’re so lucky to have all these great opportunities. i can’t believe that Scout and Tallulah Willis knew about your blog, but who doesn’t know. you’re so fabulous!

  19. >Amazing outfit!!, i love it!, come to visit my blog, would be nice see you there!…www.colgandoenmicloset.blogspot.com

  20. >how cool are you? geez. I knew when I first saw your blog a long time ago, that it was like really interesting. In the pic with the willis’ sisters, it looks like one of their hair is yours, which looks REALLY gorgeous if you grew your hair to like..your tailbone. idk just throwing thta out there. happy success yayyy!! btw your friend Kristin is so pretty. tell her people on the blog love her! 😀

  21. >love the dress!!! looks like a great time. i first got introduced to your blog from a friend at work (work in the apparel industry) forwarded the email from rvca pr bragging about 'rvca love' and your post when they (kristin?) first sent you gear. My friend from work was like hey this girl has your shoes!!! (the cobalt blue nine wests) and your bag! (the givenchy nightingale)…lol i was hooked ever since. and loving the vintage chanel backpack! ive been wanting one ever since i saw it photoed on lydia h. a month or so ago.fab ,<3

  22. >I somehow knew the party you were hinting at a couple days ago was going to be amazing! Still I dont know if anything can top my jealously of your NY trip. Really love the dress.. good choice! I also love Kristin’s dress, she looks gorgeous as well.All in all Looks like a fun time ;)Oh and it pretty cool that The Willis sisters know about your blog.. dont you just wonder what other cool people know of your blog? =P

  23. >Thank you so much for the lovely comments, it was such a good time! MGMT was actually really good live and it was sort of a thrill to see Luella Bartley pop out at the end of the show.The dress I'm wearing is vintage, sorry I didn't add it in again! I put the deets in the post a couple below..Clara, here I'm just wearing Laura Mercier tinted moisturizer, Wet'n Wild liquid eyeliner, some eyeshadow I got at a drugstore in Tokyo (which is actually my favorite EVER, I'm going to die/have to return when I run out). Oh and Milani shimmer stripes blush and gloss in Secret.Anon 10:48 thanks for reading 😉 – I'm working on a q&a, I'll definitely add these to the list of questions!Anon 11:07 lol well apparently I have you coming back for more.Diabolina, I'm working on it! ;)Eva backpacks are on their way back, I can't even explain how liberating it is to have my hands free. The Fashion TV footage sounds fun, I don't think I get that channel though!! And Erin is definitely even more stunning in real life, she has the coolest energy around her.H, lol well I'll probably have to get vlogging first.Toni aww too bad!!Tali I'm trying to grow it out long again, if I would just stop damaging it like mad by brushing it when it's wet. I have a lot of bad beauty habits. And Kristin is definitely gorgeous.Anon aww those are two very loved items in my closet..I want to see this Lydia Hearst pic that people keep on talking about!Thanks R ;P

  24. >ooh you can see me in the yellow dress in the photo of the seats at the fashion show! Hehe :)You looked so gorgeous-unbelievably chic and stunning! Isn’t Andrew the nicest?!

  25. >You look great!! Love that dress!! Oh and it’s so cool how scoutt and tallulah came up to u!! ur our celeb hehehe !! xx-Style Express

  26. >oh my goodness..LOVE this post! The lips on the Willis girls..you are right..we need to know!A good one I recently discovered and saw it on Whowhatwear is Stilla Cherry Crush lip and cheek stain. Rumi, you would love it and it has the coral effect like the Willis girls have..wonderful with your coloring I would think!!

  27. >Wow you are really lucky! How I wish one day I will do what you are doing. ^_^ I envy you for being there. And oh I can see Lindsay Lohan and Samantha Ronson on the second pic! 😀

  28. >OMG i see myself in your Luella Bartley runway show picss! i posted some of my own on my blog but ur dress was amazing


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